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And update time! I deleted the last post on Leslie again, this time because I revised her a lil bit! I finally decided on her main build and class, since it was giving me some issues due to having stuck with the same classes and build with every character. Needed to try and branch her out differently, and differently I did!

I also did the same with her dragon, Aubrey, since she was very much the same with every Dragon my past heroes had. Now, instead of being combat orientated, she’s more support! And it works really well for my playstyle, damn! Also, this is the first time I showed off Aubrey, so woo.

So, to go more into detail, Leslie and Aubrey are a duo that focuses on survivability and defense over taking out the enemy as quick as possible. Leslie focuses on debuffing enemies and avoiding hits, while dealing some good burst damage here and there due to time passing with SoulSynch. Aubrey mainly focuses on assisting Leslie with either boosting or healing her, but she also assists with debuffing the enemies on occasion, too.

Leslie’s stats are primarily focused on helping her dodge and last longer when she can’t dodge. Her main stats, Luck and Endurance, were chosen due to luck influencing a multitude of things, such as damage, dodge, crit chance, and dragon specials activation, and Endurance for the obvious health boost. After all, more HP she has, the longer she’ll last in battle! Wisdom got the last of the 20 points, and with future level caps, it’ll get the rest of the points as well, until either the game finishes with level caps, or it reaches 200 itself; after all, the more moves Leslie can pull off, the more likely she’s to survive!

She also is synched (As I like to call it,) with two weapons; one for damage and one for its special, on hit ability. The first is the Gouda Blade, due to the fact it’s aligned to the element of Good, and Good is a very versatile element where practically nothing resists it. The second is the Blade of Awe, wielded as the “shown” weapon (doesn’t show here since soulclaws rely on element for appearances,) because the Blade of Awe has an on hit ability chance to restore 4% of HP and MP. And since Master SoulWeaver has quite a few, multi-hit attacks, it works true wonders to help Leslie last as long as possible.

Meanwhile, Aubrey is maxed in the three support trees; protection, assistance and mischief. Protection is all about recovery and helping dodge, with an ability to increase HP healing, increases parry, or heal HP, MP or both. Assistance is all about helping Leslie’s stats, with increasing her bonus to hit, endurance, wisdom, damage, or crit chances. And finally, Mischief is about debuffing the enemies to help survive or take them out easier; this involves reducing enemy damage, ability to hit or resistances, or either stunning or shrinking an enemy.

Aubrey’s element shifts a LOT to account for the enemies faced, but most often it’s either Darkness or Light. She’s always summoned as a pet, due to the abilities not having cool downs like the guests have, so while it’s more random chance, it has the potential to be far more life saving.

So, to be brief, Leslie and Aubrey are a team that focuses on survival over steamrolling. Mostly chose this approach too due to playing Hard Mode a lot, where it’s very hard to steamroll even the basic enemies unless you constantly take advantage of enemy weaknesses (Though that’s not always reliable, as not all enemies even have a weakness.)

Logically speaking, if I really wanted to go pure survival, Pyromancer is a better choice. But I like Master SoulWeaver better, so nyeh.