• friend: lol i love this character!
  • me (externally): haha yeah me too
  • me (internally): you fool. you do not know any of the feelings i have for this specific character. i have dedicated my life to them the moment i laid eyes on them. they are my everything. the love of my life. i have already planned our wedding and you are not invited
"Kek" is originally Korean.

It’s short for “kekekeke,” which is the transliteration of the Korean equivalent of saying “Hahahaha”.

It was most likely popularised on 4chan and other internet armpits via World of Warcraft. The game stops different factions from communicating with each other with an artificial language barrier. When someone in the Alliance types LOL to a Horder player, it comes out as BUR. When a Horde player types LOL to an Alliance player it comes out KEK.

The variant “top kek” was popularised due to it’s similarity to the name of a Turkish snack muffin.

No matter which way you cut it, white people didn’t invent it.

Of course, white kid are gonna try to claim it’s their Original Content Do Not Steal. When it’s black slang, they claim it’s really from white Californian surfers (usually phrased as “California Beach Slang”, as if there’s no PoC riding the waves on the West Coast). When it’s Asian slang, they claim it’s really “Internet Slang” (which to them translates as White american geek boys).

Explaining the Issue with Sansa.

I’ve been reading a lot of comments on Sansa’s treatment in the show.  I mean, a lot – shamefully a lot, okay?  Maybe it was obsession to a degree…

But now that I’ve calmed down from my rage, I think I can see the three camps that stand.

  1. Sansa didn’t deserve that.  She’d been through enough in her story.
  2. Rape happens to everyone, get over it!
  3. Now that Sansa’s been raped, she can REALLY understand the game!

These three stances sum up the amount of comments I’ve read.  As number three is just blatantly misogynistic and the kind of thing that probably had crusty redditors rewinding their TiVo to rub one out to the agony Sansa endured, I’m going to focus on the first two.

The first is where I stand, but only with a small caveat.  No one deserves to be raped.  Okay, we have that out of the way.  That being said, fiction is largely a series of events that help shape a story in some way.  The actions of one character are generally not merely so that an action can be completed, but rather so that the narrative is furthered in some way.  

No one wanted Ned Stark to be beheaded, but that action started a series of events that shaped the show/series.  There are some acts of gross brutality that are gratuitous however, Joffrey beating whores for example, that serve no narrative purpose and are merely the show runners exploiting their own depravity on the screen.  After all, we’d just seen Joffrey have Sansa beaten before the court and stripped.  Did we need more proof that he was a sadist?  You also see the Night Watch rebels raping women for a good portion of their final episode. Did we need to see that to know they were bad?

Of course not.  That’s just for shock factor.
Notice the shock factor is always finding its way to women.  The sexualization of violence against women is the issue here.

It certainly is not a coincidence that HBO began to up Sansa’s sexuality in their promos while at the same time having Ramsay say “now you become a woman” when she was raped.  Is there any more proof needed to show just what the showrunners think of their female characters?

But the real issue with this, beyond even the fact she was raped, was that the rape itself showed us that Sansa has gained nothing from her travels.  She is no more a player in the game, as we thought she was, than she was when she was a captive under Cersei. Petyr Baelish’ machinations did nothing.  She had no out of that – no way to maneuver a cartoonishly evil character.   In the end, Sansa who we have come to root for to some degree, was reduced to nothing more than a hole that the showrunners could exploit for further shock value.

I’ve seen a few people try to justify the show in a ridiculous way, saying that “you demean rape survivors when you say the scene was bad,” but I’m going to toss that into category three.  I’ve never heard of a victim of rape saying that they wanted more representation in media for being victims.  This wasn’t done to represent men and women that suffered sexual assault, it was done for ratings and shock.  We know that Sansa has no means of effecting meaningful vengeance against her captor and even if she did, how does that “justify” what the writers arbitrarily chose to do?

It’s that quality of arbitrary violence that really stands out – it’s why the “rape happens” camp is so disgusting.  Game of Thrones is a series of violence, yes, but when we reduce the standard of violence to what amounts to torture porn, what is the point of watching?  You’ll notice GRRM always says “you never know who I’ll kill,” not – “you never know who I’m going to rape.”  Why is that? Because even if he is a bit weird about the topic, he can clearly see it isn’t something that you should use to sensationalize your series.  It is an awful and repugnant act that no one should ever endure, but it happens.

What doesn’t need to happen is that it becomes a toy for the creators.

Ultimately, what did we gain from that episode?  Before we went into it we knew this:

  1. Sansa has a terrible life.
  2. Ramsay is a sadist.

After it, what did we learn?

  1. Sansa has a terrible life.
  2. Ramsay is a sadist.

I point this out because rape itself is now filler content for this show. How many female characters are on the show?  How many have been raped or threatened with rape?  The only ones that weren’t, that I can think of off the top of my head, are Talisa, Catelyn, and Margaery.  Yara, if you count her, but I have no idea where she is now.  Probably because they couldn’t sexualizing the rape of her they decided to drop the storyline? I don’t know. 

