original prototype designs

Robot prototype, 267, originally designed/built by red leader himself. The robot is much shorter and lighter than many other of his designs, and serves no purpose in the base. However, this odd model follows our leader around. The boss seems to take better care of this one as well for an unknown reason. There’s almost never dents or scratches on his outer metal shell. Not much else is known about it because leader is oddly private about this robots information. From other soldiers, I have heard that Red Leader calls it Tom.


dilated consciousness
blurred and unfocused
disconnected dots
floating like stars in space
and lack of concern
that all the constellations
are gone

clear the poker table
deal another hand
wait, I can’t see the cards
I can’t distinguish
between the Joker and the King
which one rules
and which one just fucks with you

here we have, folks
a moment behind the curtain
let me speak
without dilution
make sense of this
without me
having to explain

strange how disparate 
the flesh and 
what lives underneath
not the heart or the thoughts
but an amalgamation 
of every scar
that modified
the original design
the prototype covered in dust
on the mantle
for all to appreciate

my fellow strangers
I tell you everything
because you’re drunk
and you won’t remember
this ridiculous show
but only a few close friends
will read this
because only a few close friends
will ever believe 
I said these things
and as far as everyone else
I don’t care
to explain.

We didn’t get a chance to post these cuties before we left for Anime Detour & Sakuracon, but here is our newest concept art for additional bons!

We know a lot of you enjoy different types of pets. Not all of us keep a dog or cat, and some of us like a little variety!

These little cuties are our Ani-Bons, and so far we have for you the Hedgehog, Ferret, Cockatiel, Chinchilla, and Rat!

LOK 4x08 What If...

Given that Nick forced Bryke & Co. to turn 4x08 into a clip show, I can’t help but wonder about what could have happened if it had been a regular episode.

I like to think that the A story still would have been Asami and Tenzin comforting Korra, with the B/C stories featuring Mako/Wu and Varrick/Bolin. But what else might have occurred, especially between Korra and Asami, in lieu of the (unnecessary) recaps?

There are so many possibilities for an alternate 4x08 fic (or even a canon continuation), like:

  • What if Korra went back to her old room at Air Temple Island and discovered a bunch of Asami’s stuff in there (blueprints, various tools, clothes, makeup, etc.)? What if Asami rushes over there to clear out her stuff before Korra sees it, and Meelo, Ikki, and Jinora are all like, Sorry Asami she already went in? And then imagine Asami bashfully trying to explain it all to an amused Korra.
  • Or maybe Asami would have invited Korra back to Republic City so she could give her a tour of all the changes (show her all the areas in which the spirit wilds have been integrated into the urban design). They eventually end up at Avatar Korra Park, where Korra sees her statue for the first time. And, of course, Korra is embarrassed by it, but also flattered because whoever designed it obviously put in a lot of thought and effort and care into it. She asks Asami who the designer was, and Asami blushes and tries to change the subject.
  • Or how about Korra admiring the new airbender wingsuits, wishing she could try one. And Asami surprises her by showing her the original prototype she, ahem, designed for Korra. Of course, Asami would have to do a fitting, just to cop a feel make sure all the measurements are still accurate. Then when they go outside to test it out, the air kids and Bumi show up and challenge Korra to a wingsuit race. And during the race, with Asami, Tenzin and Pema as spectators, Asami blows Korra a kiss, disrupting the poor Avatar’s concentration so much that she nearly flies into Aang’s statue and ends up almost crashing into Yue Bay (saved by some last minute waterbending). Korra finishes the race dead last.

Any other thoughts/ideas?