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This is a picture of my Mum back in the day, fuck knows when was taken!? Shes mid 50’s now and shes about 15 here so I dunno. The nikes in the background have thrown me. Maybe it’s one of them time travel pictures!? ;)  She’s still off her nut bless her!! She’s off to see ‘The Beat’ tonight. Still lives in the East End of London, still likes a scrap.

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So, I noticed a couple of Talus' lines to Torvald are pretty hostile, mostly about him and his use of the runic gauntlet. I'm guessing that style of magic was possibly utilized by the Ska' Drin before Torvald found out about it and put it to his use? Or maybe it's a style of magic that the Ska' Drin think is forbidden?

It was mentioned in the OB59 patch preview that Rune magic originated from the Ska’Drin - therefore any variation of it was either learned from the Ska’Drin, or stolen. Compared to elemental magic (like Evie’s) or crystal-based magic (like pretty much everyone else’s), Rune magic seems to be one of the lesser known forms of magic in the Realm and likely Talus believes that only the Ska’Drin should use it and no one else. Of course I don’t think Torvald himself stole it from the Ska’Drin, but such a sacred art shouldn’t have left the hands of the Ska’Drin at all.


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What's an AquaBat?

Ah boy, I love this question! Come here friend, [whispers] let me explain.

An Aquabat is a member of The Aquabats!, aka the best crime and boredom fighting band in the world!

Pictured here is the current lineup, from left to right, Ricky Fitness, Eaglebones Falconhawk, The MC Bat Commander, Crash McLarson, and Jimmy the Robot. 

They’re a band that’s been around since 1994 that originally started as ska but ended up as like, surf rock pop something + other genres when they lost the horns section (keeping up an 8 or sometimes 9 piece band is hard!). Their lead singer, The MC Bat Commander (aka MCBC aka Christian Jacobs) is also the co-creater of Yo Gabba Gabba, and the Jacobs aesthetic, musical skill, and humor shine through in the band.

Their music is awesome, and they’ve had a good run of their very own TV show, The Aquabats! Super Show! which currently has 22 episodes counting the pilot. Their past is also filled with a complicated mythos, centering around 8 or sometimes 9 youths being washed up on the Californian shore after their homeland island of Aquabania was attacked by the evil Space Monster M, leading to them being taken in by Professor Monty Corndog, who gave them super powers to further their goal of playing the raddest music possible, and to take over the world so Aquabania can be reclaimed! 

But this description does them no justice. No, it’s near impossible to capture in just words what makes The Aquabats! what they are. As their most famous song declares, they are indeed “super rad!”, having an amazing energy on stage and in the show. Still actively touring, their live shows consist of fighting villains on stage, tossing around pool toys with everyone, and throwing young children out into the audience to crowd surf. Their audience consists mainly of Aquacadets (of whom I am one of)–commonly Aquabats uniform-clad fans who adopt the moniker to show their dedication to the band and to being rad as heck.

As for the Super Show!, it contains great musical sequences and humor oft compared to the Monkees or 60’s Batman. Solid jokes, great music, fun action, cartoon segments, fake ads, and ridiculous scenarios abound in every episode. Currently only season 1 is on Netflix and Hulu, but the rest of the 8 episodes available are currently caught in some kinda contract Hell and haven’t seen the light of day for over a year. It’s basically impossible to view them anywhere legally anymore and there’s no sign they’ll be released soon, so if you’d like to see them, send me a message wink wink nudge nudge. 

Check out the band for yourself, and see if you like it! A lot of people recommend starting with their album Charge!, unless you’re a ska fan, in which case dive into their earlier works. Of course, don’t forget to watch the Super Show!, too! The first season ends with quite the twist, so watching it all is definitely worth it, and it gets even better from the first episode onwards.

Here’s a link to a song I really like because it was the first song of theirs I sat down and listened to and realized how they’re like, a REAL band with SHOWS and A TV SHOW!!! THEY PLAY MUSIC I’VE BEEN TO A CONCERT OF THEIRS IT WAS SO GREAT HOLY GOD!!! SUCH GREAT CONCERT!!!–I’m going on a tangent now, heh.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TsHGutJGQNs –Plastic Lips, from Charge!

I hope that helps explain what an Aquabat is, but the only way to get a real answer is to check one out for yourself, which I hope you do! Enjoy!