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So if everything since Mary shot Sherlock has been EMP, does that mean when the glass shattered during TAB that was actually the sound of the mirror behind Sherlock in CAM's office shattering when the bullet finally reached it? Meaning that everything that happened happened in one second?!!!

HI!! Have you been in my drafts?? Yes, yes and yes. Basically.

Maybe 3 seconds though instead of 1? Molly said he had 3 seconds of consciousness left to figure out how to live, and he’s still working on figuring that out.

What if time stopped while the bullet was passing through his body? He didn’t hear the mirror shatter, because it hadn’t yet? Hm. I like that one.

So I think the mirror shattering will symbolise the breaking of the wall between the two parallel universes, after which the truth behind it will be visible, and the lie exposed (like pepper’s ghost). It also means the shattering of the false reflection of reality we were watching. And the glass is also the 4th wall, and one whole wall of sherlock’s heart-as-a-locked-room, meaning the glass breaking is also sherlock’s heart opening. I HAVE A DRAFT ON THIS. But here’s my original mirror-shattering theory written very fast between T6T and TLD. I haven’t read it since bc I don’t like rereading anything I’ve written because it makes me want to dig a hole and get in. So the theory is there. And it’s my receipt, because i swear this is happening, lol :)