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The Lost Special: The One Way to Tie Up Every Loose Thread

In the last month this corner of the Sherlock fandom has thrown out a multitude of ideas for a narrative that could potentially resolve every last inconsistency in Sherlock series 4. Not knowing it, this community has debated different readings – all perfectly valid with only minor holes in logic – but have missed how they might all fit together into an intricate puzzle, each reading validating the other.

I have found one way to connect every loose thread.

Topics resolved include:

– EMP Theory vs “TFP as John’s TAB”: why both readings are meant to be exposed to the viewer (but we just found them too early)
– Benedict’s insanely long monologue they mentioned him having in Series 4.
– How another episode would only be comprised of a few new scenes
– Mary’s character development drifting far from her original plotline
– Moffat’s Doctor Who narrative that includes Toby Jones as a Dream Lord and what that means for Amy in “Amy’s Choice” and Sherlock in The Lost Special.
– How POVs intertwine in TFP, and how TPLOSH inspired the way The Lost Special would end.
– The entire bizarre nature of Series 4
– Breaking the 4th Wall
– The focus in The Six Thatchers on “The Duplicate Man”, “Twins”, “Two places at once”, and “Dead AND alive”.
– Three Garridebs
– Benedict claiming “Love conquers all” while Steven Moffat facepalms.

So if you want to know the one way this could all work, check out the rest of this post. But hear me out until the end, suspend your disbelief until you’ve finished, because regardless of whether or not you believe we’re getting The Lost Special, this reading which combines everything we’ve talked about for the last year is definitely arguable and until something else gets proposed, it is the one I’m sticking with til the bitter end.

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Do you have a fave xmen? I always loved nightcrawler and colossus, but boy are they never going to get focused on much

GAMBIT. ALWAYS GAMBIT. MY BOY, GAMBIT. i also love nightcrawler, but GAMBIT. and ORORO AND REMY ARE THE BEST BROTP. i would do. anything. for them to get a miniseries together. being bros. specifically remy is like ororo’s big brother on account of how they met and, look, i just can’t believe that they ever really managed to shake that dynamic, she’s like the smart younger sister and he’s the bad boy older brother who would do anything for her and and and ;w;

unfortunately Gambit has become Plot Hole Spackle as well as sometimes acting as a literal convenient shrubbery to hide other peoples’ nudity so he’s the most misused and accidentally powerful character in x-men, and i will probably never get the Gambit And Stormy’s Robin Hood Adventures series that i really want out of life

new thoughts about the russebuss plotline

My original thoughts/predictions on the russebuss plotline 

New predictions - wahoo!

1. The joint russebuss meeting with the Pepsi Max girls will probably happen this Friday when Sana’s parents are at the wedding that was mentioned? I don’t think Sana is going to tell her parents she’s on a bus (or that she’s the bus boss) and this secrecy will prove to cause problems in some way? She might try to bribe Elias to stay away from the meeting and he and the balloon squad show up anyway? Sana trying to keep all the parts of her life/identity compartmentalized is going to be a continuing source of tension throughout the season.

2. By taking on the leadership role on the merged bus, Sana will learn what it means to be a good leader while still being a good friend. She’s already taken on the boss role within her squad and assured them she would handle the money situation, even though she had no real plan and was bluffing about knowing where to come up with 300,000 kr. Instead of brainstorming solutions with her friends, she made a deal with Ingrid/Sara when the opportunity arose without consulting her friends first. This now-or-never dealmaking style gets things done but could alienate her crew. (In taking on the challenges of her new expanded role as the merged bus leader, I think we will see some issues raised of democratic decision making vs authoritarianism as a way for Julie and the show creators to bring in issues of current events/world politics using the bus as an allegory/metaphor.) We will see the flipside of Sana’s confidence—i.e. stubbornness—and this could be the source of tension/drama if she does something wrong and does not see at first why she would need to apologize.

I Am Good: Jason Scott X Reader [PART I]

Prompt: You’re a new girl in Angel Grove, and you aren’t exactly a typical, everyday person you’d meet on the street. You had green skin and did your best to hide it from the world. But after discovering an ironically green coin on the outskirts of town, you find it brings more terror to your life than before.

Requested: No

Word Count: 2,221

Warning: Long, strong language

Author’s Notes: In this you will have a father. Also, if you haven’t noticed, this is based off of the book and musical “Wicked,” but the reader is not like Elphaba in the sense that she has powers. I also do not own any storylines revolving around Elphaba, but I own the original plotline of the reader in this story.

