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Hetalia quotes based off of what my brother said

Italy: “What do you mean you can’t eat pasta?”

Romano: “I’m glad your father beat you instead of cancer”

Germany: *watches scene where Germany had to laugh as an American* “What the fuck”

Prussia: “He’s not dead” “are you sure about that” “He’s too awesome to die”

Japan: “I’m going to buy this katana as a birthday present and nobody is gonna stop me”

America: “We’re going to lower our consumption of fast food. But we’re still going to Chick-fil-A”

England: “yum… the taste of too much water and too little leaves”

France: “Masturbation Preparation”

Russia: “Friends? What friends?”

China: “I think we ordered too much Chinese food. And we can’t box this.”

Spain: “I have an unhealthy habit of not finishing work. Especially anime.”

Ever Have I? Never.

Several someones told me to write NnT fic, so I went ahead and wrote some NnT fic. There is a significant shortage of pre-exile Holy Knight Seven Deadly Sins (a.k.a. pre-pie era) in canon and in fandom; here’s my minor contribution toward fixing that.

“Uh-huh, like you’ve ever done anything valuable.”

“And which one of you two has any incredible accomplishments to their name? Don’t tell me the old fart over there is king of the fairy tale clubhouse or something ♪.”

“Don’t aim your underhanded snark at Diane just because she’s right, Ban.”

“Hey Kiiing, I’ve told you where to stuff it before, haaven’t I?”

Meliodas sighed internally. And externally, too.

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Kwami of Life; the eternal spark, the awakening.

The very smallest of all kwami, the firefly is a surprisingly quiet and elusive god, finding solace only in its constant companion and best friend; Death. Together, they seclude themselves from all other beings, content to exist drifting on the breeze. Life sleeps among the flowers, unnoticed and unappreciated, freely sharing its tiny spark of light with the world.

Ancient legends say this kwami was once the largest, its form encircling the Earth in its first days of creation. The light of its tail, a burning sun, fell from the sky as tiny embers; each one giving birth where it landed, soon covering the world in lush forest and filling the sea with life. Tuus gave and gave, each spark shaving away its tail, until the kwami was no larger than a fingernail. Perhaps one day, when all life has perished, Tuus will grow once again and return to the stars.


Collab with @reiyacchi, yup it’s a preview of my redesign of my current persona, (I already made a beta sketch concept of it and haven’t had a finished concept of it (trad/digital) I decide to post the trad concept later).

Sketch by @reiyacchi (she decide to sketch the redesign of my current persona suddenly XD)
Lineart (and coloring) by me.

I’m really sorry rei if I had a mistake on the linearting ;w;)/

i’m so tired of fandom’s view of itself as ‘ugh so much hate god there’s just all this hate and anger agh!!!’ like why can’t people just have strong opinions and stand up for those opinions without it being assumed they’re personally attacking you or some shit? i mean sure there’s a lot of hate too but flipping out just because people post about their strong feelings gets old like it doesn’t mean they’re ready to kill someone or smth we’re allowed to have passionate beliefs and defend those beliefs, that’s not hateful in the slightest

Changing Winds [Part 1]

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