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((OOC: Okay guys. I get a lot of people asking me to post lyrics to the songs I write so I am trying something new. Now, the lyrics will be in the video. Please let me know what you think and if there is anything you’d do to make it better <3 ))

Revelations: The Prince's Banquet

In this memory, any body else love when Ezio sings songs off the top off his head

Like the one about Cesare having a meeting with gravity

Or when he describes vividly how he killed Cesare when he thought he was immortal

Gotta get you a man who can do a thousand things, Ezio.

Hello, goodbye, my friend, I’m sorry that I’ve been so bent
out of shape, I’m sure you’d make a wonderful partner.
Truth is that I do love you and everything you are,
but I do not deserve you, not your mind and not your heart.
I just saved you from myself, one day you might thank me and
take me off your shelf.
Wish I could save me from myself, but until then I’ll just
figure it out and sing to someone else.
Yes until then I’ll just figure it out and
sing to someone else.
—  Song for Someone Else ~ Eliza Taylor
Abbie Pine
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Today I wrote and recorded a demo for an original song called Nocturnal Notions. It’s an acoustic lullaby and I’ve never done a song on the guitar before, so I’m happy with how it turned out! 

A Fangirl Christmas
A Fangirl Christmas


The TARDIS wrapped up in a bow
The Samulet in a box
John’s mustache in my stocking
Would totally fucking rock

Sherlock under my tree
Along with Gallifrey
These are all of the things
I want to see on Christmas day


Just give me a fangirl christmas
It’s really not that hard
Just send me Misha Collins with a Happy Holidays card

Please Santa
I’ve been good all year
If I don’t count the gay fics I wrote 
I have nothing to fear

The Enterprise all wrapped up
Every season of Doctor Who
A ‘67 Chevy Impala
That looks like it’s brand new

I want the Avengers to assemble
Just for little old me
And wouldn’t it be pretty cool
If i had a mini Loki

Chorus (altered)

Just give me a fangirl christmas
It’s really not that hard
Just send me Misha Collins with a Happy Holidays card

Dear Santa
I’ve been so alone
Could you please send Mr. Cumberbatch 
Directly to my home?

There’s so much that us fans would like
There are so many fandoms
But the best present of all would be
If you could make my OTP canon 

work in progess songggg. It’s probably going to be titled ‘fading’ I’m gonna leave the lyrics here too cause I can’t tell if you can tell what I’m singing that well or not…

what happened to above what happened to beyond

what happened to 2 am late night phone calls

coughing butterflies out of our lungs, suffocating

on promises that clearly weren’t enough

and you stood there completely unaware

with that beautiful smile but oh I didn’t dare

I waited two whole fucking years we didn’t even last one

now look what we’ve become

and you can run, but those who do aren’t truly happy

with who they are, so they’ll go find better company

becoming outlines and shadows of people I once knew

and there you go too

you’re fading out, you’re fading out, can’t you see

you’re fading out, you’re fading out, a flashlight flickering

in the darkness sounding who you are and suppose to be

you’re fading, you’re fading from me