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OC/Scenery Concept Art - “JIVE”

Finished up that concept piece for the characters I came up with yesterday!

(I said as much last night, but these guys seem very video-game-y, so I really went all out with this piece to reflect that, haha. It was fun to try out this new technique of building on top of a stock photo collage for the background– it still takes ages to get done, but it really helped give the piece that extra bit of detail and outline-less style!)

[Click for full view!]

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lets go to our fucking badass house. 

seriously i worked on it not so hard!
Lol its those bros or whatever’s house on the island in windenburg but i COMPLETELY gutted the inside. 

Demi-Canon Series: Part 1

Welcome to another round of ‘Frenchy is sick of looking at this and needs to get it off of her Drive account’. Consider this the first of a small group of pieces under the same banner of “demi-canon”: things that had the potential of happening in the actual canon of Seven Cities lore, but may or may not actually play out this way.

Also, cause I really liked the dumb play on words.

4027 words, set pre-Seven Cities, before Alex and Tahir are really anything like friends. Menstruation very heavily implied/featured so a warning to those who need it.

If Alex had been given longer than two hours to ready herself for eight months at sea, she might have been prepared for this.

As it was, she had done rather well on her own. The forging of her own examination papers, the hurried sewing of extra padding into the crotch of her trousers, the only slightly illegal procuring of excess of wads of fabric and a thoroughly-cleaned sponge – all of it had worked long before Tahir had become privy to her situation and added an extra set of eyes on her back. For all of the hurrying she had done, Alex still considered it a rather brilliant ploy of playing the average pressed sailor.

Except that she hadn’t had the time to plan for pain.

It was a rare thing, but once every couple of months, Alex would wake with the telltale throb low in her gut, and crawl down into the first dark space that she could find to wait it out. On the street, that had been as simple as finding a dry, quiet piece of ground out of sight of the city guard; on a ship, there was neither a dry nor quiet piece of ground to be had, and her absence was always too easily noticed by the bosun’s wandering eyes.

And this morning, it felt remarkably like someone had a grip on her insides, and was determined to squeeze the life out of each one in turn.

She tucked herself further into the shade of the ship’s bulwark, forehead pressed against her knees, an emergency flask of water cradled hot and empty in her lap. A few minutes ago, she had pressed it to her lips, desperate to out coax another few drops. In a few more, she would try again. She had passed the last hour the same way, miserable and thirsty and lying to herself, and she certainly didn’t intend to break that cycle. Baseless routine was better than sitting around waiting for the pain to stop. She was fool enough to believe that, at least.

A shadow crossed over her as she reached for the flask again, blocking out the sun in a great stomping of boots that stopped inches away from her bare toes. Alex felt her lips draw into a scowl. Only a handful of men on board wore boots on deck, after all, and while she wouldn’t dare to sneer at an officer, none of them would stop to give her more than a passing glance.

Tahir was another matter entirely.

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Sketchbook: June 27, 2017

I’m beginning a new commitment to draw something every day. I really need to break this cycle of un-learning and re-learning to draw every couple of months.

From top left, clockwise:

-Started as Cave Story turned into Undertale, now he’s just confused.

-You know this beautiful woman.

-Zootopia version of Ashley (coming to an ask blog near you)


-You also know this lady

-we don’t talk about her much anymore

au where padme lives and raises her two children thinking that anakin died on mustafar and works behind the scenes in the rebellion

and anakin/vader thinks that he killed padme

and they both think the other is dead and vader hates the shadowy leader of the rebellion and padme hates the emperor’s black-suited attack dog

i just have a lot of ideas about this idk

Adjectives I associate with the signs

Aries- vibrant, spontaneous & youthful🏃🏾
Taurus- steady, calm & luxury✨
Gemini- witty, clever & energetic 💥
Cancer- intuitive, soft & nurturing👩‍👧‍👦
Leo- giving, loud & creative 🙋🏽
Virgo- studious, caring & meticulous 🙋🏻‍♂️
Libra- social, giving & passive 🌝
Scorpio- compassion, otherworldly & intense👁
Sagittarius- energetic, curious & openminded🌞
Capricorn- sceptical, strong & focused 👔
Aquarius- intellectual, distant & spacey 👽
Pisces- empathic, wise & sensitive ☁️