original tommys


Krystal Surles breaking down while testifying against Tommy Lynn Sells

It was the 31st of December 1999, when serial killer Tommy Lynn Sells entered the trailer home of Terry Harris early in the morning. Terry himself wasn’t home, but his wife and four other children were. Sells was armed with a butcher knife and went into the room were 13-year old Kaylene (Katie) Harris and 11-year old Krystal Surles were sleeping in a bunk bed. Sells lay down next to Kaylene on the bottom bunk and began sexually assaulting her, that’s when she snapped awake and began yelling for help. Kaylene tried to get up but Sells stabbed her. He then turned the bedroom light on and stabbed her a total of 16 times while slitting her throat multiple times. She died almost instantly. Sells then remembered that Krystal was laying on the top bunk and quickly slashed her throat before leaving the trailer home. Krystal pretended to be dead, but got up after a while to look for help. She thought everyone in the trailer home was dead, so she walked to a neighbor’s house to ask for help. Krystal Surles survived the attack and identified Tommy Lynn Sells as the killer.

Tommy Lynn Sells was sentenced to death on the 8th of November 2000, and was executed by lethal injection on the 3rd of April 2014


Original tommy and Kim making a cameo in the Trimberly date scene :)