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Preference “How they react to getting a boner in public and seeing you noticing them” (NSFW)

(Woooo yay for a preference:3 Sorry it’s only the boys XD but Yay for them being embarrassed and all XD Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gifs not mine/found them on google/ credit to the original owner.)

Negan-Whenever he gets a boner in public, his first instinct is to laugh it off as he scans the room to look for you. He’d instantly lock eyes with you and smirk before he shift his eyes to show you what’s happening, only for you to just stare in complete surprise. In the occasions he isn’t busy, he’d make a move his finger, to indicate you to come closer to him.

Daryl-Whenever he gets a boner in public, he’d act as his usual self and just ignore it as much as he can. He’d do a rather good job at it until he’d notice you looking down at him. Instantly, he’d just get turned on even more and try his best to keep his composure until obviously he couldn’t handle your knowing gaze, making him walk over to just grab your arm.

Rick-Whenever he gets a boner in public and sees you noticing him, he’d find any way possible to conceal and just tell you that he’s alright. Unknowingly, as he’d reassure you, he’d end up making the whole conversation about it as he whispers to you, making the tension between you both rather obvious.

Merle-Whenever he gets a boner in public and sees you noticing him, a smirk would creep up to his lips before he’d quietly mouth out words like “Your fault”, “This is all you”, etc. He’d manage to make you uncomfortable for him, with all his shifting around and looks, only to end up not being able to handle it himself and just tell you openly to come closer to him.

Glenn-Whenever he gets a boner in public and sees you noticing him, he’d be shocked for a moment, only for it to make you burst into laughter. Hearing you, he’d get shier and try to conceal himself as much as he can, only to end up laughing as well. As you’d get closer to tease him about it, he’d end up trying to deny to you that he was feeling that way.

Carl-Whenever he gets a boner in public and sees you noticing him, he’d instantly cover himself up with his hat and just avoid your gaze. He’d shake his head at you to deny your knowing gaze from afar and try to let you know that the more you stare the more people will notice, only to get frustrated and leave himself.

The Governor-Whenever he gets a boner in public and sees you noticing him, he’d instantly change from being composed to being unable to stop smiling. He’d find himself confused as to why it would happen in that moment and try to shrug it off but the more he sees your gaze on him, the more he’d give you that knowing look and just walk over to you to pull you away.

Abraham-Whenever he gets a boner in public and sees you noticing him, he’d make it all about you rather than himself. He’d notice your eyes looking over at him and just chuckle before calling you in a rather loud tone, asking you as to what you were looking at. He’d manage to make everyone pay attention to you rather than him, embarrassing you right on the spot.

Eugene-Whenever he gets a boner in public and sees you noticing him, he’d have nothing to say and wouldn’t know how to handle it. He’d get so nervous that seeing you look at him with a knowing look would cause him to be clumsy at whatever he was doing. He’d end up not be able to handle it anymore and just tell you to stop staring as it isn’t going to make it any better.

Ron-Whenever he gets a boner in public and sees you noticing him, he’d avoid your gaze and just try his best to pretend like he doesn’t realize what is happening. He’d only seem to notice you even more and have a much difficult time than usual, making him just want to hold you and doing so once you are both left alone.

Jesus-Whenever he gets a boner in public and sees you noticing him, he’d always seems genuinely surprised at first before laughing at you. He’d just be thrown off to see you staring at him strangely that he’d at first have the instinct to stare at you first until he sees as to where you’re looking at, only to be taken back for a moment as his lips would curl up into a smile.

Dwight-Whenever he gets a boner in public and sees you noticing him, he’d smile to see you before his gaze would change to be rather lustful. As soon as he realizes you watching him, his intentions would suddenly changes and just feel his need for you grow. He’d walk towards a place he would’ve showed you with his eyes, only to hope that you’d join him.

Morgan-Whenever he gets a boner in public and sees you noticing him, he’d avoid your gaze and just somehow hide himself. He’d want you to stop staring at him so he’d look at you just to shake his head. As he sees you walking over to him, he’d instantly quietly mouth out “no”, only to end up getting back in the house, making you tease him with your words as you follow behind him.

