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Sunday mornin’ wake up early,
Skip church service to find my Jesus.
I know it sounds so sacrilegious,
But I just don’t belong in a place like that.

I love the cause but not the act.

‘Cause Jesus was a friend and not a judge.
He loved the sinners as much as he loved the little ones.

That man was love and not an act.

I sing Hallelujah;
Hallelujah, I’m set free.

—  except I do belong in a place like that.  at home.  but not here.  gahhh I’m so lost

I really really like this cast.  Out of like, 20 people, at least half of them have never been in a Wig and Buckle show.  I think.  My math might be a little off but whatever.  But everyone is very eager and not stuck up, because they don’t know to be.  People actually respect me as committee head.  And not everyone thinks their little costume change has to be first on my list!  Yay!!!!!


I have a midterm for my scripture class Monday, which also means I need to make up the quizzes so far.  This would totally not be a problem, BUT tech week starts Monday, we open a week from tomorrow.  And I still have A TON of costumes to buy and things to make for them.  So I’m going to head over to the theater now to try and get stuff done.



One thing I won’t miss about SAI is the four hour meetings where we elect new officers.  Yup.  That’s right.  Even with a time limit on speeches and discussion, the meeting was four hours long last night.  But we have next year’s exec board, so that’s exciting!

Also, I am super-excited for Chi A province day on the 31st, and our recital on Tuesday!!

I just remembered an awesome story from last night

Background: We’re rehearsing for Wild Oats, a play by James McLure.  One of the characters is a piano player who plays scene change and other incedental music/ is a character in the show.  She is played by the lovely Spenser

So there’s this one part in the show, at the very end, where it gets revelead that  one of the characters is the son of one of the other characters, which they figure out by the the son saying his mothers last name was Seymour.  It’s a huge happy shock.

Orginally, they were going to have the girl playing the mother faint when she first relaizes it’s her son.  But the director/ dramaturg thought it was a little dead, so they wanted some piano music to occur there, and we were all trying to figure out what to do.  

We’re all kind of thinking, and then Spenser gives a chuckle.  We all look at her.

I just had a really dumb idea.  I could play Suddenly Seymour.

I died.  It was brilliant.  I can see it now

Son:  My mother’s name was.. Seymour.

Thud! (of the mom fainting)

and the entire cast breaks out into:


Ohh brilliant :D