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  • Luffy: Torao, do you wann-
  • Law: No.
  • Luffy: But I haven’t ev-
  • Law: No.
  • Luffy: Why not?
  • Law: Because I know you. I know that expression. And I that means whatever you’re thinking is illegal.
  • *Luffy attempts to interrupt but Law continues.*
  • Law: Furthermore the last time you had that expression Franky-ya ended up naked and tied to a flag pole. Sanji-ya almost bled out because of whatever he caught Robin-ya and Nami-ya doing. Chopper-ya smelled like something we should have been eating. Usopp-ya wound up married to three different people. Half of Brook-ya’s body was missing. And Zoro-ya ended up so lost it took us five hours to find him and he wasn’t even on the same island we started on!
Shadowhunters is Finally Getting Good: A Writer’s Perspective

This is going to get long, so basically this is where I’m going:

1. Shadowhunters is still finding itself, similar to how Buffy the Vampire Slayer kinda sucked until it grabbed onto its “Monsters as Life Metaphors” structure halfway through Season 2.

2. Because The Mortal Instruments series is such a catastrophic narrative failure, Shadowhunters doesn’t have compelling plot points to string their own original story between, the way True Blood was able to do with their own sub-par source material.

3. The strong character writing is just starting to free the show from the restrictions of its source material.

Where We Are Now

-The company that owns the rights to The Mortal Instruments is using Shadowhunters to return on a damaged investment. They bought the rights to a popular book series, and made a movie that bombed so hard that when the numbers came in, they stopped production on the sequel within weeks. They lost a shit ton of money on what should have been a good investment, and were unwilling to throw too much good money after bad, which is why there wasn’t much investment in the first season. The first season’s low budget affects more than the special effects. It plays into who they can hire, how long they have to rehearse, how long they have to shoot, every element of production.

-The source material is shit, and it’s an albatross around the show’s neck. The movie sucked so hard because it was a pretty faithful adaption of the books, which are torturously long, and full of one note characters who only exist to spout faux-clever dialogue, or facilitate CC’s incest fantasies. They are driven by entirely by plot, not character, which makes for flat fiction.

-The first season had to be, to an extent, experimental. They had to figure out the right mix between what they had to keep to engage book fans, and what they had to add to make it possible for it to be a TV show, because the book doesn’t have enough material to be a couple seasons of TV.

-The first season worked to clear the very low bar of of being less racist, tokenist, slut-shaming, girl-hating, bi-phobic, and all around disgusting than the books.
They succeeded.

-Successfully moving past the tragedy of the movie into an expanded episode order and expanded budget mean that season two is essentially a brand new show.

- That season is trying to fight its way free of what it had to be in the first season, and the failure of the movie, and the ball and chain of the books.

The Problems

1. The Show Has Turned Every Pointless, Cardboard Dialogue Spouter from the Books into a Compelling, Nuanced Character, and Now There Are Too Many

The book characters have interesting things on their character sheets, but never become interesting. The show has recomposited characters out of the character elements used in the books, and created complex, compelling, nuanced characters, who have ties and relationships to eachother, who are impacted by the world around them, and who make decisions and affect the world around them and eachother, instead of just waiting around for Clary to discover her special rune magic, or for Magnus to portal them somewhere.

Unfortunately, a bunch of cardboard cutouts creating obstacles to, and eventually enabling brother-sister fucking don’t suck up too much plot time, but 11 suddenly worth-while characters (Clary, Simon, Alec, Isabelle, Jace, Maryse, Jocelyn, Luke, Raphael, Maia, Magnus) plus a few new additions we are invested in to some degree (Lydia, Aldertree, Iris), and a few random additions that don’t seem to do much but create more dialogue and scoot plots along (Valentine, Meliorn, Raj, Max, Dot, Gretel, Suspiciously Important Girl With Glasses) all end up battling for screen time, to the detriment of each other.