Shane-Whenever he gets a boner in public and sees you noticing him, he’d get oddly playful and his gaze would just make you want to give him what he wants. He’d at first try to distract himself but as soon as he feels you looking at him, he’d start to smirk at you. He’d end up teasing you more than anything with his behavior, only for you to walk over to him and just pull him into your room.

Milton-Whenever he gets a boner in public and sees you noticing him, he’d instantly get nervous and flustered from it. He’d feel like you were paying extra attention to him and oddly it would only seem to turn him on even more, making him just have to avoid you completely in order to control himself. He’d even go as far as to leaving the place, making you follow him to relieve him.

Aaron-Whenever he gets a boner in public and sees you noticing him, he’d just shrug and wouldn’t have much to explain or anything. He’d get shy and would do anything to conceal from the others but when it came to you, he’d feel like giving up and admit honestly as to what was happening to him, making you laugh and just tell him that it’s alright to wait it out.

Gabriel-Whenever he gets a boner in public and sees you noticing him, he’d act in denial of it and just try to ignore as to what was bothering you. He’d have the courage to look back you in the eyes and just whisper as to what you’re looking at so much, making you subconscious about your action and even getting an apology from you, all while still keeping his bible close to conceal himself from anyone else.

The Wolf-Whenever he gets a boner in public and sees you noticing him, he’d just smirk and call you right on the spot for being a pervert. He wouldn’t really care for anyone else that sees him but for you he’d just have his own fun teasing you about it, that in the end you’re the one embarrassed in the situation.

Noah-Whenever he gets a boner in public and sees you noticing him, he’d hide himself behind anything or even anyone to disappear from your line of view. He’d just be so embarrassed about you seeing him that he’d feel as if he got caught for doing something strange or shady that his first instinct would be to hide himself.

Simon-Whenever he gets a boner in public and sees you noticing him, he’d want to make you uncomfortable and just look back at you. He’d stare at you as if asking as to what you’re looking at and just make faces that would end up making you laugh more than anything, distracting you completely by his “problem”. He’d eventually give up on it and storm his way over to you to ask you a favor.

Ezekiel-Whenever he gets a boner in public and sees you noticing him, he’d instantly find himself taking a seat and try to get people’s attention on you rather than himself. He’d ask you thousands of questions and just press on until he can calm himself down or really until you’d stop staring at him as is he had just done something wrong.

Benjamin-Whenever he gets a boner in public and sees you noticing him, he’d look at you apologetically before just walking away to go to his room. He’d feel somewhat bad you had to witness that and from your reaction, he’d think it was even worst. So he’d end up just blaming himself over it before you could even have the chance to say anything.

Caesar-Whenever he gets a boner in public and sees you noticing him, he’d lean in closer to ask you teasingly what was bothering you, before grabbing a hold of your hand to make you feel him. Catching you look at him, turned him on even more and he just had to take the opportunity to start something that would eventually lead you into wanting him.

Heath-Whenever he gets a boner in public and sees you noticing him, he’d pretend to not have seen you looking at him and just try his best to quietly walk away. He’d be embarrassed about the whole situation and would feel that looking back at you would make it worst, so he’d resolve to just not say anything and leave unseen.

Spencer-Whenever he gets a boner in public and sees you noticing him, he’d surprise you with how flustered and embarrassed he can get before deciding to leave. He’d just be stunned to see you realized what was going on with him that despite you and him being together, he’d still get embarrassed by your gaze and just shift around as he takes his time deciding if he should really leave.

Richard-Whenever he gets a boner in public and sees you noticing him, he’d get embarrassed but would gradually look at you lustfully. He’d feel nervous for feeling that way as everyone is around so when your eyes meet it would startle him at first. However, the more you’d both look at each other, the more he wanted you, making him just get closer to you and quietly ask you if you’re free.

Nicholas-Whenever he gets a boner in public and sees you noticing him, he’d act as his usual self only to get closer to you before doing anything else. He wouldn’t want the others to notice so instead of putting on a strange face he’d simply walk over to you and just distract you by grabbing your hand to walk away.

