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Chell: Oh come on, why don’t you try to be good at something for once?

Wheatley: Hmmm…nah. You see, when you try but fail, people think you’re a twit. But if you skip the trying and decide to fail right away, then everyone thinks you got the talent but you’re to cool to waste it on them. It’s like chickens, no one knows if they can really fly or not. That’s what makes them cool!

Chell: So that’s your life plan, huh? Be a massive chicken?

Wheatley: Yes! And cackle at the eagles when they crash and burn!!!!!

i forgot i was redoing that hideous old musain piece until it cropped up on my dash again yesterday and i went into overdrive and did the lineart 

My “coming out” story and shit

I get asked rather frequently how I came out and such and I actually wrote a bit about it about a year ago. So I though I could make a new post with all the links to said posts. Just because it’s easier to find them.
It was a while since I actually read through all these, and holy shit there’s alot of typos and weird choices of words, I guess I just lost all sense of grammar and shit while I was translating it from swedish.

It’s not really well writen or anything, but it’s about how I “came out” and some general stuff about my teen years I guess.
The original text is about two years old anyway. I guess I could rewrite it better, but it’s decent enough lol.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
Part 11

hey so i’m going on a hiatus til november 7th, so i’ll go ahead and to post this right now bc i won’t have internet until then–

happy early halloween everybody! 

hope you all stay safe, warm (bc it’s already snowing in some countries like mine :,0  ) and have a spooktacular time!!! love you <3

Love isn’t a four leaf clover, soft and delicate. Love is a fucking rose. Pretty if you look at it. But, it will make you bleed if you touch it. I can forget that they loved me but, I can’t forget that they made the stars in my fucking sky shine and now, they’re faded like I have. If you read this, I’m sorry I loved you.
—  Something I wrote when I had an episode

anonymous asked:

Hi, I'm a very frustrated tumblrer. Porn sites keep following me. But they're my ONLY followers. May I ask how to get more genuine people to view my things???

I feel the issue.

Well, I guess, it depends on what your things are ? It’s content you create ? 

In that way, I guess it depends if it’s original stuff or fandom stuff. 

If it’s fandom stuff, then I guess everything depends on the size of the fandom and proper tagging. In a bigger fandom you have more chances to have exposure, but your work can also get quickly swallowed. 

Time of posting is important to ensure best visibility, but also appropriate tagging.

I don’t know if you already know this trick but just in case Make sure you put the important tags in the first 5 tags of your post, because tumblr will only take those 5 first tags to showcase your post in those tags.

Example: I did a drawing of JJ and Yuri with Viktor and Yuuri. I could tag it “#Yuri on Ice #Yoi #Yuri!!! on Ice #Jean Jacques leroy #Yuri Plisetsky #Viktor Nikiforov #Yuuri Katsuki #my art”

Here I bolded the tags in which my post will show. If people search the posts tagged with a specific tag (aka go in the “tumblr.com/tagged/[tag of your choice]” page), they will only see the posts where this tag was among the first five.

So it’s important to put the most important tags in first ! In my example, putting “yoi” and “yuri!! on ice” so early was unnecessary. It lead to the character’s tags of Yuuri and Viktor being pushed further and so people searching for those characters won’t see your post, and it’s an occasion missed. Also try to put the most used tags.

The other tags are important too and should be put for helping you arrange your blog and to allow users to blacklist.

So, choose wisely your tags. And by this I mean, take advantage on what you feature in your content, but doesn’t mistag ! Don’t add #Viktor Nikiforov because he’s popular and it will bring you exposure in your content doesn’t feature him ! Don’t tag popular things that aren’t in your content !

Other tip : Follow wisely. Don’t fall into a follow spree just for the follow-backs. It’ll bring you followers, but not the ones who are actually interested in your content. Follow people you enjoy the content they post and reblog, reblog their posts, if you can, interact with them (but don’t be intrusive). 

Also, try to post regularly. I know it’s not always easy, and it doesn’t mean rushing things just to post often. But it’s a fact that you’ll gain followers more regularly if you post often. To give an example, my art blog was always ahead of my main blog followers-wise. But since I don’t post a lot on my art blog lately because I don’t have the time to do full-colored or properly finished pictures, it increased more slowly, and now my main blog, where I reblog, interact, post content more often as well as doodle, as caught up and now has more followers than my art blog. 

If you post original content, it can be harder. And I hate what I’m about to say, but it’s good to do at least a bit of fan content to help your original work to get exposure. I’m not saying to force yourself to draw a lot of fandom content, but alternating sometimes with a few fan content can help. Because it will bring people who see your fan content in the tags and will then look at your blog and may be like “Hey, this original content is nice too !” and the people who stay are those who are interested in both of your contents. It sucks that it has to be that way, but it’s hard for people who don’t know your world to know about it and get instant liking. 

Those are my few messy tips. I’m not sure they’re good, but I hope they can help at least a bit… I’m here since about 4 years and even though I don’t have a LOT of followers (I mean I still have a really decent amount, but it’s still low compared to some people here since a shorter time SO I’m not sure my advices are the best, but that’s how I do).

Also don’t forget to have fun with your things !!