For every charming interaction between Maia and Simon, we don’t get to see Luke dealing with Jocelyn’s death. When we get a glimpse into the tenderness of Magnus and Raphael’s relationship, there’s less time to see Magnus and Alec learn where they cross and divide. When we see that Alec and Maryse still love each other, even if the have so much shit left to work through , that takes potential minutes away from someone trying to talk to Jace about being abducted and tortured. There is so much potential, and it’s not possible to turn all of it into plot when there are only 45 minutes a week to work with.

1A. Except Valentine, Who is A Spectacularly Shitty Villain

Valentine is one long HHHHHHHZZZZZZMMMMMMMHHHHHhhzzzzmmmmhhhh on an evil kazoo.

A good villain is the hero of their own story, but they have to be more than that. A good villain has to taunt you with the possibility that they could be the hero of your story. They have to want something in a way that you can understand the wanting, even if what they want isn’t something you would want.

Kylo Ren is a good villain. He wants to be a super powerful Jedi and big deal leader in the Empire and the movie shows you that he wants that because he’s actually a pathetic little snot streak, drowning in his inability to live up to the standards of toxic masculinity around him, while wearing a silly helmet. The desire makes sense.

Spider-Man Villains are good villains. They are typically super smart scientists trying to solve a problem, but their science gives them some sort of mutation that casts them out of the society they were trying to improve.

Magneto is a great villain. A holocaust survivor who believes he sees the writing on the wall and won’t let history repeat itself.  

(Quick fact about Oncethrown: I went to go see the Johnny Depp version of Sweeny Todd in theaters in college and didn’t realize he was the villain until the very last scene. (The last last scene. Even after he throws Mrs. Lovett in the oven) Because he was unfairly jailed by a man who wanted him gone so that he could rape Sweeny todd’s wife to be raped into insanity and leave her out on the street to rot, and I was totally onboard with the quest for vengeance up until the moment the blood started pouring out if his neck.)

Valentine is just generically evil. He was born into the most powerful class in his world, was annoyed that his society wouldn’t let him become even more powerful, and now is experimenting on a class he already could kill with little to no repercussions, and working to eradicate them… because he can?

He doesn’t love or care about anyone either. There’s nothing to hold onto about Valentine. He’s just an opposing force. He could be a block of wood with angry eyebrows and the effect on the plot would be about the same.

1B. Except Aldertree, Who We Were Promised Would Be And Interesting Villain is Just A Random Force For Bad.

Aldertree came in to bring the erratic New York Institute back under Clave control. And he started out doing that. He threw the downworlders out of the Institute, he left Jace to rot in jail because he wouldn’t swear total fealty to the Clave, he nearly let Alec die because he threatened very important Shadowhunter traditions by refusing to marry a suitable woman in order to date a man, and a downworlder.

The yin-fen plot line originally was in this same functional but boring vein, until the last episode (spoilers) where he was clearly trying to get Izzy to trade sex for drugs (end spoilers). Generic Rapist Evil not interesting either. All he ended up doing was giving Alec a “Reclaiming the Institute Plotline” which would have been a really, really good piece in that whole “Effects of Institutionalizing Discrimination” theme… if any time had been devoted to it at all this season. Like… Alec originally ceded his authority to Lydia. The way he came for Aldertree just wasn’t given the building blocks to be satisfying.

2. The Books Didn’t Have Layers, and the Show is Trying to Graft an Interesting Theme Onto the Book’s Pocked and Diseased Foundation

The books are just an excuse for incest. The show is attempting to develop a narrative about institutionalized discrimination and oppression, and how characters are influenced by the way that affects their societies, upbringings, relationships and lives.

There is a really underdeveloped attempt at this in the books which more or less boils down to “Shadowhunters are mean to downworlders, and it’s not totally fair, but they are still the heroes, because they are all described as sexually attractive.”

The show is running into a lot of complications as they try to smoosh this theme onto the source material they have to work with.

