• Me before joining fandoms:Yeah, celebrating fictional characters is stupid. George Carlin was right.
  • Me after joining fandoms:Oh my god! It's Dipper & Mabel's Birthday! I shall celebrate by reblogging stuff wishing these nonexistent twins a happy birthday because they really deserve the support after all the crap they've been through.
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✨don’t interact if you’re cgl/little blog or a brony✨

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Suicide Squad: A Summary
  • Flag:why are you like this
  • Harley Quinn:because we're the bad guys
  • Deadshot:shoots something
  • Enchantress:dances
  • Katana:cries while slicing everything up
  • Captain Boomerang:tries to be sarcastic
  • Killer Croc:growls
  • El Diablo:almost exactly like elsa from frozen
  • The Joker:give me Harley back and there's a really small chance i won't kill you
  • Amanda Waller:y'all are never getting out of jail
Why I Like Mindful Education (Spoilers)
  • Stevonnie singing for the 1st time in the show
  • Garnet singing with Stevonnie
  • Garnet is great.
  • Here Comes a Thought is such a beautiful song.
  • Trying to ignore a problem so you wouldn’t feel bad about yourself and not wanting to tell anyone because you’re ashamed, I feel, is a very universal experience. It hit too close to home for me.
  • The message about opening up is a very important one.
  • A lot of times, in more-action-oriented kids cartoons, you end up feeling like the child protagonist might have to have therapy at some point in the future without the show acknowledging they would have issues from dealing with that kind of stuff. This episode tackles both the psychological effects being a Crystal Gem has on Steven & Connie (by extension, Stevonnie) while giving you hope that they’ll make it out okay.
  • More world-building on fusion and it’s effects on the mind under specific circumstances
  • Beautiful animation