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Oh my god, this is the hottest video ever made, I am sure of it.


Gus and Yev do not want more daddies - leather or otherwise - two each is enough.

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hey lottie! you're always reblogging these fabulous gifsets of boys kissing boys and girls kissing girls, but i never know what they're from or where to find them! can you rec some of your favorite queer shows/shows with strong queer characters+narratives that you're enjoying right now or have enjoyed in the past? and if you're feeling extra bored and need something to do, maybe a bit about why you like em, and some hints on where we can watch em? you're the best and i trust your taste a lot!!



- LOOKINGI screeched Looking’s praises across the galaxy a few weeks ago. tbh I cannot overstate how fucking brilliant this show is. diverse, intelligent, and beautiful to look at. also: Raúl Castillo

- PLEASE LIKE ME – very cute, very Australian, and very, very funny. deals with mental illness in a big way, but also has an entire episode dedicated to them killing their pet rooster, Adele. if you need convincing

- ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK – I feel like this show needs no introduction. queer girls everywhere are absolutely robsessed with it for a good reason. it sometimes drops the ball, but: Poussey

- CUCUMBER / BANANA / TOFU – this has a special place in my heart because a) it’s set in MANCHESTER!!! and b) one of the main characters is bisexual… and he’s one of the hottest people on planet earth. PLUS: Luke Newberry is in a Banana episode, and you will never look at Kieren Walker the same way again

- IN THE FLESH – speaking of Kieren Walker! okay, listen. LISTEN. THIS SHOW IS UNPARALLELED. it is absolutely stunning. the fact that it got cancelled after only two (unbearably beautiful and perfect) seasons is the premiere injustice of my life. I cannot believe it. it’s been 15 months and I am still livid. I am FUMING. 

- QUEER AS FOLK – THE ORIGINAL HOT MESS. all the clothes are ugly and the dialogue is… just… abysmal… but despite that it is perfect and beautiful and I won’t hear a word against it! unless I’m the one saying it!

- THE L WORD – see above, but with GIRLS. and… Shane. [sweats]


- BLACK SAILS – I am currently arse over tit in love with this show. it’s about PIRATES and there have been FIVE explicitly queer characters so far, four of whom are on the Main Cast (good luck trying to guess who). al-fucking-so: two polyamorous relationships. like. what the hell, Starz?!

- HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER – not only was there a borderline insane amount of gay sex in the first season, after being criticised re: a poorly-handled bisexual subplot the showrunners turned around and made their main character bisexual. Shonda, man. it’s also one of those shows that you KNOW if it keeps going long enough everyone will eventually bang each other. it’s already begun. 

- HANNIBAL – there’s no way you could exist on the internet and avoid finding out they went Full, Textual Romo in the finale season, so I don’t feel bad for spoiling you. the first season and a half is Criminal Minds meets ‘80s French Art House cinema written by, like, a fucking 13th century philosopher, and then suddenly: romance! I still cannot get over it!!!

- CUFFS – lovely little BBC show about police in Brighton, and Brighton is essentially the San Fransisco of England, so! it was truly taken from us too soon. my Wednesdays are hollow. 

- SHADOWHUNTERS – is this show brilliant? no! have Alec and Magnus literally killed me? YES! I AM LITERALLY DEAD! I waited 12 weeks for that kiss and then got up at 7:30am just so I could watch it the second Netflix uploaded the episode at 8:01.16-year-old me read those books and 24-year-old me is watching this show with 16-year-old me’s heart, okay?

- SENSE8 – in short, it’s about a group of people from different corners of the globe who find out they have a mental connection. most of them are low key queer, some of them are high key queer, it’s directed by two trans women, and it’s amazing. watch this scene. you’re welcome. it’s on Netflix. 

- SHAMELESS – Shameless and I are on a break at the moment, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love it and that Ian and Mickey are one of my All Times. they take (took… sob) over my life every Jan-April. they are BEYOND FRAUGHT, CONSTANTLY, but when they’re good… my god… oh no… my… hea a r r t t… 

- EMPIRE – I am half way-ish through this show, so I can only speak to what I’ve seen so far. it’s basically about this HORRIBLE KNOBHEAD and the amazing women that, for some reason, seem to like him, and his wonderful sons that he does not deserve. one of them, Jamal, is GAY, and really loves to piss his dad off about it. it’s super great. oh, also, they’re all famous singers.


