Back on my character designing bullshit! Her name is Calamity Bargeist and shes the lead vocalist for a metal band of monster people called Hexotaph!

She’s an banshee looking to get revenge on the person that killed her and stole her lyrics.

Halloween business

I’ll just share this mental image since I don’t have time to draw a comic right now: 

Lucas: *Tries to whip Thomas wearing no glasses, misses by a whole yard*

Thomas: …


Thomas: …

Lucas: *whip whip*

Thomas: Harder, daddy.


(”Harder, daddy.” comment courtesy of a friend of mine)

(He’s too distracted by his physical blindness to feel Thomas’s air… or something. XD)


I haven’t given up yeet!! I just forgot to post my inktobers here sorry! But you can keep the track on instagram!

11 “eyes” 

12 Alban, I was too tried that day but the prompt was “fangs”

13 No prompt, just teh desire of made some Fantasy Au-ish Messor

14 No prompt Arianne, inspired by Miwa Shirow’s art

15 Elliot troubled with a report he don’t want to write

I’m putting lot of effort here since inking is kinda difficult for me and is the first time I get this far in inktober so I’m really happy!!

Last Line Tag

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“Why are you looking at me?” I asked. “You’re not real,” I added, even though that might be rude. Who was to say? I wouldn’t find something or someone that could tell me the right way to behave in this situation.

“Of course I am,” she said. “Maybe you are the one that’s not real?” she suggested. I thought about it and decided that she could be right.

“Aright,” I said. “But no one else has ever talked to me. They haven’t even looked at me actually. Now that is strange, isn’t it?” She hummed and rubbed her chin.

“Well, you are very bright,” she said.

“Bright?” I asked. My mother always told me I am too pale. I did agree, but I was still very sure that I was not too bright to look at.

“Bright,” she simply said. She had answered my question, but hadn’t really given me an answer. Strange. “Very much so. I quite like it.” Very strange.

“Thank you,” I said, even though it seemed quite impossible for a person to be bright. “One of us still isn’t real,” I pointed out, as if that mattered.  One of us wasn’t real and the other one was clearly crazy.

“I’m sure we could have fun together anyway,” she said.

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