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The Original London Cast - Act I

All photos are from George Perry’s The Complete Phantom of the Opera. This book has an awesome history of Phantom, starting with the Leroux book, working its way to the movie adaptations, and then ending with ALW’s Phantom. It even includes the full Libretto/Script! So buy it. Now!

Revolting Children
Original Cast Recording
Revolting Children

365 Showtunes DAY 328: MATILDA - Revolting Children

Today in 2011, this show opened in London. I’ve said a few times this year how much I adore this show, so I won’t say it again. I will say, though, that this is the last Matilda song we’ll be hearing this year. 

Happy opening! May you have a long and prosperous run, both on Broadway and the West End. <3 

“…when I last met him and asked him if he’d write Phantom 3, this was his reaction, so no..!“ (Kieran Brown meeting Andrew Lloyd Webber)

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Relationship Status: Single (i’m gonna be a groomsman in my best friends wedding though!)
Favourite Colour: Dark Red
Lipstick or Chapstick: I use chapstick more
Last Song You Listened To: Something from the La La Land soundtrack
Last Movie You Watched: Newsies Live 
Top 3 TV shows: Gotham, Outlander, and Supernatural at the moment. 
Top 3 Characters: Bruce Wayne (from Gotham, that kid is so good), Cassian Andor, and Peter Quill
Top 3 Ships: Cassian and Jyn, Jack and Catherine (Newsies), Clare and Jamie (Outlander) 
Top 5 Musicals: Newsies, The Scarlet Pimpernel, Les Miserables, Next To Normal, and Catch Me If You Can. (the original Broadway cast/West End cast are so amazing in all of these

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The Original London Cast - Act II

All photos are from George Perry’s The Complete Phantom of the Opera. This book has an awesome history of Phantom, starting with the Leroux book, working its way to the movie adaptations, and then ending with ALW’s Phantom. It even includes the full Libretto/Script! So buy it. Now!


Jill Washington, member of the original West End cast, and Christine in West End 1989-91, 1993-95, and again in 1998. 

Here with: 1. Julia Goss and Kimberley Patridge, 3. Simon Bowman, 4. Ethan Freeman, 5. Martin Smith, 6. Peter Karrie, 7. Robert Meadmore, 8. Simon Bowman, 9. Clive Carter. 

I Want - a broadway* playmix for yearning, longing, and wishing

fanmix meme 4: expressing a certain emotion: yearning

for the boy in new york dreaming about what’s coming next, and for the Jewish father who wonders if it would spoil some vast eternal plan if he had wealth, and for the wannabe super villain who’s in love with the girl from the laundromat, and for the the Ugandan girl longing for a place where flies don’t bite your eyeballs and human life has worth, and for anyone, anywhere, who has felt that intense desire for something more.


*not all songs are from broadway musicals - some are from films; one is from a web-series - but I remembered that after making the cover, so… forgive me.

something’s coming - west side story (as performed by darren criss) || some people - gypsy (as performed by patti lupone) || if I were a rich man - the fiddler on the roof (as performed by chaim topol) || corner of the sky - pippin (as performed by matthew james thomas) || maybe - annie (as performed by andrea mcardle) || remember my name - fame || somewhere that’s green - little shop of horrors (as performed by sheridan smith) || the movie in my mind - miss saigon (as performed by the original west end cast) || sante fe - newsies (film) (as performed by christian bale) || sante fe - rent (as performed by the original broadway cast) || someone like you - jekyll & hyde (as performed by einda eder) || not for the life of me - thoroughly modern millie (as performed by sutton foster) || i wanna be a producer - the producers (as performed by matthew broderick) || good morning baltimore - marissa janet winokur || roxie - chicago (as performed by renee zellweger || the wizard and I - wicked (as performed by idina menzel) || all that’s known - spring awakening (as performed by jonathan groff) || I miss the mountains - next to normal (as performed by alice ripley) || freeze ray - dr. horrible’s singalong blog (as performed by Neil Patrick Harris) || sal tlay ka siti - the book of mormon (as performed by nikki m. james)


9 fairly unknown Phantoms you should know about (in no particular order):

  • Grant Norman. Why? Because he was the first after Michael Crawford to play the Phantom on both sides of the pond, in the US Tour 1994-95 and in West End 1995-96.
  • Masayuki Sano. Why? Because he’s a serious long-timer in POTO, playing Raoul from 1990-2005 (!), and then the Phantom from 2005-14. So on and off TWENTYFOUR YEARS in Phantom. 
  • Ron Bohmer. Why? He played opposite Sandra Joseph in the US Tour in 1997. They got married five years later, and to my knowledge they still are. And I just think that is so sweet. He was also a much loved Phantom.
  • James Graeme. Why? Cause he was West End’s first standby Phantom, from 1991-93, and for legends like Dave Willetts and Peter Karrie. From what I’ve heard he was very much in the same vein as them. 
  • Peter Polycarpou. Why? Cause I believe he’s the only Phantom of Greek (Cypriotic) descend to date, as principal in West End 1991-92. He was also an original cast member in “Les Miserables”, and did an A+ performance as the semi sleazy hotel worker Domingo Mercante in the 1996 “Evita” movie.
  • Jørn Pedersen. Why? Cause whereas it’s well established Denmark had three featured Phantoms, it’s less known there was a fourth one, an alternate, back in 2002 (as well as understudying the role in 2000-01). He’s one of the more operatic Phantoms to don the mask.
  • Rory Rootenberg. Why? Another much ignored alternate, alternating with André Schwartz in South Africa in 2004. He got a couple of photos in the official brochure too. 
  • Nic Saverine. Why? Cause he did a very good run as the Phantom in Vienna in 1991-92, as well kick-ass emergency covering the role in Hamburg in 1992. But a lesser known fact: he also played PIANGI on Broadway 1990-91, and again in 1996+98. There he was credited as Nicholas F. Saverine.
  • Ben Cramer. Why? Can I be really REALLY shallow? He looks awesome in the part, really spooky, a hint creepy, and yet very elegant. He played the role in Scheveningen from 1993-96, understudying/alternating with Henk Poort. He was also the Phantom appearing with Joke de Kruijf at the grand Dutch musical gala in 2013.