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Long Distance Love Jars.

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So, this was requested by @moonieraver and it is something I had already had the workings of written in my Google Docs. 

This is something that hits very close to home for me. My wife and I spent years in an international LDR (we met on Tumblr years ago, actually!) so I know the ups and the downs, the ins and the outs of LDRs. So while I don’t normally do requests anymore, I had this one mostly written and I can’t say no to something so close to my heart.

This can either be done when you are together physically, or over Skype (bc I know you live on FaceTime), whatever is best for the two of you! 

  • lavender - happiness
  • rosemary - love 
  • chamomile - balance 
  • thyme - courage
  • cedar chips/shavings - confidence in each other

Starting out, light a candle that you want to seal your jar with (if you want to seal it– you can use anything you can close up and wont spill these things out) and stating your intent. Imagine the flame and the heat spreading the intent through the candle.

Layer your ingredients, even maybe take time to talk to each other about how you see each layer manifesting itself in your relationship. You are welcome to include something of the other person’s as well in the jar, even if it is something that reminds you of them.

Close up your jar, seal it up if you are going to (I have an easy tutorial here if you need help!) You can also carve sigils into the wax or draw it on the jar if you would like to! 

If you feel like it ever needs a kick, don’t hesitate to stick in in the full moon light, I try to do this with any jars I am working with currently or want to keep using. 

Wishing you the best in this really tough situation– I know it sucks, it’s a long process and can definitely test any relationship. But I will say that any LDR I know that has worked out are the strongest couples I know. Magic is no replacement for commitment and hard work in a relationship, this just helps boost you along a bit easier. 

My other jars can be found here, and all my other original posts here


EXO Reaction when their GF wearing heels and looking taller

Okay here’s the original request! finally XD Xoxo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


“Wait, wait, what? How… how did reach the land of the giants..”


“Did you start eating that stuff that made Chanyeol so tall? How is this happening!” *Hasn’t seen the heels*


“There’s… there’s something different about you… but I can’t quite get what…” *Has been on it for hours*


“Now I feel like the smol and squishy… teehee~” *Cute mode on*


*You make him weak. Well.. he’s just weak for you in general*


*You make him nervous, in a good way* “This feels strange… but I adore you with heels! Please don’t stop wearing them because of me!”


*Joking* “How dare you to abandon us the hobbits!”


“I think I need to start playing more basketball.. or just wear heels too xD” *He just want to be taller with you*


“But jagi… how am I going to reach your lips nowww?”


*Know the boys won’t stop bullying him xD* “Oh no.. here he comes.. Baekhyun won’t stop calling me squishy now…”


“Wait… there’s a way to grow taller? How do you do it baobei? What’s the secret?” *really interested*


*Trying to flirt with you* “You look so fine I think I just have to win you over all over again.. my tall girl”

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

Fucking Finally

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Prompt: Seb training reader on knife work on set of winter soldier (inspired by this gifset)

Word Count: 1355

Warnings: Swearing. Lots of it. Insinuations of sex. Heavy makeout session. Teasing.

Author’s Note: This is a collaboration between @writing-soldiers and myself. It was kind of a spur of the moment thing. Hope this will tie you over until the next part of Dinner comes out! Seriously though, we worked our asses off for this. We sincerely hope you like this! :)

Your name: submit What is this?

“Shit!” You screamed in frustration. No matter how hard you tried, you just couldn’t seem to get this knife work right. You can’t play (Y/C/N), another troubled Winter Soldier, if you can’t get this down. Naturally, it didn’t help that your mentor was none other than Sebastian Stan, your cast mate who also happens to be someone you had been heavily crushing on since the day you met. Damn he was attractive, who could blame you? You’d give anything to be pressed up against that body.

Well fuck (Y/N). If you keep this up, you’ll never be able to focus. You shook your head, determined to get this right even if it meant staying in the gym all night. I’m not leaving until I get this. You could hear Sebastian laughing at you. His laugh sounded like music to your ears. Whipping your head around to glare at him, you growled, determined not to let him see the effect his laugh had on you. That is one sweet ass sound.