-The main plot of “Evil McEvil is a Racist Who Wants To Start A Genocide Because Of Evil and Overt Racism”is sucking up all the air in the room for more compelling and important elements of the show,  such as every idea presented in Maia and Simon’s conversation about how Shadowhunters pretend that everyone is on the same team, but don’t understand what the daily existence of downworlders is really like in a world that Shadowhunters essentially rule.

Or Alec’s struggle to be both a Shadowhunter and a gay man falling in love with a downworlder.

Or Isabelle and Lydia’s season one speaking out about Law vs. Justice in the Shadowhunter world.

Or Clary’s 10 minute plot about not being trained well enough to be a real shadowhunter, but knowing too much to ever be a mundane again

The adherence to the main plot of book one and two is one of the things turning Clary into a mess of a white savior who doesn’t learn from her mistakes. She’s the entry point character, she’s bringing us into this world, and she’s the hero of the story. So… she’s white and straight with magic powers, trying to solve racism and homophobia in a story where the whole society she enters into is built around it, and has been for centuries.

3. The Clusterfuck of Potential We Are Working Out Of Now

So 2.08 and 2.09 I think prove that we are watching a show that is just about to get there. Both of these episodes had insular plots solved within the confines of the episode while also having consequences in the season stretching story.

Good characters are interacting with each other in interesting ways. (Except Lydia. Where is Lydia? I love her and I want her back) There are some growing pain failures (everything Izzy has said and done all season), some serious fuck ups (the lack of consent before the lack of malec sex scene) and a lot of unfortunate leaning on shitty and easy tropes (Izzy and Raphael fall into a drug fueled affair, Alec pushes Magnus into sex in a 3 minute side plot, Valentine exists and we have to watch him) But they are setting up more and more really solid pieces with places to go and I’m excited to see it happen.

4. The Things They Need to Fix (this is mostly rambling)

-Give fewer characters better plots per episode instead of trying to give everyone a couple minutes of screen time.

-Give characters goal and personality and development driven season arcs that create plots instead of having them constantly reacting to plot elements that are not character driven (purely from a writing standpoint, this is the biggest flaw with Isabelle’s plot line. The addiction drives her plot, not her personality, and Aldertree doesn’t have a character based reason to give her the drug to being with. “Just because I’m an asshole” isn’t really good enough. That’s why Alec is the best part of season 1. Everything he says and does is driven by a couple easily defined elements of his character.)

-If you are going to sell the diversity aspect of your show, be aware of the full context of the plot lines you are assigning your actors. It’s not great that there are 4 latinx actors, and the two of them with accents are in a drug dealing/addiction/sex for drugs plot line. It’s great that your only canon couple is a gay interracial couple. It’s great that they got a really sweet build up, and they have great communication scenes and they are really building a strong relationship. It’s not great that they do not touch while a lot of totally gratuitous sex is happening around them.

-Figure out who you really need, and jettison the dead weight.
-Why is Raj still on this show? All he does is say nasty shit about women. He’s disgusting, he’s boring, and he’s pointless. Literally every single time he’s on screen he could be replaced by someone we care about and it would tighten the episode.
-We ditched Robert because as far as the impact on the main characters goes, he’s a redundancy on Maryse’s storyline, and she has all the good elements.
-Aldertree is pointless. Maryse could have had Aldertree’s “WE ARE REALLY FUCKING GOING WITH WHAT THE CLAVE SAYS” storyline and it would have been a lot more interesting with the rest of the plot.Lydia could have had that plot too. “You fucked up at the wedding, reign in this nonsense or we are shipping you our to wrangle island”

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what's wrong with supporting hobby lobby? they do something?