- BROAD CITY – the most hilarious and relatable show. one of the main characters, Ilana, is bisexual and super vocal about it. she’s also LEGIT in love with the other main character, Abby. I’m sorry, it’s undeniable. I’m fucking serious. 

- PENNY DREADFUL – YOOO, THIS IS THE GOTHIC VICTORIAN MADCAP HORRORSHOW OF MY HEART! sorry for the spoilers, but the Romantic Hero, Ethan, the gunslinging, American werewolf in London, is a TENDER, HUNKY BISEXUAL, and he’s played by JOSH HARTNETT. what more do you need to know?

- BROOKLYN NINE NINE – hilarious and brilliantly diverse buddy cop comedy. you can’t not love it. it’s brilliant. it’s just so funny. I love Charles Boyle. 

- STEVEN UNIVERSE – this is a show about a 12-year-old boy being raised by three lesbians, one of whom is two smaller lesbians in a trench coat. it’s AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL, and has legitimately made me SOB on a couple of occasions, because Pearl was in love with Rose and it’s everything. (I’m serious. UK Cartoon Network actually censored this show because it’s too gay. it’s my fave.) oh, and they’re alien rocks, but that’s nbd. 

- ADVENTURE TIME – AT paved the way for shows like Steven Universe! I generally only watch it these days when Princess Bubblegum and Marceline do something GAY, which is WHENEVER THEY’RE ON SCREEN TOGETHER, because THEY WERE IN LOVE and USED TO DATE. there’s this whole thing that’s been going on with a shirt Marceline gave to PB and it’s been killing me for like 3 fucking years, man. 

- ORPHAN BLACK – clones! gay clone! trans clone! ten billion amazing women, all played by Tatiana Maslany! Felix! Felix and the cute coroner! Felix and Tony! Delphine! [10,000 fire emojis] 

- SKINS – Skins varied from being genuinely compelling and great television (season 1, season 3) to being HOT GARBAGE (everything post-s4), but, listen: Naomi and Emily. if I even mention them irl everyone who knew me aged 16 rolls their eyes like YES, LOTTIE, WE KNOW. 

- TRUE BLOOD – straight up this show is BONKERS, but there are SO MANY QUEER CHARACTERS! they also take great joy in establishing rules early on (e.g. vampires and their makers have sexual relationships 99.9% of the time) and then being like, hey, look at Eric’s maker! or they’ll say ‘yeah, you have sex dreams about vampires when you drink their blood’ and then they don’t strategically forget that fact 6 seasons later. there’s a lot of Immortality Bisexuality and there’s also Lafayette, love of my goddamn life.

- THE MAGICIANS – so this show (and the book it’s based on) stole elements from every classic children’s fantasy you can think of and threw them all together in a story about hard-drinking, drug-taking, orgy-having, mentally ill twenty-somethings, and it’s great. wonderful Eliot is the Queer Char Of Note, but there’s also a surprise bisexual threesome, which you DO NOT EXPECT.

wow… okay. you can watch most of these on couchtuner.ag or Netflix, so… get on that, I guess. this seems like a weak ending. GO FORTH AND BE GAY! SPREAD THE AGENDA! HAVE A NICE CRY! THERE ARE SO MANY THINGS HERE YOU COULD FEASIBLY MASTURBATE TO! 

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hey yo, so do u have headcanons on harry potter in 90's uk, cuz it really isnt represented enough in canon or fic, and im thirsty


- shag bands. oh my god, shag bands. I would literally pay actual real life money for a fic about shag bands infiltrating Hogwarts. 

- Harry buying a telly post-Hogwarts and everyone getting addicted to muggle programmes. Gimme, Gimme, Gimme. Jonathan Creek. Ab Fab. Live & Kicking in the mornings. Harry obsessively watching the original Queer As Folk on the sly. everyone coming round for Helen’s funeral on Cold Feet and Hermione legit having an emotional breakdown over it. 

- CONSPIRACY THEORIES ABOUT LADY DI’S DEATH. (mostly from muggleborns and half-bloods. the purebloods like to think they know exactly who is and isn’t magical in the British aristocracy, but they’re not completely sure about the Al-Fayeds.)

- muggleborns and half-bloods getting their parents to forward them copies of Smash Hits so they can at least read the lyrics to all the new songs they can’t fucking listen to at fucking school because of the fucking magic interference. 

