Cola and peanuts - by Dogman707

This is a southern thing putting salted peanuts in your Coca-Cola or Pepsi. As a kid, my friends and I would go to the neighborhood drugstore or grocery store. We would get a bottle of ice cold soda and a bag of salted peanuts. It could be Coke or Pepsi because other sodas wasn’t the same. You first would have to take a drink from the cola to bring the level down in the bottle. Then, we would open the peanuts and pour them into our opened ice cold soda. It would fizz up some. We would sit under the shade of the bridge drinking our sodas. While drinking them, we would checkout the baseball cards or comic books that we just bought. The cars would be whizzing by overhead rushing to who know where. Truckers and travelers would be speeding by on the highway under the bridge. Here we were a few kids enjoying the summer, drinking our sodas, trading baseball cards, or reading our comic books. What the hell were we thinking wanting to grow-up. All we had to do was enjoy being a kid. Well, dammit today I traveled back in time and had me a cola and peanuts. Ah, the memories of yesterday and now the ones we are making today.