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i applied to a job thinking that i probably wouldn’t get it but i’m getting a follow up call and being asked for more documents and i’m excited but also terrified of being a full time student and working a part time job at the same time… i feel like i’m gonna get overloaded even though this is what most college students do. hopefully it’ll seem more manageable once i start actually doing it (???)

The Sorato Playlist – Vol. 2: 

Forever and always. ♥

(Vol. 1 is here.)

you know how when you’re really close to someone, you start subconsciously copying the way they laugh? dave slowly does that with the way karkat laughs over their time on the meteor together… so the first time john and jade hear dave laugh post-game, they’re shocked by the fact that dave’s laughter is a) so loud and raucous and b) almost identical to karkat’s, who is standing right next to him. equally adorable (and disconcerting) is how karkat has adopted dave’s subtle little smirk + chuckle combo when he finds something/someone amusing. it weirds everyone out for a while because “subtle” and karkat are usually mutually exclusive

sometimes i think about karkat cooking for dave (not even for a special occasion, just because he’s hungry and decides to make enough for two) and dave being like, “you made this… for me?” and just not fucking comprehending it because bro never, ever made him any home-cooked meals/food as a kid. karkat puffs up his chest, all proud of himself for what he thinks is a successful spontaneous romantic gesture, and says, “fuck yeah i did,” but dave just… cannot wrap his head around it and he jokes nervously, “what, you trying to butter me up or something?” and he feels bad for saying it but he needs to know; he needs to be sure before he can eat that there aren’t any ulterior motives at play. karkat realizes pretty much immediately what’s up (dave has always been weird with food and karkat figured out why for himself a while ago) and his eyes and voice soften and he goes, “i made it for you because i love you, you paranoid disaster. now chow the fuck down before it gets cold or i decide to eat what’s on your plate, too,” and dave just mulls that over for a couple seconds, nods, and picks up his fork. karkat isn’t even that good of a cook but it’s still the best meal dave has ever had in his entire life and karkat cooking for both of them becomes a regular thing after that

davekat au where dave gets on a super crowded public bus and the only seat left is the one next to karkat, who is scowling with his earphones in + practically oozing “don’t fuck with me” vibes. dave anxiously (karkat is really intimidating) sits down next to him, but before dave has the chance to get any more nervous, karkat accidentally unplugs his earphones, flooding the entire bus with troll colbie caillat’s hit song “flushing for you” at an ear-shattering volume