- Seamus being GLEEFUL at the fact that Ireland qualified for the 1994 FIFA World Cup when England didn’t and taking great pains to remind Dean of that fact, every single day, at least twice. 

- let’s be real here: McGonagall’s nickname is Miss Hardbroom and Dumbledore’s is Miss Cackle.

- any and all FCUK t-shirts are banned at Hogwarts, but this does not stop the Slytherins. (Draco Malfoy without a doubt owns at least one. the FCUK MOI? one, probably. Pansy, obviously, has the pink DIRTY FCUK.) 

- Oasis. just, Oasis. everywhere. Seamus is 100% the one most likely to go Full Gallagher: sideburns, Adidas jacket, staggering home from the pub at arse o’clock in the morning leading a ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ singalong. basically the Cheeky Nando’s Lad of the 1990s. 

- RAVES. picture this: 1999 Harry at a rave, shirtless, adorned in glow sticks and neon paint, high as a kite, dancing to Born Slippy. you’re welcome. (muggle rave, obviously, and I feel like he probably went with Seamus.) 

- the Hufflepuff common room is full of fucking inflatable chairs.

- Valentines Day 1996 being completely and utterly ruined for all the people who got letters from home telling them Take That had broken up. (this could be why Harry was so distracted on his date with Cho. he was a closet fan.) 

- first years diligently rubbing their gooey aliens together to make them have babies and fifth years doing their duty and quietly casting geminio on any and all gooey aliens until the first years are fucking drowning in the things and, subsequently, Filch bans them. 


javabeanie  asked:

do you know of any good shows with queer characters? ive already finished the l word and queer as folk and i feel like i cant find any other good shows with a main reoccurring character(s) that is lgbtq+

currently airing (or confirmed to be returning to air):

  • grey’s anatomy
  • orphan black
  • orange is the new black (including a trans woman who is also played by a trans woman)
  • elementary (there is a trans woman who is played by a trans woman, who is not recurring yet but we’ve been led to believe will be a recurring char)
  • brooklyn 99
  • my mad fat diary
  • lost girl
  • teen wolf
  • shameless (us)
  • scandal
  • the fosters
  • pretty little liars
  • warehouse 13
  • looking
  • the walking dead

no longer airing:

  • queer as folk (uk original)
  • spartacus (all seasons)
  • american horror story s1 and s2
  • torchwood
  • skins (uk and us)
  • shameless (uk)
  • last tango in halifax

be sure to check the reblogs, i’m sure people will have additions :)


Sorry that I have not been posting for so long guys, a lot of bad family stuff and court cases have been taking place (no I haven’t broken any copyright rules before you cool cats start flicking at me). Happy new year to everyone, and as my first good deed, I am going to start following a lot more fandom blogs, so please reblog if you post anything to do with *see below* and I shall follow you.

  • Hannibal
  • Supernatural
  • Breaking Bad
  • Glee
  • Once Upon a Time
  • The Vampire Diaries
  • The Originals
  • Queer as Folk
  • HSM
  • anything to do with koala bears
  • more gay stuff

After The Final Problem, I’ve seen that part of the fandom is reacting very strongly and negatively to it and I just wanna say that honestly you are being offensive and abusive.

You are offensive when you say that now that Johnlock was not made canon, you feel like your identity as a queer person is delegitimized, a thought which is often expressed in ways such as: “I was proud of my identity but now I am not anymore/I don’t know who I am anymore because of the last episode” or “Before Sherlock I thought I had to be straight my whole life but now I don’t know what to think” - as if being gay or lesbian or bi or pan or whatever could be something that happens on and off in one’s life. As if a tv show should be invested with the power and the privilege and the burden to become an advocate for… what, exactly? Lgbtq+ rights? People are literally blaming showrunners for not wanting to throw a gay storyline into a crime drama that has never truly focused on and dealt with sexuality - of any kind - partially excluding A Scandal in Belgravia, and even then it was just Irene’s profession, it was just a job, it was never the centre of the show. 

Supporting LGBTQ+ rights and representation does not mean shoving queer characters and a queer romance into a show just for the sake of it - as Gatiss and Moffat beautifully and eloquently said last summer at Comic Con.

Representation matters, of course it does. Representation needs to be done properly. In order to represent a category into your story, it needs to be consistent, it needs to feel natural. Romance - of any kind - has never been natural in Sherlock. For crying out loud, John and Mary got married and still very little romance was shown. It’s just not the style of the show. Why should it have been any different if we were considering a gay couple instead of a m/f one?