Your name: submit What is this?  

“What do you mean ‘the green coin is missing’?” Zordon asked Alpha 5, his voice laced with anger and worry.

The green coin Rita Repulsa had once owned and was once held by Zordon’s ship’s containment unit was now gone, as if it just completely vanished without a single trace.

“Exactly that!” Alpha 5 shouted, moving frantically across the floor, unable to contain his panic. “It’s just not there! I checked and searched a hundred times and it’s not there! You don’t think…?”

“No,” Zordon said quickly, avoiding the possibility. “The Power Rangers defeated her, she’s long gone. But who would want to steal the coin? How did they even get on the ship?”

Alpha 5 thought for a moment, “But what if they didn’t? Get on the ship I mean.”

Alpha 5 didn’t have to explain himself for Zordon to understand what he had meant. He had sworn it was impossible for that to be a plausible circumstance, but it appeared that it might not have been. It seemed that the Power Rangers would have another member of the team. Questions were, how would he tell the team and who would it be?

To say the least, you were different. You tended to keep to yourself in school, and for all the right reasons. Behind all those pounds of makeup and long sleeved shirts was a secret your family had tried so hard to hide. You, the simple Y/N from a strange town somewhere far, far away from Angel Grove, had skin so green that it could compare to that of an emerald. And because of this sickeningly green skin, you were forced by your father to hide your true self. Not that you were complaining all that much. It was better to at least look normal to others and perfectly blend into the high school crowd than walk around school looking like you were just freshly picked from a garden.

It was a quiet day in Angel Grove, something you found to be common after the demolition of a little more than half the town before you moved there. And while you weren’t there for the destruction, people were still talking about it to this day. People still don’t know what that thing was that destroyed almost everything, but they know that whoever saved them that day were heroes.

After school, you decided you needed to clear your head, get out of the house and be alone despite the fact your father was never even home, even when you lived in your previous town and the one before that and so forth. You were on your own most of the time. While your father was out on business trips, which was really just his way of staying away from his only daughter, he sent money to you so you could buy food and bottles and bottles of concealer and foundation and make remover, but you figured it was so you didn’t have to get a job at the risk of someone seeing your skin. It worked out, though. You were living a stable life with a nice house to live in, good grades, and that was pretty much it. You didn’t have any friends, but that was something you were used to in life and sure, there was that one asshole who loved to pick on you, but once again, you were always going through that kind of stuff no matter where you attended school.

You headed out of the house and took a short walk around the neighborhood. But, feeling spontaneous and wanting to get to know more of the stupid place. Maybe she’d be able to find a place outside of her house where she could just get away.

Upon further investigation, you came close to a forest like area which lead up to a trail near the mountains. You stared up at the mountain for a couple seconds, you started to walk up the path. You gazed around at the scenery you passed, but for some reason, you couldn’t bring yourself to take it all in and appreciate it. You had this weird feeling growing inside of your chest, making it feel as though you weren’t supposed to be here, but you somehow were. You put on some calming music to clear your head, which seemed to be working as you ventured onward.

“Oh shit…” You swore when you realized that you were kind of lost.

You gazed at your surroundings, trying to find even the smallest piece of evidence that shows the way you came, but all you could see was a giant chasm just beyond a few trees and bushes, which were all you could see from behind you; trees and bushes. You were close to just giving up and calling for help in hopes someone would hear you, but something out of the corner of your eye caught your attention.

It was a little hard to see at first with the setting sun affecting the light of the land, but you could see a small, but very bright speck of colored light coming from something beside the chasm. You were about to let it go, but you were just too curious to just walk away. You slowly walked towards the object, leaning down to pick it up when you reached it. Your painted fingers grasped onto a golden coin-like object. In the center was a shining green stone, which was what caused the glinting in the sunlight. At seeing the color of the stone, you let out an exasperated and annoyed sigh.

You grunted, “How ironic.”

You heard indistinct voices nearing your position and felt panic flow through you. You didn’t want to be seen by anybody, so you quickly pocketed the coin and hurried towards a nearby shrub that was just big enough for you to hide behind and not be seen. You kept quiet, not wanting to make a single sound or movement.

“Did you guys see that?” You heard a feminine voice ask.