So yeah, rape happens, I guess… but how does that justify this storyline?  Death happens, too.  What if Ramsay just happened to have a brain aneurysm before he raped Sansa? Would people say “oh death happens!” no, they’d be outraged that it “didn’t make sense,” which means that what makes sense to them is specifically violence against women.

What a lot of people also took issue with is that Theon was the center of Sansa’s rape.  Unlike in the book, where a tertiary character was brought up for the sake of his storyline – Jeyne Poole – in this one a main character’s entire story is altered so that Theon can “remember who he is.”  If they were so set on having a “meaningful” rape scene, why didn’t they have Theon rush forward and offer himself in Sansa’s place with some pretense that she wasn’t ready for his master yet? That would have represented Theon sacrificing himself for his “sister” in the only way he knew how – a concept generally reserved for mother/daughters in fiction.  Again, that is if the showrunners were just dying to force another rape into the series.

Without question, what will happen is Sansa ends up pregnant with a Bolton kid and Ramsay is killed, making her raise her rapist’s child because “that’s the dark world they live in, heh.”  I’m calling that right now so I can reblog it later and be disgusted all over again.

So why was Sansa raped if she didn’t “deserve it,” if her story wasn’t advanced at all by it, and if we learned nothing as an audience?  The answer is simple: the showrunners have gone off script and don’t know what to do.  We’re going to see more awful fight scenes (Dorne), we’re going to see more gratuitous sexual violence, and we’re going to watch boring stories pile up.  For all of the despair GRRM may receive, at the very least his narrative follows a trend.  This is like some kids tracing over an artist’ work, color swapping it, and saying “original content do not steal” before selling it for thrice the price of the original.

Sansa’s rape signifies the death of this show’s spirit.  It will go on, but it’s a soulless thing now that actively seeks the kind of cringeworthy drama that replaces a poignant narrative. We all knew the show would get worse after A Storm of Swords, but I didn’t think it would go to this length of stupidity so quickly.  

And as an addendum, for when people say “they wrote themselves into a corner, she had to be raped!” or worse yet “we know what happened to Jeyne Poole, so why are you shocked?!” In the case of the latter, Jeyne Poole was an entirely different character with an entirely different story.  Talisa and Jeyne Westerling did not share the same fate, so fucking shove it.

More importantly, there were obvious outs:

  1. Theon intervening.
  2. Brienne of Tarth breaking in and rescuing Sansa.
  3. Stannis’ war horns sounding to let us know the siege is about to begin.
  4. Myranda runs in and kills Ramsay or tries to in a jealous rage.

That’s four easy answers.  Do we need more as to how to save the show from this bullshit?

So this is my kids’ toy idea. Ready? And you’re not allowed to steal it, I’m totally gonna make it one day. Ready? This is my idea. Sparkledog fashion toys.

Kids love customisable toys. Everyone loves customising. Customising is great. And we’re still stuck in the archaic shit of “you can only market fashion or animals to little girls”. This ticks all the boxes. Look at deviantart. Young girls hella love wolves. My Little Pony makes money, why isn’t anyone selling customisable wolves?? AnsWER BECAUSE IM NOT A CORPORATE CEO YET

sell different coloured wolf bodies. The same mould but different colours, and different faces. Sell them with accessories. A goth wolf, a scene wolf, a glam wolf. Legwarmers. Necklaces. Paint your wolf. Style your wolf. Like to go big? Buy some devil or angel wings for your wolf. Horns. Glow in the dark claws. Transfers. Now you have a real toy of your wolf fursona that you can take on adventures. I’m trademarking this shit

EDIT: not even joking me and pyro are now excitedly discussing how we would make this happen and stuff (possible 3d printing, maybe make an app store tie-in game where you look after a customisable wolf…)


Oh god someone made it into a video. 

“R-Ray…” Michael stuttered, tears stinging at his eyes.  "I-I can’t hold it, it’s too much!“

"It’s okay Michael,” Ray said as he lifted Michael’s legs, by the ankles, and pushed them up towards his chest.  "Let it out, it’ll feel good.“

Michael whined, not wanting to soil himself, or the pristine white diaper he had hugging his bum.  But his tummy grumbled, his bottom was too full, and with Ray pushing like that it became impossible to hold on any longer.  With a strangled cry, Michael released, filling the diaper up with mound after mound of stinky poo.

"That’s a good baby,” Ray cooed at him, rubbing his tummy.  "You feel all better now, right?“

Michael nodded.  He was embarrassed, having filled his diaper so much that it felt heavy and uncomfortable, and he began to sob.

Ray kissed his forehead.  ”Don’t cry Michael, we’ll get you changed right away.”