So Hobby Lobby has been controversial for a while but it recently went under a lot of fresh fire. (I’m on mobile, so I’m not going to copy a bunch of sources but you can easily find them with a quick google search.) Hobby Lobby is one of those Christian-based organizations that is still very true to their mission statement and is very open about it in store. That in itself obviously isn’t bad, but they force their evangelical beliefs onto their employees. They’re pro-birth, anti-gay, and don’t allow employees to get birth control under their health coverage, citing religious beliefs as the cause. (Ignoring any beliefs of the people they’re actually hurting with this policy.) Because if moves like this, a lot of pro-choice hobbyists chose to take their business elsewhere.

Then, a few weeks ago, Hobby Lobby was caught smuggling 5,500 ANCIENT ARTIFACTS OUT OF IRAQ, including lots and lots of cuneiform tablets, which are incredibly valuable resources for archaeologists and historians, which have now been damaged and taken from their original location. There’s no way to measure the amount of history we may have lost. And this part sounds so outrageous that I’m actually going to source it myself. ( https://mobile.nytimes.com/2017/07/05/nyregion/hobby-lobby-artifacts-smuggle-iraq.html )

So if Hobby Lobby is like, your only access to nifty jars, I understand. I’m not saying you have to do or not do anything, but I choose not to support them.

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Hi, I'm new here and I ship Karedevil, I think they are so cute and adorable and truly love each other. I've read a lot of hatred, but I also have seen some posts with things Charlie Cox has said about them and it seems like he ships them as well. Could you do a masterpost with all the things he's said, or do you know if there's a masterpost anywhere? Thank you! Love your blog, btw. :')

Hi anon! Thank you so much for your kind words :)

Sorry it’s taken me so long to answer this, but I have a lot of exams right now, and I’m kind of stressed out.

About the masterpost, the only one I’ve seen is this wonderful post @karenzpage made. But, since it’s been a while and Charlie has gone literally crazy shipping Karen and Matt, I’ll try and put together all the quotes/gifs/links I can think of right now. I hope that’s okay!

  • First of all, when asked on Twitter about what makes Matt happy, his answer was “Karen Page? Safe Hell’s Kitchen? Fogwell’s Gym? Not sure he even knows”. Here’s the link.
  • “I think that Karen represents Matt’s best chance of real happiness. She is his great love, she is the love of his life” (original post) (video)
  • “Matt is capable of kind of like, sidetracking Foggy enough, distracting him […] he’s got good at it, but I think from the moment he meets Karen he feels like she sees through everything, he feels like she looks at him and she sees everything […] so we’ve been playing with the idea that, if at all possible, when he’s with Karen he has his glasses on - ‘cause it’s like he feels naked without them.” (original post) (audio source)
  • (Asked to choose between Elektra and Karen) “Karen Page. I think Karen Page is the love of Matt’s life. So… hopefully… one day.” (original gifset) (source)
  • (About his favorite scenes on S2) “I also have to say every moment with Karen. I got really excited thinking they could both have a moment of happiness, after all. When that was taken away from them, I got really depressed, I swear.” (original post) (source)
  • “Elektra drew (Matt) back in. Somehow, he was able to go to a vulnerable place with her, and he opened the floodgates of the past with her. And that affected him deeply. In doing so, he betrayed Karen a little bit. And what was important to me was that, at the end of the season, he doesn’t choose Karen because he’s lost Elektra. And the moment at the end of season 2, the sense of that scene should be that Matt – it’s effectively Matt saying, “I don’t know how to explain to you what happened. I don’t know how you and I would recover from this. I don’t know if we have a future. But what I do know, is that the only chance we have is if you know the whole truth – if you know everything, if there are no more secrets. And this is my secret. This is who I am.” ” (original post) (gifset with the quote) (source)
  • “I don’t know what lies ahead for them because a lot of damage has been done already. I think Karen is very hurt, and Matt is very confused, and so it’s a complicated love story, like all the good ones.” (original post) (interview)
  • “Matt’s ability to choose… let’s say Karen Page, which I think that is the sensible choice… that’s probably the choice that’s gonna lead to happiness. ‘Cause she, I think, loves him truly, and she’s not manipulative, she brings out in him a kindness, and a generosity, and a respect […] that is true to who he is.” (original gifset) (interview)
  • “Plus, there’s that kind of the magic that you can’t really put a name on, or you can’t really label. When the chemicals are right in place and those things. I think they’re falling in love with each other, and they have been probably since the day they met, in a gentle way that circumstances have allowed them to.” (source)
  • In my heart, I think Karen Page is Matt Murdock’s true love, the love of his life. I think what we see in S2 is him coming to the understanding that he’s too complicated for her, he would never choose Matt for her[…], he loves her too much I think. She represents a purity, something that i don’t think he deserves for himself” (original post) (interview)