You felt your heartbeat starting to pick up a bit, and you feared that the person might come over to investigate.

“No. What do you think you saw?” A male voice questioned in response.

“I don’t know,” The female replied. “I thought it was a person… but no one comes up here besides us.”

“Probably just an animal or something.” Another girl said.


You quietly waited for them to leave, but only heard a splashing sound from a distance after that point. You peeked out from behind the bush and saw that there was no one around. You let out a sigh of relief and dusted off your outfit.

Feeling curious and seeing it was okay to make movement, you pulled out the green coin. You turned it around a couple of times, noticing the odd patterns which looked like rigid, technological lines and squares embedded in the stone and the gold rock that seemed to have formed around it. You furrowed your eyebrows, never having seen something like that in all your years of living. You put the coin back in your pocket and started to try and find a way out of these damned woods.

You eventually did make it out of there without being caught or harmed. But you felt off when you got home the next day. You were so tired from your adventures that you simply crashed on the couch without getting anything to eat and you didn’t even get changed into comfortable nightclothes or remove all the makeup layers, something that was not like you in the slightest.

You heard your phone go off with your morning alarm and instinctively slammed down on the phone to turn it off. However, you noticed that not did the alarm stop ringing, but you heard glass crashing and wood splintering as if it had just been smashed to pieces. Your eyes widened when you saw that you had broken the glass of your phone and the corner of your nightstand was caved inward. You gasped once the realization hit that you had done this, but confusion overtook you once you realized that you hadn’t even gone to bed that night. You specifically remembered landing on the couch and falling asleep down there. In addition to that, you also didn’t remember placing the green stone you found that day on your now destroyed bedside table.

“What the Hell is going on here?” You breathed, unable to comprehend the situation.

You walked into the bathroom as you normally would, but of course you were a little more on edge than usual. Upon arrival, you saw that the green coin was now on the counter when you knew you didn’t even pick it up that morning.

“I’m seriously freaked out right now…” You gulped, almost backing away from the coin.

Despite the fact you feared the coin, you knew you had to do something with it. You opened up the window to your bathroom and quickly grabbed the coin as if it were a grotesque animal that you grabbed by the tail. You chucked the coin out the window with all the strength you had and slammed it shut, feeling glad that you got rid of the thing.

A few seconds later and you heard a rattling sound behind you. Low and behold, there was the coin, sitting on your counter like it was a moment ago.


School was like any other day- annoying pricks who liked to torment you, low-class snobs and idiots who were just there because it was law- but this time, you had a damned coin that wouldn’t leave you the hell alone. It remained quiet for the most part, until a mishap occurred in lunch with you, a stupid bully, your lunch tray, your coin, and a really cute guy named Jason.

You had gotten your chicken salad from the lunch line, and you instantly made a beeline for your corner of the farthest lunch table, hoping that if you got there fast enough, you could avoid any interaction with anyone. Too bad that your half-witted assaulter was one step ahead of you.

Your lunch tray was smacked upward, your chicken salad getting slammed against your sweater and the dressing seeping through the material. You heard others gasp and a boorish laugh present itself from beside you.

“Whoops!” He snickered. “My bad!”

You curled your fists in an attempt to keep yourself from fighting back. Even with your newfound strength you could’ve used to fight back, you refrained from doing so, knowing it would force your father to return home and deal with the matter to make him hate you more than he already does. You pursed your lips as you felt tears swelling up in your eyes once you noticed the dozens of pairs of eyes gazing upon you in your dressing-covered glory.

“Are you going to cry?” He snarled. “Wow! That’s so path-”

“Hey.” Someone calmly said, but it was said harshly enough to show that this person wanted his attention and wanted it now.

Through your watery eyes, you could see a buff, handsome-looking boy standing before you. You recognized him from a class of yours, a few rumors, and a couple pictures. His name was Jason Scott. He was the star quarterback before he placed a cow in the opposing team’s locker room and became a regular guy in high school who just so happened to be disliked by most of the Angel Grove High student body.

“Scott.” Your bully snapped.

“You know, I would’ve thought you had learned your lesson with Billy, but you just keep going, don’t you?” Jason responded, shaking his head disapprovingly. “So how about this? How about you leave her alone, get out of here, and we’ll avoid what happened last time. Seem fair?”