Gareth-Whenever he gets a boner in public and sees you noticing him, he’d chuckle and just openly tell you that he needs you for a moment. He wouldn’t feel embarrassed about the situation and simply think of it as a way of at least getting a little something from you, making him just asking you if you have the time.

Tobin-Whenever he gets a boner in public and sees you noticing him, he’d chuckle out of embarrassment before taking a few steps back to leave for a moment, making you follow him. He’d reassure you that he’d be fine alone, only to actually want you close to him and making sure that his words will make you stay.

Visiting Hours

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Spencer Reid x Reader

Summary: Emotions run high as Spencer recives his first visitor in prison. Loosely inspired by 12x16.

Word count: 1,564

A/N: So, this is my first time writing in an extremely long time, my first time ever writing Spencer Reid, and my very first post on this blog!  It feels like it took me forever to write this, and even though I am kinda nervous to post this, I am also very excited. So here goes nothing! GIF is not mine, all credit goes to the original owner. Feeback is also greatly appreciated!

The steady hum of an air conditioning unit is the only sound filling the stagnant silence of the prison’s visiting room where you sat. Pulling the sleeves of your sweater down further over your hands in an attempt to subdue the chilled air biting at your skin, you allowed your eyes to scan over the rows of half window tables that filled the dingy yellow-walled room.

Despite working for the BAU for nearly seven years and having visited a multitude of prisons during that span of time, this occasion brought a pit of anxiety growing in your stomach. Most likely due to the fact that this visit was not to interrogate or book a suspect, but rather see your own boyfriend of five years.

The last time you had seen Spencer was after his bail was denied three days ago. The look of dread and apprehension etched onto his face as he was lead out of the courtroom was likely to be burned into your memory for the rest of your life.

The sound of a metal door scraping against concrete flooring stole your attention away from the illegible slips of paper hanging on the back window just to the left where the sound had been emitted. A prison guard appeared in your eyesight, a group of inmates following him into the threshold of the visitor’s room; and within seconds, there he was trailing slowly behind those who preceded him— your Spencer.

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Mycroft x Reader: Secrets

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(Author’s note:  And here is a nice little one-shot as requested!  Thank you so much for waiting!!  I really hope you like it! 

Also, gif is not mine!  Credit to original owner!

Request: Mycroft, Sherlock, and the gang wondering where the reader vanishes to every week. And finding the reader works as a blues guitarist in a rundown pub. With the reader having a crush on Mycroft please?)

   Your fingers strummed the final part of the song on your guitar, and the audience applauded you.  It wasn’t exactly a huge auditorium full of roaring fans, but their applause was genuine.  As your eyes scanned the room of the rundown restaurant, a few of the regulars gave you impressed nods and thumbs-up.  Each week, there were more and more people showing up to see you perform.  It made you very happy even though you weren’t exactly in this job for the fame.  You just really liked to play music.

   You froze when you saw a familiar face in the crowd.  Heart pounding, you did a double-take only to see that he wasn’t there.  You shook your head, thinking that you must have been mistaken.  All this sneaking around had you paranoid.

  That’s another thing.  You didn’t tell any of your friends about your weekly performances.  Especially your crush, Mycroft, whose face you thought you saw in the audience.  You had taken the job in secret at first, hoping to better your skills before telling your friends.  But as time passed, it became harder and harder for you to gather the courage to tell Sherlock and the gang.  This was part of who you really are, and you wondered if you’d ever be brave enough to let your friends see it.

   You gave one last wave and a smile before you walked off stage to return the guitar to its case.  After clipping it shut, you headed straight for the door.  You never stuck around and risked seeing someone you didn’t want to.  However, you did pause at a mirror to check your makeup real quick before stepping outside.  You no longer tasted the vanilla gloss that coated your lips, and it lost its shimmer.  You fished the gloss from your bag, but just as you were about to apply it, you saw a familiar face appear behind you.

   “S-Sherlock!?” you questioned, whirling around to face him.

   “As I suspected,” he said simply.