“Shut the fuck up Stan. If you would maybe do your job and help me, maybe we wouldn’t still be here!” He simply smirked, not oblivious to the taut tension in your body.

“Maybe if you knew what you were doing we wouldn’t still be here.” he retorted as he walked up to you. Rolling your eyes, you turned around and went through the movements again. Failing once more, you couldn’t help but let out a nervous laugh.

“Then, show me will you?” You all but screamed at Sebastian, frustrated at your lack of concentration and flustered at the effect his everything had on you. You couldn’t help but let your eyes wander over his body as he walked towards you, cursing yourself for the blush creeping up to your cheeks.

Sebastian stood unnecessarily close to you, pressing his hard chest against your back. His hand reached up to grab yours to fix your hold on the fake knife, the brush of his fingers making your stomach tingle. You could practically hear him smirk, his breath tickling the back of your neck. Your eyes snapped shut as you involuntarily shuddered, unconsciously leaning back into him.

“Stand up straight (Y/N).” his other hand landed firmly on your hip to straighten your posture. Long after you straightened up, he didn’t let go. Instead, his hand trailed higher onto your waist.

Turning around to look at him, you opened your mouth to question his actions. Well, that was before you saw the blush creeping up his neck. It was your turn to smirk. You couldn’t believe that he was becoming flustered over you, his smug attitude completely disappearing.

You turned your head forward again, hiding the smile that was forming on your lips. You contemplated how you wanted to play this. Did you want to flirt with him? Tease him? Get him all hot and bothered by your actions?

The smile on your lips grew wider. Without saying another word, you trailed your fingertips along the veins on his arms. You were not unaware to the effect your dancing fingertips had on Sebastian. But, you didn’t want him to get used to the feeling, so you walked away to grab your water bottles, leaving him standing in the middle of the gym alone. You smirked as you swayed your hips. You swore you could hear him let out a quiet whimper.

Walking back over to where Sebastian stood with a blush creeping higher onto his neck, you threw him his water bottle. Taking a swig from your own, you nearly missed Sebastian’s inability to comprehend an object being thrown at him. He almost dropped the bottle but caught himself just in time. Your smirk grew.

Setting down your water bottle, you walked up to Sebastian. You settled yourself closer than before and twisted your body so your ass was just right there above his crotch.

“So, are you going to show me how this is done or not?” There was a hint of teasing in your voice. Sebastian cleared his throat and began instructing you on what to do. But you were not paying the slightest attention to his voice. Instead, you were focused on just how you would need to move your hips to tease him. Swallowing hard, you tried your hardest not to let him see the reaction you had to your bodies brushing against each other.

Smirking, you shifted your hips, pressing your ass against his crotch. “Is this the right position?” you asked. You shifted your hips again. “Or maybe this one is better?” Shifting your hips again, you could feel him stiffening. You smirked. “Come on Stan, how am I doing? Which is the right position? I could do this all day.”

“Don’t start something you can’t finish (Y/N)” his voice was low but shaky, his hands landing on your waist to stop you from moving. You could feel him drop his head, his nose slightly brushing the back of your neck and his hot breath sending shivers down your body.

“Who says I don’t plan on finishing?” you say, your voice equally shaky. You closed your eyes, letting out a deep breath from the effect he was having on you. Tilting your head slightly, granting him access to your exposed neck.

That’s when he snapped. Gripping your hips and turning you around in one swift motion, Sebastian slammed you into the closest wall, kissing you senseless. His hands roamed all over your body as you mewled, the noises you made only serving to fuel his hunger. You tugged on his hair as you kissed him back with all the pent up frustration you had been feeling. His hand trailed to the back of your thigh, gesturing you to jump and you obliged, wrapping your legs around his waist. Straddling his hips, he groaned against your lips.