The bully didn’t say anything in response. He merely stared at Jason, as if testing him, to which he did. Without saying a word, the bully pushed you to the floor, then ran off. You could tell Jason was about to run after him, but having heard your hurt cry and the scattering of your belongings after falling to the ground, he lent down to help you up.

“Are you alright?” Jason asked, giving you his hand.

You cautiously took it, him hoisting you up into a sitting position so you could gather up the things that had fallen out of your bag.

“I’m fine,” You sighed. You looked up at him with genuine eyes as you looked up from placing your stuff back into your bag. ”Thank you so much.”

“No problem. I’m Jason.” He introduced himself.

“Y/N.” You graciously smiled, pushing a piece of your hair behind your makeup-ed ear.

Jason smiled back at you. He looked over and saw something shining from just a few inches away. He grabbed it, believing it belonged to you.

“Hey, is this…” His voice trailed off.

You glanced up, seeing that Jason was holding the coin you had found between his fingers. You saw his face twist into pure disorientation while yours flashed to that of horror. You were eased at mind that most people stopped staring at you two, but you didn’t hesitate to quickly snatch your coin from Jason’s hand and keep it out of sight.

“Thank you.” You simply said in a hushed voice before grabbing your bag and bolting out of the lunch room and away from the scene.


30 Reasons to read Pellinor:

1. it’s a beautiful series with a rich and original plotline wiTH KILLER FORESHADOWING


3. no romantic tension between main characters until like the last chapter of the last book

4. Relationships !! arent !! forced !! AT ALL !!!


6. ARKAN AND SHARMA ARE BOTH MALE AND WERE IN LOVE BUt sharma turned out to be a lil bitch

7. talking crow called Irc

8. Author isn’t afraid to show realistic things like periods happening to the main character!!!!!!!!

9. mAERAD’S BRO hEM !!







16. Male and female characters being friends without romantic tensiON AND ITS GREAT.

17. Saliman is literally described as having beautiful skin and he’s a POC i mean thiS SHIT IS GREAT

18. tALKING,,, cROW,,, cALLED IRC,,,,,,,,


20. disabled main character

21. D I S A B L E D M A I N C H A R A C T E R




25. representation EVERYWHERE








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Originally posted by level-upper

Holy shit thanks????

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idk if youve seen it but theres some "confession" post in the tag talking about how bucky/nat's relationship retconned nat's past. correct me if im wrong but wasn't it more like nat's past + "oh hey bucky was there too"? i cant remember what her canon was before that point but it didnt seem like it changed anything. it was more like their relationship was just added on.

Yep, I saw it and kinda rolled my eyes because that OP is clearly reacting to a telephone-chain of bad information that antis like to put out to taint everything Brubaker did with Natasha (therefore tainting all thing BuckyNat) in the minds of new fans.

Despite what some people may try to claim, Brubaker did not retcon Natasha’s backstory out of thin air just to make her Bucky girlfriend. Before Brubaker ever got to write Captain America, Natasha already had two different backstories – the Cold War spy (who may be much much older than she looks) backstory and the murder orphanage backstory. As with all things Natasha, FYBW has an in-depth write-up [Secret Origins Part 1] [Secret Origins Part 2] [Secret Origins Part 3] that I highly recommend reading, but here is a quick explanation:

Backstory 1, a.k.a. the Cold War spy backstory: So way back in 1972 (when Brubaker was all of six years old btw), Daredevil #88 laid out the groundwork for the Natasha backstory we know today – she was a war orphan that Ivan had rescued in Stalingrad, who chooses to join the KGB/becomes a Cold War spy and who later decided to defect and eventually become a superhero. Daredevil #88 came out about thirty years after the war, so the timeline made perfect sense. However, as we got further and further away from WWII, things got a little weirder. That’s when Uncanny X-Men #268 shows up in 1990. UXM #268 tells how Logan and Steve and Natasha first met in WWII:

While ignoring some of the specific details of DD #88’s timeline, UXM #268 doubles down on Natasha’s connection to WWII and is the first to suggest (but fails to explain) that Natasha is not as young as she appears to be:

The writer, Chris Claremont, left the book shortly after UXM #268, so he never went into more detail/gave any explanations for Natasha’s age. So it and the Cold War origins became a hanging plotline that more and more writers choose to ignore the further we got from the end of the Cold War and the dissolution of the Soviet Union. (Sidenote: The Red Room entered into the Black Widow mythos in 1999 with the introduction of Yelena Bolova.) Which brings us to…

