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my second comic!! i’m not as proud of this one as i am of memory chip, but i still gotta post it!! a lil comic i did as an assignment about 80′s lesbians. it’s sloppier than i usually do but,,,,, whATEVER!! here it is!! 


Viviane and Kallias :)

I loved these two together, & the Winter Court is just so interesting in general.

ACOTAR series by Sarah J Mass

Finished up the second sketch of that cute moment between the Blue Boi Ethan(@crankgameplays) and Chica in the stream yesterday. 💕

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i did this in my old fandom and i read some amazing stories - i’d love to read about your stories as well !!

Touka is one of the most empathetic characters in the whole damn manga. Shuu and his father are alive because of her, part of the reason that Ken was even able to break Hinami out of cochlea was because of her, Re: was built for Ken to have a place to return to after anteiku’s destruction because of her, Amon approached Akira because of her, and Akira was able to reconcile with Hinami and change some of her opinions on ghouls because of her. All of this happened because she cared enough to help. She even helped people who had harmed and wronged her previously.

And yet some of ya’ll still want to act as though she’s the most evil character in the series and not a complex character with flaws just like damn near everyone else in this manga.

The thing is that Godfrey’s Magnus was the only reason I even bothered with that goddamn movie. The one only reason I watched it. I did like his Magnus…

But when people say that “Harry is trying too hard - Harry’s Magnus isn’t good enough - Godfrey’s Magnus is the best” I can’t help but think that what they are really saying is that Magnus should be reduced to 3 seconds minutes of screen time, and never be heard of or seen, unless the main white characters need his services to move the plot. Because that what Magnus was in that goddamn movie.

And that’s how some parts of the fandom prefer to see characters of color on their screens.

This reminds me of the time, few years ago, when I was in the TWD fandom, and was looking through one of the fandom forums. There was that one racist person who kept hating on Glenn in every post they made in the thread. And then in one of their posts that person said something along the lines that they used to like Glenn in season 1, “until the show ruined him”… With character development, I assume.

What is interesting, a lot of people in the [general] fandom, the ones that used to hate Glenn later in seasons, considered season!one Glenn to be the best version of the character.

It’s easy to love a flawless helpful sidekick, who cracks a joke or two, but never is the center of the plot. Just like the genral TWD fandom loves Jerry now, they claimed to love Glenn back then. Coincidentally, the fandom started to hate Glenn viciously during the s3b arc – when he had the most of the character growth and development…

Don’t get me wrong, I love season one Glenn too, but he was just a character with great potential back then, who only grew more complex and interesting through seasons.

Same with Godfrey’s Magnus – he had a great potential, that sadly was never realized. Harry actually has this opportunity to flesh out this character and he is making it happen.

Settimio: When one thinks of Gridania the image that comes to mind is no doubt one of the simple forest people, kind in personality and always ready to offer hospitality to travelers and adventurers.

Settimio: Of course, this hospitality only extends to those who fall within what the Gridanian people consider acceptable norms. These are people who are well known for being cautious of outsiders.

Settimio: It goes beyond that however. Anyone who steps too far out of line is likely to be driven away. Gridanians are more than willing to eliminate dangerous elements to protect their way of life.

Settimio: Contrary to common belief it isn’t outsiders from different parts of Eorzia who receive the the worst of this scrutiny, but those who were born in the Twelveswood who happen to be too….nocturnal.

Settimio: Growing up there was…let’s just say that my brothers and I were greatly misunderstood. The Miqo’te of the Black Shroud are still trying to find their place in the forest cities after all, and the people who live there don’t care to understand our customs.

Settimio: As you might guess, this sometimes led to conflict.

Welcome to the Minecraft Story Mode season 2 countdown!

For the eight days leading up to the launch of the first episode of MCSM season 2, the fandom is coming together to celebrate season 1!

Each day is themed around one episode of the first season, starting with The Order of the Stone. Make something related to that episode! Draw your favourite scene, draw the character who had the coolest moment, write about something you think happened offscreen or wished that happened instead!

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#mcsmc day 1: The Order of the Stone - July 3rd 2017 [Event Start!]

#mcsmc day 2: Some Assembly Required - July 4th 2017

#mcsmc day 3: The Last Place You Look - July 5th 2017

#mcsmc day 4: A Block and a Hard Place - July 6th 2017

#mcsmc day 5: Order Up! - July 7th 2017

#mcsmc day 6: A Portal to Mystery - July 8th 2017

#mcsmc day 7: Access Denied - July 9th 2017

#mcsmc day 8: A Journey’s End? - July 10th 2017

#mcsmc day 9: Season 2 is here! (BONUS ROUND: Anything goes! Draw anything MCSM-related you want!) - July 11th 2017

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another throwback spread!! this time ft. a doodle I made during econ class in the top corner (can you tell I love svt?) 
I also still can’t believe I have my G2 now?? :o


An average 21 year old girl who likes exercise and being outdoors. She came into contact with a strange cat and afterwards she sort of became one, at least partly. To this day no one knows what happened to the strange cat or if Felicity’s changes can be reversed.

Comic projects she’s attached to: None currently

Finished this a few days back but was debating whether to post it or hold on to it to post at a better time, but decided what the heck. I can’t promise a fancy quick-comic for all my character’s bio posts (like the ones that’re part of larger comics already,) but for smaller ones like Felicity I’ll try to. Plus it’s an excuse to do more comics in general. I’ll admit that the actual bio portion here is pretty sparse, but I could always add more later if I ever do more with her character beyond doodles.


Cassian saw Han leading Leia away and decided it was time to go. The general seemed to think so too, handing him a hard drive containing alliance intel and clearing him to get off world as fast as possible. His mission was to keep it safe until they could rendezvous. He called Kay to secure a swift getaway before sprinting down the hall. He practically skidded into the room where Bodhi was usually stationed  relieved that he was still there and not lost in the chaos.
“We’ve gotta get out of here!” he yelled frantically as icy rubble fell down around them, motioning at the pilot to come with him.
“I definitely agree,” Bodhi said with little humor.
Cassian grabbed his hand and pulled him along into the long and shaky corridor hoping none of the tunnels would collapse before they could reach the exit. Cassian could tell Bodhi was panicked by the attack. His features were drawn and his breath came quicker than it should. He kept moving though and that was all that mattered for now. When the reached the outside they could finally breath for a moment. Cassian pulled them both down just outside of the hangar. They watched the battle unfold hoping Kay wasn’t caught in the escalating fight and that he would extract them soon.

Two people have sent this to me, so I wanted to let everyone know I’m aware of this facebook ad going around. Sadly the t-shirt is being sold through TeeChip, which is a garbage site when dealing with art theft. I submitted a DMCA notice, but who knows if anything will come of it. 

It’s mostly the flower crown which was cut  straight off of my design. Like, seriously, I know flowers are a pain in the ass to draw, but just take that extra mile and draw your own.