You didn’t know how long the pair of you had been making out. Every time you came up for air, he would attack your neck. Every time he came up for air, you would suckle his pulse point. You knew there would definitely be marks left on each other after this. You didn’t know how you would explain it to the rest of the cast but right now, you didn’t care. Your intense makeout session with Sebastian had you arching into him, mewling and sighing. That was all you could focus on right now.

“Hey guys, I left my -” Your eyes flew wide open just to see Chris Evans standing at the doorway with a huge eyes and a knowing grin. You opened your mouth in an attempt to justify your situation but no words came out. Closing your mouth, you felt a hot blush crawl up your neck and onto your face and you buried your face in the crook of Sebastian’s neck in an attempt to hide it.

“Fucking finally!” Chris exclaimed. “The sexual tension between you two was thick enough to be cut through with a knife. And not the ones you use to train either, but a huge ass, sharp ass butchering knife.” Sebastian smirked. Bringing a hand up to lift your face, he continued his attack on your mouth, uncaring of the fact that Chris was watching. You lifted your hands to Sebastian’s chest in a futile attempt to stop him. But really, you were too lost in your happy haze to muster enough strength to push him away. Instead, you closed your eyes and kissed him harder, fisting his shirt in your hands.

“I’m just going to grab my stuff and leave you kids to it.” Chris laughed, jogging across the room to get his bag. Picking it up and nearly sprinting out the door in his haste, he screamed out one last sentence.

“Don’t forget to use a condom kids!” You could hear his laughter echo throughout the room and you couldn’t help but let out a small chuckle.  Sebastian paused his administrations on your neck and looked into your eyes. You could see the mischievous twinkle in his eyes.

“So. A condom huh?”



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I asked about your cleansing routine.. I was referring to your face sorry haha

I wash my face with Lush’s Dark Angels or Smuggler’s Soul cleanser, and then apply rose hip oil! My skin freaks out if I use more products than that on a daily basis, but in the winter I also use a moisturizer because I have very dry skin. If I have any blemishes or breakout I use Mario Badescu buffering lotion and drying lotion, and I use sheet masks and Origins face masks regularly💕xoxo

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Hey! I was wondering if you have any tips on how to create original content Xx

     hello lovely! jo’s here to help you out, don’t worry!
(well, maybe worry a little because I’m flying pretty much blind here, not much experience with original content or anything. but hey, you asked, i answered! also, i did this in one sitting, sorry, it’s 11pm and idk my brain’s kind of fried but i didn’t want to keep you waiting too long so here it is)

     sooo i’m assuming your probably looking for an answer like i answered about starting a studyblr and about all that stationery hype, right? well, i know you don’t want a ‘just post notes and pretty them up, you can do anything!’ kinda answer so i do hope i do your question justice…here we go! (/; v ;)/

     first, you gotta realize that hey, maybe i don’t post perfect photos with perfect lighting and everything but that’s okay. it’s okay to not have beautiful notes or photos or original content or whatever. yeah. okay. also, good original content is subjective, know that ok. now onto the actual post lol