Backstory 2, a.k.a. the murder orphanage retcon: 2004 was the year Marvel inflicted Richard Morgan onto Natasha, and he inflicted his murder orphanage retcon onto all of us. Morgan set out to tell a story about why sexism bad and proceeded to do so in the most mansplainy way ever with the added bonus of removing all of Natasha’s agency from her entire life. No longer did Natasha decide to join the KGB and become a spy. Nope, instead she grew up in the 1970s in a murder orphanage designed to produce perfect little spies. No longer did Natasha choose to deflect from the Soviet Union and become an Avenger. Nope, instead Nick Fury used special pheromone perfume that forced Natasha to do what he wanted. Seriously. (Keep that in mind next time these people try to claim that Brubaker retconned Natasha’s history just for Bucky’s dick. Because what they’re trying to do is convince people a gross AU retcon from a decade ago is Natasha’s ‘real’ origin story.)


Moving on to 2007 and Ed Brubaker’s run on Captain America. In an interview following the release of Captain America #27, he states:

In the Winter Soldier origin issue, which is in my second Cap trade, we show the history and the timeline, and in the late ‘50s and early ‘60s he was deep in Department X. That was an actual Soviet special section during the Cold War, where they did their experimental stuff, like brainwashing and the like. So, when I was researching it, it occurred to me that the Red Room program would have been attached to Department X, and that if the Black Widow was being trained in the late ‘50s and early ‘60s, they probably met. [X]

Brubaker either didn’t know about or actively chose to ignore a three-year-old recon, and decided to go back to Backstory 1 because it worked with the story he was trying to tell. The only thing he actually retconned was the ‘fact’ Natasha had a secret relationship with the Winter Soldier for a short time in the late 1950s. So basically all Brubaker did was bring the unaging Cold War spy backstory back into play (with a tiny extra dash of tragic romance), which was then followed by Cornell and Liu who each filled in details and shaped it into the backstory we know today.

Bless Steven Universe for

-showing an innocent boy/girl sleepover

-casual/confident child crushes

-healthy homosexual relationships

-agender representation

-extreme diversity in races/ positive use of usually negative racial stereotypes

-strong females/mostly female characters

-mostly POC characters

-original fantasy 

-original/non-overused plotlines

-extensive background and lore

-multiple strong characters with mental disabilities

-body positivity

-fleshed-out characters

-accurate reactions to real-world problems


-misogynistic characters viewed poorly

-rude/selfish characters viewed poorly

-content little kids find funny and older viewers find meaningful

-good messages about positivity and acceptance all around

remember when the Cap 3 trailer first came out and we had that one clip of Natasha saying “I know how much Bucky means to you”? And then in the film they changed it to ‘Barnes’? I feel like that’s really significant. The first is a very familiar term–something only close friends would call him. 

like…did they record scarjo saying the word ‘Bucky’ so they could splice it into that clip (because it’s very obviously stuck in there, kinda like the whole “It doesn’t have to end in a fight, Tony” edit)? or is it pulled from a deleted scene that we haven’t seen yet? 

@ marvel why on earth did you have her use his nickname in the trailer if it wasn’t in the movie? why go to all that trouble?

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Do any other Lisa The Pointless charecters are going to appear i would love to see at least some of The Franchise boys trying to kill Buddy (obviously Buddy would win)

I was actually contemplating having Anaconda appear to fight Buddy after seeing her on TV, but if I ever do make it, it’ll be a non canon thing done for fun.

The Franchise may not appear in Mournful, but Baleful will at least partially take place in Central Olathe.  There actually IS one very important character who will be appearing wearing Franchise colors, who’s going to be kept relatively hush-hush right now.

Lester’s appearance was just an easter egg for the most part.  He is very likely the only named Pointless character who will appear again.  I feel I’m walking a thin enough line using too many canon Painful characters as it is.  Baleful will be sort of a departure from the “Painful Sequel” dynamic, allowing for a more original plotline, in a new setting, with new characters.



Hello!! My name is Rin, an 18 year old illustration/creative writing student looking for an RP partner. I have been casually rping for about six years and in the past two have taken up more of commitment and dedication to it. I go by Eastern Time Zone standards, however time zones do not carry a great deal of importance to me because I tend to have a very irregular sleep schedule and am conscious most of the time.