It’s offensive when you hint at the fact that the lack of canon Johnlock makes it unsafe/problematic for you to be queer - what the fuck. Queer people have made history by fighting against prejudice and violent repression, queer people have died and queer people still die, in some parts of the world, simply because they are queer. And you are honestly going to complain about a tv show and claim that it has such an impact on your environment that it will make it unsafe for you to be gay? Oh, please. If you live in an accepting or neutral environment, it doesn’t change anything. If you live in a repressive environment, my heart goes out to you (it truly does), but a gay couple on a crime drama is not going to solve your situation.

Tv shows are just fiction, entertainment. Of course they can become very important in one’s life, they can come to mean so much just like any other kind of fictional narrative - but still, at the end of the day, tv shows have no obligations other than that of provinding quality material in terms of narrative. They certainly have no moral obligations towards anyone. You cannot blame two showrunners because you feel they have not represented the category you identify with, ina  show that has never made it its mission to deal with sexuality. It just deals with other stuff - a ton of equally relatable stuff, if you ask me. It’s a narrative choice and it’s always been made clear that Sherlock would never become a that kind of show that openly focuses on sexual orientation and/or identity and all that. A show cannot deal with every possible sensitive topic, and it should not be expected to do that. So everyone makes their choices. They don’t owe it to you to do that. They owe you nothing but a good story well written and well delivered. (Again, I suggest you listen again to that interview from Comic Con I linked before.)

Of course, you can say you didn’t like the episode, the season, the show, whatever. Of course. Honestly, I don’t give a crap about whether you did like it or not. What I care about is that this tidal wave of offensive comments stops. I’ve seen people publicly insult the writers, especially Gatiss, because you somehow feel entitled to pick on him due to him being gay. Let me tell you, that’s not only unbelievably rude, that’s discriminating and homophobic. To think that his sexual orientation means he owes you anything, to think that his sexual orientation determines what kind of person he must be - to think that since he’s a gay man he must write a gay story, otherwise he’s not doing his job properly, otherwise he’s not a “good gay”? Let me tell you something. We (as a community) have had to endure centuries of people having this same attitude towards us: slapping labels on us and imposing a certain behaviour on us. Every gay man must be like this, every lesbian woman must be like that. A gay man cannot play football, a lesbian woman cannot wear feminine dresses. “Who’s the woman/man in your relationship then?”. Over and over and over. Stereotypes upon stereotypes, building a stinking pile of shit. I am very grateful that this pile of shit is being torn down bit by bit, I am grateful that we are all actively living to fight against these stereotypes, day by day. That’s why I am so furious to see that these same stereotypes are used in the same way they have always been, against a gay man to dictate his choices and judge them when you disagree, and by a community that claims to be equalitarian and inclusive, made up for the vast majority by queer people.

Ultimately, it is unbelievably offensive (and sad) that you feel this all consuming urge to romanticize and sexualize a relationship in order for it to be valid. John cannot love Sherlock and Sherlock cannot love John unless it is in a romantic way. I suggest we remember that we are talking about two men that, for very different reasons, have huge difficulties in connecting with other human beings; they find each other and they develop a very deep bond and ultimately, for the most part of the narration, they only have one another to truly rely on. But why does it have to be romantic at all costs? I have nothing against the ship, mind. That’s why I liked the way they ended things: because it’s open. A breath of fresh air, truly. No need for labels or restrictions. Everyone can read their love as they prefer. That’s why, if you ask me, I think they did after all represent, and in a very delicate and natural way. Anyway, maybe that’s just me. But that’s beside the point. The point is that friendship and non-romantic love is as valid as romantic love. It is as deep, it can make you as happy and it can hurt you just as much. It doesn’t have to be romantic in order to be deep and meaningful. It doesn’t have to be romantic to intimately move you. If anything really bad happened to my best friend, I would be devastated. I would not recover easily - arguably, I would not fully recover at all. I think that is something we can all relate to, if we just stop and try to be a little bit empathic.

P.S.: If queer characters and lgbtq+ representation is what you are looking for, there are a lot of shows that do that and they do it well. Queer as folk (UK original version and US version), Black Sails, Spartacus, Looking, The 100, Sense8… Just look for them. Don’t stop at the first and most popular show only to waste your life complaining that it’s not what you want. Dig deeper. Always dig deeper.