original poerty

Stardust Trails

I have always thought you and I were too perfect.
Messy, but our love was incredible.
Therefore, I’ll blame the universe, and conjure up tales about the chaos it created,
and how we had no fault in our destruction.
The gods laughed as they pulled and tugged on the stars with (red) strings,
playing puppets with our fate,
leaving nothing behind but tattered hearts and stardust trails.


You like knowing that you are her inspiration for her poems.
Where feelings are leaked, expressing my words on the sheet.
To how you touch.
To how you sound. To the way that you breathe
To what you say. To what you mean to me.
Does it make you feel special that I think of you in that kind of way?
—  11:36 Am/ 5-23-17
Remember who it was that calmed your raging seas before they devoured every ship that tried to sail them.
Remember who it was that listened to every solitary thing you’ve said and offered
when your storms clouded your eyes and you became lost.
Remember who it was that introduced you to a different and new way of thinking
people are not all bad and 
people are not out to get you and 
you are not your illness and
you are not the demon you paint yourself to be
Remember who I am and don’t you fucking forget about me.
—  If the shoe fits. (e.m.)


The sky was painted with
the colors if lost thoughts
And the clouds let out the
tears of unspoken words

As they rolled off my shoulders
and onto the water around me

I could hear the blissful moment
when the crying sky turned to rain
And it’s tears tip toed onto my skin

Leaving behind the sound
Of the sweetest kiss


roads and dead ends

everything is a road
seemingly infinite

subject to a web of cause and effect
that determines the detours

do you believe in coincidences?

everything is a road
a passageway one chooses directly or indirectly

a vague promise
of an innate desire

everything is an infinite road
with impending anticipation, eagerness or fear

of dead ends
that don’t really exist

What if everything is false?

What if we’re all just a part of some

fucked up dream?

Would you still love me if I never

wanted to see the sun anymore?

Because baby I’m telling you

these nights started killing me

long ago

And now the light from the sun

well, it’s getting harder to see also

I didn’t mean to drag you into this

I’m sorry

but I still can’t help but wonder 

what if it’s not even worth apologizing



what if everything is false?