I tend to write as original characters in original plotlines. I do not mind borrowing or adapting ideas from preexisting media but for the most part am looking to create something entirely new and original. That being said, I would really like to RP with someone who uses their own original characters and would love to get to know the character!


I most enjoy writing in narrative (3rd Person) paragraph writing style. I’m pretty flexible about the length and will not require a specific word count, I just ask that it be substantial enough to be able to write a complete response to. In terms of the kinds of plots I like to write I really enjoy writing emotional, angst-ridden plots. I find darker stories to be more fun to write however, I do also like to indulge in lighter, happier plotlines to break the morbid mood. Most of the plots I tend to write are grounded heavily in reality but tend to have a supernatural twist. This includes but is not limited to, people with genetic mutations/abilities, angel/demon arcs, etc. I am very enthusiastic about forming platonic or romantic bonds between characters of any gender, however I myself mostly RP as male characters. I am also okay with writing on any platform! Text, email, sykpe, kik, tumblr or any other messenger works for me!


Please note that I am looking for someone who would be able to reply within a few days maximum, if you don’t think you are able to do that please let me know!

Age isn’t a big issue for me either as I don’t tend to initiate or write explicit content except for maybe mild gore.

If you’re interested please reach out, I am really flexible and willing to change things based on a potential partner’s needs!

Tumblr: bloodyknuckleboy.tumblr.com

Email: rintrick@gmail.com

Skype: alien-tears

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Just finished reading IoS and I have to say it's one of the best One Piece fics I've ever read, and probably the best OC one! I love the tone of the story and each plotline is incredibly captivating and enjoyable! I've read countless of boring original plotlines so it's very refreshing to see you come up with such great material while still maintaining a One Piece aura. The characterization is lovely, and you've created a likable yet non Mary sue OC. Keep up the good work!! You should be proud!!

*reads and rereads message trying to come up with a coherent answer*

*gets hit by a severe case of brain freeze instead*

Thank you so much! ;v; There are a lot of really good stories out there, so this is just— I— (๑・▱・๑) *okay, Tacky, deep breaths* I worry a lot about the characterizations of Saki and Law because I’ve been writing them for so long I feel I lose my handle on them all the time, and about keeping more or less close to the tone of One Piece. And the plots for each island, I always feel like I’m not even close to living up to the original or my own standards. ._. Anyway, what I mean to say is that reading this makes me so relieved I can’t put it into words. I’ll work extra hard to get the next chapter up soon!

The Right Choice - PT.2 Alternate Ending


SUMMARY: Jungkook breaks up with you while you’re pregnant, but he is determined to get you back.


Jungkook was hurt when he had to find out from another person that you were almost at the end of your pregnancy. Then the more he thought about it, the more he grew to despise his actions and thoughts because it was selfish. He broke up with you because of his foolishness; it was perfectly understable that you chose to cut off all ties with you. However, what honestly irritated him was that Namjoon had known about the details of your pregnancy, yet never bothered sharing them with him. Had Namjoon not heard the quiet, yet audible sniffles that came from Jungkook’s side of the room almost every night? 

He had accidentally found out when Namjoon had gone off to shower. Bored out of his mind, and trying desperately to get you out of his mind, he heard the familiar sound of an incoming message. When he checked his phone - after all the months, he still somehow hoped that you would bother to send him a message. Yet he found out to his disappointment, his brows furrowing that it was not his, but Namjoon’s. Being the curious person he was, he decided to check his hyung’s phone. What he saw next angered him so much.

Y/N: Hey, Namjoon-sshi, this is Y/N’s friend. Y/N is giving birth at the Samsung hospital right now, I thought you’d appreciate being told about it. I can’t stay with her, but it would be great if you could come - sorry if it’s too late. 

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Hi, do you know any P&P fics where one of them are musicans?

Love Lessons

Love and Other Accidents: Darcy and Bingley are musicians trying to find material for their new album in a rural college town … where they meet the Bennet twins who are surviving college together. Lizzy’s a photographer, and Jane’s a med student.

No Strings Attached: Modern story featuring Elizabeth and Darcy but with a completely original plotline.

My B.F.F.

An Unexpected Song: An Unexpected Song is the story of a different sort of modern-day Darcy—one who frequently wears white tie and tails, who has long, sensitive fingers and a touch of artistic temperament, and who knows the difference between Schubert and Schumann.