Win some, lose some.

I am a chemically
induced mirage,
the (poisoned) water
you think you see
in the distance,
a shell of a person-
I have too much
pride. The last time

I wrote about you,
my heart beat
so hard I felt it
vibrate in my ears,
echoing and
off my skull until
I swore I heard it
whisper your name.
As usual, I am last
to know the what and
why. And

I am afraid
all the time now,
fearing both
sickness and health,
love and lust,
wrong and right.
But my heart swells
past bursting
every time I hear
mention of you.

Because of you,
I know what love is.
Because of you,
I care. And
because of you,
I won.

im in love with you. im in love with the way that when you catch me looking at you, you look away for a quick second, look back and giggle a bit. im in love with the way you smile. im in love with the way you laugh. im in love with you.

i want you more than words can explain. im supposed to be in love with another but i can’t because you’re in the way. you’re in the way in the best way possible though. i wish you knew how i feel.

if i told you im in love with you, i know you would catch me when i fall even harder, but i know you wouldn’t feel the same.

I am a savage. Couldn’t you tell? I warned you I’m part heaven and equal parts hell.
—  s.z (I Am Not To Blame)
I am a Hufflepuff

I am a Hufflepuff,
Wearing some Hufflestuff,
Doing the Hufflething,
Every day I’m Huffling.

I am a Hufflepuff,
I’m kind yet Huffletough,
Not just Gryffindors are brave,
Hufflepuffs will save the day.

I am a Hufflepuff,
A diamond in the rough,
While Ravenclaws are smart,
Being patient is an art.

I am a Hufflepuff,
I’m always up to snuff,
Against cunning Slytherin,
Hufflepuffs will always win.

I am a Hufflepuff,
Through and through sure enough,
I am kind, patient, loyal,
True and Unafraid of toil.

I don’t care if you text me at two in the morning and say only a single word
Just please talk to me
I miss you so much

She’s the type of girl you’ll regret losing. You’ll see her out again in a few weeks and she’ll look happy, she will look beautiful but different because she’s stronger. She will laugh that inviting laugh and smile so hard her nose crinkles. And you’ll feel yourself wanting her back and remembering the times you shared. But she won’t come back to you, because she doesn’t move backwards only forward. She was something to hold onto.

And you’ll regret it.

Its not easy to be my friend
And I’m even harder to love
My thoughts don’t always make sense
And my emotions get mixed up
I don’t always feel like talking
Other times i don’t stop
Consumed by what i don’t have
I forget what i have got
Sometimes i run in circles
And then when night time calls
You’ll find me in the darkness
Banging my head against brick walls
Fighting for a life
I’m not sure i was meant to live
I have a lot of hate for myself
But a lot of love to give….
—  Rumourtalks 2015
My dad writes a poem for my mom every Christmas, and she frames them and puts them up all over the house. I’ve always thought ‘That. That’s what love is. That’s what I want.’ Today, I went to a bakery with a boy and we talked and laughed about the silly little things we both do, and I learned that his laugh reminds me of fluttering wings and soaring so high you can do nothing but smile. We adventured through to the bookstore for hours and read and goofed off between the shelves, and I learned about the stories he’s made of and his terribly hilarious sense of humor. He told me he had always felt a little lonely as we walked around town with coffee, and when I grabbed his hand, it closed around mine like it was the easiest, most natural thing in the entire world. It felt like I was holding the moon. He shook hands with my father and I stood there smiling and thought, ‘This. This is what it feels like.’
—  It Feels Like This

How do two people
Who love each other so much
Who would die for the other
Fade away to strangers so quickly

How did we get here
In this unfamiliar state
Unable to fix this
When we can’t find what’s broken

Letting this softly fade
Without even a token fight
Knowing what’s coming next
Is heartbreaking

I miss you

Fall in love with a poet.

Because they will give
Their hearts to you.

Because they will compose
Sonnets in your name.

Because they will love
Your soul and spirit.

Fall in love with a poet.

Because there is nothing greater,
Than an artist falling in love with his muse.

Because there is nothing greater,
Than thinking in colors.

Because there is nothing greater,
Than growing old with another soul.

But most of all,
Fall in love with a poet.

Because when you die,
You will live forever.

—  E.M.P // “Reasons Why You Should Fall In Love With a Poet”