Also, here’s a little something he said during S1 promo:

  • “I’m so excited to see what happens with Karen, towards the end of the season it felt like there was something romantically suggested and I’m interested to explore that, if that’s something that happens” (original gifset) (I can’t find the source right now, sorry)

These are all I can think of right now, if someone else reads this and remembers any other recent/old quote please feel free to tell me and/or add it. 

Also, bonus. His face when asked if we were going to get any more Karen-Matt interactions on S2. 

Just for science. 

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Do you have any theories on how Hiccup actually lost his leg in the battle with the Red Death? I mean, we never see it happen, of course (and thank goodness), but I've never quite been able to piece together just how this injury occurred given what we do see.

There are many ways Hiccup could have lost his leg, so I do not have one set theory that I say, “Oh, that’s the one.” I can speculate many ways.

I’ve talked about one possible theory before here (scroll down to “Peg Leg”). I basically just bring up one fan theory others have mentioned. Once upon a time there was this one person claiming the idea came from official sources, but I’ll always be dubious until I see Chris Sanders or Dean DeBlois say it himself. Still. It’s an interesting thought regardless of its origin.

I used to think the leg loss was caused completely by fire damage once, but after watching how Toothless flies after Hiccup and cannot reach with his feet feet in time to grab Hiccup, I fear he had to grab him by the mouth, so that is why I bring this one up.

The idea Toothless’ mouth grabbed Hiccup’s leg and screwed it up might not be the most popular or initially intuitive theory out there - I think more people say it’s fire damage, and I’m likely to get responses and reblogs from people telling me why their ideas are better (totally cool, go for it) - but I personally would not be surprised if Toothless grabbing Hiccup played at least some role in the injury. Even if Toothless tried to grab Hiccup as gently as possible, they’re falling fast, and the jerk of his mouth catching Hiccup’s could have screwed things up major time. There’s likely to have at least been a broken leg with that action alone.

Hiccup’s left leg also arguably is not the most likely body part to have been burnt because it looks like his left leg would have been pulled toward Toothless’ body… first. His left leg is most likely the first thing Toothless grabs and first thing protected from the fire. Not only that, but it’s also the body part closest to Toothless when they land, meaning it could have been the most sheltered part of the body (granted, other factors pending). So that would mean something else is more likely to have caused the left leg’s end than the inferno itself.

Of course, there are about two hundred things that could have happened in the sky, and I could write detailed feasible projections on all of them. Toothless sort of grabbing Hiccup, then letting go, the boy twisting around and his leg hitting the inferno before the dragon nabs him again. Toothless managing to cover his wings around most but not all the boy before they hit the fire. Hiccup’s leg being completely burnt off. Hiccup’s leg being partially but still severely burnt (fire damage is one common cause for amputation actually!). Hiccup’s leg being shattered and/or mangled to the point it cannot be saved. Toothless grabbing him with his mouth. Toothless grabbing him with his legs as he does for all the crash landings in HTTYD 2. Toothless grabbing Hiccup with his wings (the least plausible one in my opinion, but still a factor to consider). A combination of the above factors. There are so many plausible arguments you can make here from what we see.

Which is, as you point out, hard to piece together.

So this is just one theory. I find it a possible option and think it’s interesting to consider. I by no means uphold it is The Solution to the Problem, but it’s probably the one I headcanon the most anymore. 

