original roll


Months later, and I’m still obsessed with the Westworld version of “Paint It Black”

tim drake’s snapchat is 90% him making bruce wayne do normal middle-class american things and filming the results. popular youtube compilations include the one where they’re at denny’s at two in the morning and tim keeps trying to get bruce to order a moon over my hammy just so he’ll have to say it, the one where they’re at disneyworld and bruce gets increasingly frazzled culminating in him actually physically picking up gaston for reasons no one can entirely recall, and everyone’s favorite series “bruce wayne doesn’t understand walmart”

Friendly reminder that if Zevran is saved in dao, in his da2 lore he begins single-handedly taking down the Antivan Crows from the inside. He either buys or assassinates all the leaders, and nobody even sees him coming before their entire squad is dead. He’s literally assassinating the most famous group of assassins on his own and if you don’t think that’s some badass shit right there then we can’t be friends