  • Types of Original Content - so i realize that there are different types of original content you can post, so that’s how i’m gonna categorize this stuff, yeah?
    • Notes (+doodles and photos)
        • Here in general, you post notes of whatever you’ve been studying! Add doodles and little things to your notes. Post your~
      • Notes - these are usually outlined in black and accompanied by a certain color (or color scheme). Try to structure your notes when writing. Can also rewrite your notes and pretty-fy them as you rewrite. (posts about note taking here, here, and here)
        • also, people usually take photos that compliment their notes, that are either of the same sort of tone (red / yellow notes with a pic of fire or fall leaves, etc.)
      • Mindmaps - make a mindmap on a topic you’re learning about! you can find some of examples of mind maps here
      • Flashcards - make flashcards and you can use a colored pen / pencil for the term and use black or another shade of that color to make pretty flashcards. 
    • Resources
      • Post your resources! Anything that you think has helped you learn or memorize something faster, a resource that you often refer to, anything! Can be
        • a compliation of books or pdfs
        • quotes and advice and helpful things
        • your own advice and resources!
    • Masterposts
      • Make your own masterposts. Can be about anything and can cover anything! You can make a masterpost on-
        • Topics - math, language, calculus, ap subjects, etc.
        • Advice - like advice for starting a studyblr, for studying, for when to sleep, for different foods to eat, for a list of tv shows, of different apps to use, how not to procrastinate, etc.
        • Masterpost of a masterpost - make a masterpost of a bunch of other masterposts!
        • A list of anything, really.
    • Advice/Tips
      • Share your wisdom!
      • Make a list of tips, shortcuts, and advice you have and post them! You can have advice on how to get through a boring class, or tips on how to manage time wisely or beat procrastination!
    • Graphics
      • Most of the time, even notes and longer posts have graphics on them. You can make your own graphics! I make mine with Photoshop, but you can just search ‘online editor’ and make your own. 
      • Titles - make up titles for your posts (that aren’t notes). Set a solid colored background, usually pastel (maybe with a simple pattern like dotted or dashed lines on it) and put your title on it. like this post! (look at top for example, haha!) 
      • Graphics - make actual graphics. Make graphics of motivational quotes or of people or things, etc., and don’t forget to use legible, nice fonts and nice colors and stuff!
      • (if you want to know more about this, please send me an ask again / message me and i’ll elaborate more on how to make graphics because this’ll be a whole ‘nother topic to talk about)
  • Boost Your Original Content / Improve ‘Em
    • Photo Editing
      • Please pay attention to this because this is the important part! Use photo editors to make your photo look pleasing to the eye! It makes all the difference, trust me on this!!!
      • VSCO - a photo editing app that gives you basically everything you’ve ever wanted. use this, it’s not hard to navigate and gives makes your photos look professional and super nice. free and works with both android and apple. (android | iphone)
    • Taking PhotosYou’re going to want higher quality photos that look good and aesthetic and fit your post in general, right? Well, a few things
      • Camera/Focus - use your phone to take photos or whatever else you have that has a camera! just make sure that when you take the photo, it’s focused on your subject! 
      • Taking the Photo - when you’re taking the photo, focus the image. it’s best if you have good lighting (a window or a lamp, etc.) and that your background is clean (whatever clear surface. a white desk, wooden desk, etc.). 
      • Shadow - when you take your photo, try not to get shadows of your hand or the phone/camera into your picture! sometimes that means taking the picture at an awkward angle or moving backwards or putting your notes under a light source to eliminate shadows. always try not to have shadows in your photos! 
    • Aesthetic!
      • Color Scheme - try to make whatever things you have color coordinated! perhaps red with yellow and orange, or blue with purple or green and blue! 
        • coolors.co - a color scheme generator. super fun to use!
    • Tagging - to boost your posts and promo your own post, tag!
      • Main tags - Tag your posts with: study, studyblr, (subject specific)blr, subject, topic, studyspo, studyspiration, +more specific tags related to your post depending on what it is.
      • Tag people - Tag studyblrs / popular studyblrs you want to show your original content to because chances are they’ll reblog or like yours! also tag your mutuals bc just do it.
  • But honestly original content is basically trying to make things either realy super helpful or really super aesthetic, so it’s really up to you to make it awesome, but i know you can, so yeah!

Other Posts Related to Original Content

(note: tbc at a later date when i can think of things to add)

happy original content creating! xoxo


[ GIF ICONS ] Francisco Lachowski

✿✿ Below the cut is the Batch 1 of my 100x100 Gif Icons of my bae and my forever muse, Francisco Lachowski. I created them merely for RP purposes but feel free to use them to your heart’s desire. it’s all up to you now. None of the original gifs belong to me, I just edited the coloring and resized them, so credit goes to the original gif-makers. xoxo, Penelope.

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