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The Cup of the Ptolemies.

This agate cup was carved in Alexandria in Egypt around the first centuries BCE to CE. Its journey from there to France is lost in obscurity, though it was held in the treasury of the abbey of St Denis in Paris until the dispersion of monastic treasures during the revolution. It originally had gem studded gold mountings dating from the era of Charles the bald (died 877CE), but they vanished when it was stolen and recovered in 1804. It is not kept at the Cabinet des Medailles in the Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris.

It is a famous masterpiece of Hellenistic stone carving, with pictures depicting preparations for a pagan Dionysiac revel. It was used in French coronation rituals, along with several other items from the abbey treasury.


Height 8.4, width 18.4cm.

Image credit: Clio20/Wikimedia Commons


Procrastinating…. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ with D&D fashion doodles.

New ‘found’ outfits (pried from the cold dead bodies of royal guards) for the Druid, Bard, Wizard and my Rogue. Customized in the city to fit their personalities (originally the studded leather was green/white, with a hare motif). I am not sure if the other players had a different look in mind…we’ll see. 

…But at least I added sparkles. Just to make the Paladin jealous.

Okay! Back to business :3

Leatherworking with gremble: the other Anders bag

How2Andersbag, part 2! This is for the square-ish bag he wears on his belt, which I think kinda looks like a granny purse, but it’s a useful size for carrying cellphone+wallet, and a useful technique to know because it’s so ubiquitous. I think everyone in the DA2 crew has at least one bag constructed this way, adjusting the colors/proportions as necessary.

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“You’re the one that I want”  - Jelsa, Grease AU by Aelfeth - Part 2 / Part 1

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Oh Jack, now that you were trying to be a good boy, that perfect girl is gone! 

Jack: E-Elsa??! (°ロ°)
Elsa: Tell me about it, stud!(☞゚∀゚)☞

Elsa’s original dress is too gorgeous to not adapt into Sandy’s smexy ending outfit. I may even post close-ups. Sorry again about my zero skills at making graphic-backgrounds, it’s really deeerp but oh well. Hope you like it!