Please like or reblog if you want Daniel to return as Kol to show your support

The originals would be foolish not to bring Daniel back as Kol. Look at a few of those reviews and fan reactions:

Entertainment weekly - But before you get insanely mad at the show for killing off Kol—oh, was that just me?—Bekah informs him that, as a witch, they will consecrate his body and he will join their ancestors, which means that his spirit can be brought back. Rebekah then vows that she will not leave her body until she can find a way to bring him back home. And with one last moment in which Kol says he’s not scared, he dies. My only question: But will he come back with the same accent in the same body?! Because really, Daniel Sharman has been excellent with a capital “E.”

TV.com - Daniel Sharman, guys. I mean, that death scene alone. Full of gurgled pathos and giggled regret, it was a wonderfully dynamic and surprising tragedy, just as the character deserved. I can’t even imagine what The Originals (or Kol) will be like without Daniel Sharman. Could the characters maybe figure out a way to resurrect Kol in a facsimile of Kaleb’s body? Is that possible?

TV source magazin - I hate that this happened, but the scenes were so moving and all of the actors involved brought their A-games. Thank you, Daniel Sharman for sharing your version of Kol with us (let’s resume crying now).

Tv overmind - Sadly, though, we have lost one sibling already. Kol’s hex was killing him, and Rebekah or Davina couldn’t do anything to help. I know with vampire magic that when a vampire dies, any compulsion they’ve done is undone. I was hopeful that was applicable to witches, too, since Finn technically died in the house explosion, thanks to Elijah. (Naturally, he couldn’t stay dead for long because where would be the fun in that.) I’m so heartbroken over Kol’s death though. Kol/Kaleb’s chemistry with Davina was so adorable. Yeah, Rebekah swore she would consecrate his remains and not stop trying to bring him back since he died a witch, but would he be in the same body? I cannot imagine recasting this character a third time after striking gold this time around. Quit playing games with our hearts and bring Sharman back ASAP!

Sound on sight - This begs the question: what, exactly, is the point of Kol’s apparent death? The scene is emotional, for sure, and Daniel Sharman is absolutely incredible as he nails all of Kol’s regret and despair and desperation about dying, but, by the end, the whole thing feels like a cheap ploy to wrench some emotion out of the audience. Quite honestly, Kol’s death feels very hollow and unnecessary.

Den of geek - But as one Mikaelson enters, another departs. Kol has succumbed to Finn’s hex after Davina and Rebekah failed to save him with their respective magical knowledge, and so we’ve sadly said goodbye to Daniel Sharman’s wonderful presence on the show. It’s highly unlikely that this will be the last we see of Kol the character, even in the current season, but his current face is no more, and that’s a shame.

Fan reactions - My first reaction - NOOOOOO! I loved the idea of all the family members being around. And while I liked the first Kol, Daniel Sharman (already a fan from Teen Wolf) really made this role his own in a very short time. The original Kol was all manipulation and mischief and evil, while Daniel brought a vulnerability mixed in with the original qualities. And his scenes with Klaus were excellent. So why, after quite successfully recasting a role would they kill him off?? They found gold in this actor, this combo of actors, and it seems a waste. Keep the original actor for flashbacks but Daniel IS Kol now and deserves to be a regular cast member

Daniel Sherman’s accent is everything and I need to hear it on a weekly basis.

I’m so happy that they kept Yusuf Gatewood, now I really want them to keep Daniel Sharman.

Daniel Sharman IS Kol now to me. Both He and Yusuf Gatewood have made the second season must see in a way the first never was.

Caleb got killed.Just when daniel was making the character more believable and likable.Great job on this one!

Honestly the DS version of Kol is brilliant, and meshed with the rest of the family. He needs to come back. I don’t understand why they kill off quality characters in the TO/TVD universe, especially considering the amount of terrible characters we have had to suffer.

I was really disappointed about Kol. I loved Daniel Sharman and I hope they find some way to bring him back.

