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Autistic relationship things

My wife and I (both autistic) constantly give each other leaves or rocks or pieces of grass as tokens of affection. My wife and I both keep these things because throwing them out or returning them to where we found them feels like it’s rude.

The result of these things is that there are bits of grass and rocks and leaves and stuff all over the place in our apartment.

I love it.


Y’all know which one I’m talking about

  • The obvious angst
  • Sam who tries so hard to be understanding but who just can’t understand and who is just so HURT 
  • Dean’s face, like The Face, which gets me every damn time 
  • Sam talking about their own toolkit which works just fine (this is so touching)
  • Dean looking down when Sam talks about what the BMoL did to him and you know he’s remembering (judging by the way his eyes move, I would even say reliving) how it made him feel 
  • Dean looking at Sam even though Sam doesn’t look back and keeps his eyes fixed on Mary (especially after Mary said “family”)
  • The severe look Sam gives Mary and that we never (or very rarely) saw and the way he’s standing up for himself
  • The brothers standing together, united, and you know nothing, even their mother, is gonna come between them 

I don’t think I’m ever gonna shut up about Jared’s and Jensen’s acting in that particular scene. They already blew my mind in Regarding Dean and of course in several other episodes before these ones and this time they were once again breathtaking. 


I’ve picked up a bunch of new followers since I posted my latest meta, The Eternal Problem: A Meditation on Mortality in Sherlock S4, so I figure it’s time for another intro post.

This blog is 97% Sherlock-related posts.  I reblog stuff relating to pretty much every ship, and I have zero interest in any ship wars.  

I also post meta from time to time, mostly about themes, philosophical undercurrents, and character analysis (in other words, NOT about shipping).

I’m wank-avoidant, but if you are looking for someone supportive of or sympathetic to canon johnlock, this is not the blog for you.  Might as well put that upfront. 

My love for this show, all its characters, and everyone who works on it knows no bounds.  I’m not interested in bashing any aspect of the show, nor any other fans.   

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