   “_______,” John spoke up.  He stared at you in disbelief of what he saw.  “How-what-why?”  He was unable to find the words for a moment until he settled on blurting,  “you’re really good, you know!”  

   “I don’t know about that,” you mumbled.  Then, you folded your arms.  “What are you two doing here?”

   “Three, actually,” Mycroft’s voice sounded, and he stepped out from behind your two friends.  Sherlock rolled his eyes.

   “Right, Mycroft came too.”

   “Oh, so that was really you I saw earlier,” you realized aloud.

   “Yes,” Mycroft nodded.  “Your friend is right.  You were really good.  What on earth are you doing playing in a place like this?”  He glanced around the dimly-lit room with disdain.

   You blushed at his compliment.  “Well, I like playing here.  It’s not too crowded or loud.  Plus, no one knows me here.  I’ve got my own secret identity.”  You narrowed your eyes at Sherlock.  “You still haven’t answered my question.  What are you guys doing here?”

   “Well, we knew something was going on,” Sherlock began.  “You started disappearing a night every week.  Dressed up.  More makeup than usual.  John suspected you had a secret boyfriend.”

   “Which was a reasonable guess, I think,” John defended.

   |Sherlock looked to you again.  “And I told him that wasn’t the case because you have feelings for-”

   You gave Sherlock a warning look, silently telling him not to finish that sentence right in front of him.  Your eyes darted to Mycroft to gauge his reaction, but aside from his eyebrows lifting with interest at what Sherlock was about to say, he didn’t look too suspicious.  He was always good at putting on a calm front.

   “So,” John continued, breaking the awkward silence.  “We decided to investigate and see what was going on.  Mycroft was concerned too, so he came along.”

   You lifted a brow.  “You followed me?”

   “Technically, no,” Sherlock pointed out.  “I wanted to simply follow you, but John raised his objections because in his mind, spying is wrong-

   “Because it is wrong,” John grumbled.

   “So I was able to use my power of deduction to track you instead.”

   “Of course you did,” you sighed.  “Well, now you know my big secret.  Congratulations.  Any questions, comments, complaints?”

   “Just that you are seriously good,” John said.

   “I’m more of a violin person myself, but I must admit that your skill with the guitar was very impressive,” Sherlock added.  “There’s no need for you to hide it from us.”

   “Yeah, you can expect us all to come and watch you play every week,” John smiled.  Satisfied with how everything turned out, he looked between you, Mycroft, and Sherlock.  “Why don’t we head back to the flat?  It’s getting late.”

   “I’ll give you all a ride in my car,” Mycroft suggested.  

   Sherlock rolled his eyes, but agreed.  On your way out, Mycroft walked beside you.

   “Last week’s performance was pretty good too,” he commented quietly.

   You looked at him in surprise.  “You already knew?”

   “I am practically the government, _________,” he chuckled.  “I know almost everything about everyone.  I’ve known for quite a while.”

   “Of course,” you chuckled.  “But why didn’t you say anything sooner?”

   “You were keeping it a secret for a reason.  I trusted that if you wanted to tell us, you would when you were ready.  In the mean time, I stopped by every now and then just to listen.”

   You were pleasantly surprised by his words.  “Well, I appreciate it.  For keeping my secret and being so supportive.  Your opinion really matters to me.”

   “So I’ve been told,” he smirked, glancing at his brother.  “Your friends don’t keep secrets as well as I do.”  

Motionless (Part2)

Bucky x Reader

Summary: Reader gets shot in the back during a mission leaving her paralyzed from the waist down

Word Count: 982

Warnings: Depression, self-hate, sad, angst, loving Bucky

Note: Originally this was just going to be in 2 parts, but…..I have 2 other parts to this series! This one’s a bit short, but if you want the next part I’ll post it today as well! :) 

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(Gif not mine, credit to the owner)

Pain, pain was the only thing you could remember, the only thing you could feel. You weren’t shocked to hear the news to say the least. Visions scans were correct, the bullet that was lodged in your spine hit some nerves and basically shattered one of your lower discs. Either way, you were forced to make friends with the dreaded wheelchair that was currently sitting in the corner.

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