original prince of persia


Disney’s proposed “Persian Resort”, supposed to be constructed along Seven Seas Lagoon, North of the “Contemporary Resort”. Construction was halted due to the 1973 Oil Emabrgo, and cancelled permanently due to the Iranian Revolution. The proposed location remains empty. (1973)


Scenes from “Player Hater,” my last spot for Adult Swim. Watch the full vid here.

This short was my response to the recent “Gamergate” controversy. Orginally it was just supposed to feature an Indiana Jones esque adventurer dying over and over again, like in the original Prince Of Persia or Spelunky. When I went to design the player character I thought, “Why not make it a female?”

Then gamergate happened. I figured there was no way my character choice would be seen as a coincidence, so I decided to twist the ending and make the 4Chin-neckbeard the butt of the joke.

The fluid animations in the original Prince of Persia were possible from a design perspective as the developers were able to easily identify a small number of possible motions they could expect from the player in any given moment. The level design of the game is made in a similar fashion, with most challenges leading back to a small number of possible solutions. 

pixelgamer07  asked:

What was the first video game you ever played? Mine was Spyro Year of the Dragon on the PlayStation One.

I don’t know if it was THE first, but it was definitely ONE of the first: The original Prince of Persia for the MS-DOS.