I was really disappointed about Kol. I loved Daniel Sharman and I hope they find some way to bring him back.

Daniel Sherman did a great job as Kaleb/Kol and I hope they bring him back :( I will miss that accent of his. He also had great chemistry with Davina

I thought for sure there would be a last minute save of some kind. I just kept hoping for it to the point the actual death didn’t register for a minute. I loved Daniel Sharman as Kol. I was just happy to see him on my tv screen after teenwolf and then this??? Arghhhhhh!!!!😢

I think Daniel Sharman did a great job has Kol and will be badly missed. I think it was a terrible mistake to write him off the show and in such a devastating manner.

The more time passes the more upset I am about them killing off Kol 1) He was becoming a really good well rounded character, 1000 years of knowledge in a human body, very scared of death and having died knowing what that means. 2) As an actor Daniel Sharman really impressed me, didn’t realise how good he would be, hes up there with the other actors I admire, Daniel Gillies and Jensen Ackles, both made me fall in love with their characters with such ease I didnt see it happening, and when I watch them on other shows I dont think about other characters they have played, they are truely the characters I am watching. Which sadly isn’t the case for all actors a lot don’t have that impact on me. 3)Kol had so much more potential, but not being played by Daniel Sharman would be a massive risk as he made him so human and so likeable, but hard to trust at the same time, keeping Daniel S and having Nate for flash backs is the best of both worlds 4) I think Kol became my fav this season, and I feel pretty numb about the show without him, that will change once it starts again, but I always looked forward to the chaos he caused. While Finn is just evil and cant see how he can survive the season, Kol would have been a truly wonderful addition to team witch, with his knowledge and skills he could have supported them.

I really hope the writers read these comments and have Daniel and Kol back next season

Getting rid of Kol is a big mistake. I liked the actor that played him. I hope they bring him back in this body. Plus Davina finally had some one.

Kol seemed to be doing pretty well until Freya brought Finn back, thats when his nose started bleeding. And then he died right as Freya finished bringing Finn back to life, so I’m thinking Film’s hex is reliant on him being alive. Maybe if they kill him Kol can come back? I really just dont want Daniel Sharman to leave :(

Khol was brilliant with Daniel Sharman at the helm, he needs to come back, I don’t care how.

Kol’s death was devastating, and if they don’t bring back Daniel asap I’ll never forgive them

Also SO SO SAD about Daniel Sharman being gone!! He was SO good as Kol!

Daniel Sharman needs to return ASAP no idea why the writers wrote him off, hes so talented and made me fall for Kol, which I never expected, more as I cant stand him in flash backs and adored him. If they cant think of a way to bring him back in his body im pretty sure there are a lot of fans who could. How about still being trapped in that body when brought back, he has to be a regular season 3, when you have characters with plot armor and always survive when they shouldnt, Josh, Jackson, Hayley, then kill a character who has layers, and is the name of the show is crazy

Dunno what is more upsetting: losing Kol or losing Daniel Sharman :( I hope he comes back tho.

Not Kol, not again! Bring him back please! And not another actor, Daniel Sharman was excellent as Kol. We want him back!

They did great casting Daniel Sharman as Kol, I actually like him better than the original Kol who I also liked.

Daniel Sharman did an amazing job. He’s such a talented actor, I cried like a baby when Kol died. I hope he’s going to back somehow.

Kol’s speech to Davina, “There is someone else under these stars, with a girl, thinks he’s got all the time in the world, and he’s right, and I hate him.” was one of the most beautiful pieces of writing on the show so far. Daniel Sharman should be this character from now on, because, he has made him sympathetic, Nathaniel Buzolic never really did that. Back in the day, when Kol tried to kill Matt, you WANTED to see Damon kick his ass! Now, you actually like Kol! I still have to replay his dialog five times to understand what he is saying through his accent, but it is worth it!

NNNOOOOO Kol can’t die. Daniel Sharman better be back.


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