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Drarry Drabble No. 1

Immediately, the first thing that Draco smelled when he walked into Potions was Harry. That was pretty much it. And it was lovely. And Draco felt like his knees were weak and he wasn’t quite sure why, but he managed to walk over to his and Harry’s table where a potion was already brewing. And Draco wasn’t quite thinking when he sat down and scoffed at Harry. “You really stink today. Trying a new cologne, are you?” he inquired, trying to make his tone sound biting. And Harry wasn’t thinking at first when he just replied with,

“Sod off, Malfoy.”

And then there was a pause where Draco grabbed his book and put it on the table.

“So what potion have you inevitably fucked up already?” Draco questioned. And then it hit Harry. Oh. Oh.

Harry froze as the sheer force of the situation hit him. Draco raised an eyebrow. “Gone mute now, have you, Potter?” And then Draco glanced over at the potion and realized it looked familiar. Very familiar. It looked an awful lot like…


Draco was fucked.

Draco tried to keep his eyes contained in his sockets as he turned beet red. Harry glanced over at him and would’ve laughed at how comical Draco’s face was if Harry wasn’t in a sense of shock. “Amortentia,” Draco simply repeated as though it would help in some way.

“Is a love potion,” Harry added.

“Yes, I know it’s a love potion, do you think I’m an idiot?” Draco snapped, turning and looking down at his book.

“You smell what you love when you brew it…” Harry trailed off. Draco grew even redder, if even possible. “So, I’m a little curious as to why you smelled-”

“Don’t fucking say it,” Draco snapped.

“You smelled me.”

Draco glanced over at Harry, swallowing thickly. Harry quirked a daft smile that almost had Draco clocking him one in the face.

“And it’s a little interesting because you were late to class and when I started brewing it,” Harry began. “I thought that you had walked into the room.”

Draco held his breath.

“You hadn’t. You were late.”

“You, you smelled… me?” Draco questioned. Harry looked away almost shyly with a nod. “Oh,” Draco breathed out, feeling dizzy, possibly from the potion or from Harry’s confession. Either one. Or both. “I thought you, um, thought you hated me?” Draco questioned a bit weakly. Harry smirked a little.

“I thought you hated me.”


“The potion seems to say differently, though,” Harry went on, still smirking a little. Draco could still feel heat in his cheeks.

“I still think you’re an idiot,” Draco murmured, no real venom to it.

“I still think you’re a prat,” Harry shot back. “But, a manageable one.”

“Should I take that as a compliment?” Draco inquired. Harry grinned a bit.

“Yeah, you should.”

Stephen Colbert: Welcome back. My next guests are a band…
God: Excuse me, Stephen?
Stephen: God? God everybody. It’s the Lord.
God: Hey everybody, how’s it hanging?
Stephen: What can I do for you, Lord?
God: Hey, do you mind if I introduce these guys?
Stephen: Um, sure yeah. Go ahead. I’m sorry. Yeah.
God: Alright, yeah, thanks! I’m a huge fan. Ladies and gentlemen. Here performing “Still Breathing” off their new album Revolution Radio, please welcome 5-time Grammy winners and GOD’S FAVORITE BAND: GREEN DAY. [x]

ネコとご主人様 (Neko to goshujin-sama)

Kzentertainment has announced the latest in their CD lineup!

Synopsis (Paraphrased):

柴崎蒼真 (Shibasaki Souma), a veterinarian, has a deep love for animals and is devoted to his work—but due to his constant preoccupation with his career, his girlfriend has dumped him. 

After venting to his three-year old female Abyssinian cat, Azure, Souma opens his eyes the next morning to discover that his cat has transformed into a 28-year-old woman?! 

Without knowing exactly how this happened, Souma accepts Azure as she is and begins to live with her as a human. 

One day, Souma hears that his ex-girlfriend has started to date one of his friends with the intention of marriage. Seeing Souma hurt in this way, Azure tries to comfort him… and, remembering what Souma and his ex-girlfriend used to do in bed, assertively approaches him with similar intentions.

Starting a physical relationship with the impulsive Azure puts Souma in an awkward position, but, at the same time, Souma finds his heart being slowly healed because of her. 

However, Azure’s human form, bestowed by the god of cats, comes with a time limit—when Souma finally gets back on his feet, Azure will return to her original form. 

It is when Azure confesses this that Souma realizes the following: that before he was aware of it himself, he had fallen in love with the human Azure. 

And so, a few mornings later, Souma wakes to see…?

CV: 村野住人 (Murata Taishi)

Release Date: June 20th, 2017.


some stuff for my portfolio!! i had a lot of fun with the shapes and designs… the characters took forever T_T but the shapes were really fast??? oh gosh it’s been like 3 years since I drew full body designs of my characters

left to right: Vita Hayes, Flynn & Nate Lockhart, Terence & Athena Nightingale (more info on them here!)


{synopsis} a friendly competition leads to something much more interesting

{warnings} oral sex (mr), dirty talk, praise!kink, cum facial

{pairing} sodapop x fem!reader

{word count} 854

{requested by} @amayathatsme

   Sodapop Curtis was never one to get flustered. He was always the one to do the flustering. But today, as he sat on his ass in his girlfriend’s room, sweating, begging, moaning, and shirtless, he was officially the flustered. To say the least. His visit had started out as something innocent; dinner and a movie even. Then, his girl started teasing him. Soda didn’t like being teased, especially by a girl, so he teased her back. One thing led to another, and they had gotten into a dirty talking competition. They sat across from each other, grinning like a couple of five year olds. Soda went first, doing his best not to just crawl over and make his very vivid fantasy come true. He told her how much he wanted her to ride him. See her beautiful body bounce up and down on his, her soaking wet pussy swallowing his cock deeper and deeper and deeper until she was screaming her release and he was filling her with his hot cum.

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Crimson Peak inspired window sets at Bergdorf Goodman - incorporating original props and set pieces from the movie.

Love how theatrical these displays are!!