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#7 Did you have some sweets in your boots yesterday morning?
Reflections of all kind always look gorgeous on photographs and this is one of the good thing in autumn and winter, that you can find a lot of puddles with beautiful reflections.

No one ever said it would be easy…yes it is, just pack your bag and go. Oh and don’t forget your passport
—  Iggy x
Masked Beauty

There is no such thing as beauty, nor will there ever be. Beauty itself is a tragedy; a nightmare of horrors just waiting to happen. Underneath all that beauty lies a dark, twisted faceless mask of void insecurities. There is no such thing as beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, the only thing there is in beauty is the curse it uses to weigh society down. We shouldn’t let it mask our judgment base on what is beautiful but more on what is pure, innocent. 

Wrote this in 6th grade.


Broken Worlds

The end of the world, I always thought, would come in a breath, a shudder. The universe would sigh and collapse under the weight of its own infinity. But now I can feel it deep within my bones, it’s more of a quiet unravelling. It started at the fringes of your mind and you never notice until the day you wake up and realize it’s all fallen apart.