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themagnusbaneffect  asked:

I'd love to hear your headcanons for other Disney characters in the CROWN-verse, if you don't mind sharing. (I love this universe so much!)

Oh @themagnusbaneffect , get yourself comfortable because this is going to be a LONG list (this will just cover secondary and minor characters, along with heroines who aren’t part of the official Disney Princess lineup. I won’t do the Princes/Heroes/Consorts or Villains–at least the female ones–because it’s increasingly likely that they’ll have their own profiles).

Let’s start with agents who do have codenames:

  • The Enchantress/Agathe from Beauty and the Beast is a mysterious field operative who burned Agent BEAST a while back; her civilian name is Agathe Dubois and her codename is ENCHANTRESS (original, I know). 
  • Tinker Bell is a Mechanical Engineer who designs many of the gadgets and weaponry used by field operatives, much like Q in the James Bond films. Her civilian name is Patricia “Trish” Bellamy and her codename is TINKER (feel free to bask in the originality). 
  • Peter Pan is a field operative with the Aerial Unit; his civilian name is Peter Davies-Llewellyn and his codename is PAN. 
  • Nani Pelekai is a field operative with the Naval Unit, who toes the line with being a single surrogate parent to her little sister Lilo and being a kick-ass agent. Her codename is KAHUNA. 
    • Cobra Bubbles is her contact within the CIA. 
  • Captain Amelia from Treasure Planet was the previous Director of C.R.O.W.N. before Tiana. Her civilian name is Amelia Doppler (née Smollett) and her codename is LEGACY. 
  • Jane Porter from Tarzan is a forensic scientist with C.R.O.W.N. Her codename is DISCOVERY. 
  • Ésmeralda from Hunchback of Notre Dame is an undercover operative trying to get dirt on the corrupt Parisian judge Claude Frollo. Her civilian name is Ésmeralda Trouillefou (a cousin of Clopin in this universe) and her codename is LIBERTY. She’s also had run-ins with fellow operative Phoebus Châteaupers, codename: CHEVALIER.   
  • Fairy Godmother is a C.R.O.W.N. recruitment officer who always has her eye out for new talent, so to speak. Her civilian name is Marianne Goodwin and her codename is GODMOTHER. 
  • Princess Kida from Atlantis the Lost Empire is an Intelligence officer at C.R.O.W.N. who works closely with Milo Thatch, codename: BABEL. Her civilian name is Kidagakesh “Kida” Nedakh and her codename is CRYSTAL.
  • Megara/Meg from Hercules is an undercover operative who formerly worked with crime boss “Hades” and his gang. Her civilian name is Margaret “Meg” Katsaros and her codename is VENUS. Hercules in this universe is her occasional partner; his civilian name is Henry “Hal” Montgomery and his codename is (you guessed it!) HERCULES. 

Now for agents/personnel who don’t have codenames and/or a specified place in this universe:

  • Audrey Ramirez from Atlantis the Lost Empire works as a Mechanical Engineer at C.R.O.W.N., along with Dr. Sweet, Vinny, Packard, Cookie and Mole (though not in the same departments, of course). 
  • Commander Rourke and Helga Sinclair were also with C.R.O.W.N. as high-ranking officers; they were later arrested for selling secrets to rival companies and black market deals. 
  • Alice Liddel-Kingsleigh (a fusion between the animated and live-action films), and Wendy Darling (along with her brothers and the Lost Boys) don’t have a specified role with C.R.O.W.N., but I did think of possible codenames for them: CURIOSITY and THIMBLE. 
  • Same goes for Jim Hawkins from Treasure Planet: I can’t decide whether to place him in the Aerial or Naval Unit, but I do know that his codename is PLEIADES. 

Now this list is by no means comprehensive; these are just ideas I’ve had stewing in my brain for awhile. Feel free to comment and add to the list as you please!


Three of my favorite moments from Mega Con:

First Photo:
This little girl gave me my best convention experience ever.
I had just walked through the doors behind me and all I heard was a very excited, ‘Tinkerbell!’ as she came running towards me. She was so excited to see me and completely made my convention one of the best ever.

Second Photo:
Playing Peek-a-Book with a baby

Third Photo:
Kid Deadpool with her My Little Pony


Disney Fairies + Zodiac

Okay. I know. I know I previously cursed anyone who made a DF Zodiac and didn’t use Tink and Peri as Gemini. I was really going to. But this fit better…

Libra–Queen Clarion
Aquarius–Tinker Bell