original sprites


i’ve had this in my inbox for a while, but i finally decided to make some sprites of my more developed ocs! their names, titles, and super basic description are all in the captions, so, click on the character you wanna learn more of!

if you’re interested in seeing more of my characters please tell me, as i’m always up for that sweet, sweet validation


I finally finished doing my OCs in hs sprite fashion. Like I said before, they’re not Homestuck ocs but I think that the sprites are a handy reference point for the characters. Hopefully I didn’t make any typos in the little facts I put next to them but it’s 3am.

And I love talking about them so feel free to send in as many asks as you want. :)

They’re wizard kids who go to Hecate Academy in the cool magic world of Anthia, which is populated by both humans and Semifera, who are basically just humans that are part animal. Yes, all of them are named after plants. All the pairs in the images are roommates at HA. 

I’m lowkey nervous posting this because all these characters are so close to my heart, I put a lot of care into each one and I love sharing them with people. So, here they are! I hope you like them.