original photo does not belong to me

my new autumnal / fall / chill / relax playlist just went live here

.*~ cough syrup - darren criss (glee) / youth - daughter / hannah hunt - vampire weekend / autumn leaves - ed sheeran / overjoyed - bastille / fallingforyou - the 1975 / dancing in the moonlight - alt j / i forget where we were - ben howard / favourite colour - carly rae jepsen / all of the stars - ed sheeran / oblivion - bastille / i will take you home - ed sheeran / a drop in the ocean - ron pope / angels - the xx / conrad - ben howard / don’t let me go - harry styles / state of grace (acoustic) - taylor swift / 18 - one direction / human - daughter / she will be loved - maroon 5 / the fall - imagine dragons / let her go - birdy / medicine - the 1975 / kennedy curse - the maine / fireproof - one direction / sweater weather - the neighbourhood  ~*.

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[photo does not belong to me, please let me know if you find the original post for me to credit ]

Alan Rickman in his Snape costume on the set of Harry Potter with his close paternal second cousin, Tony Farrington’s son, James (left) and another relative, Joe (right) as Hufflepuff extras, c. 2000-01

This photo surfaced on Tumblr ages ago, though flipped horizontally (at the moment, I am unable to trace the original post; if anyone can find it, or a reblog of it, don’t hesitate to send me a link) and I have since been informed by Mr Farrington that this photo is of Alan’s relations and belongs rightfully to him. That said, he does not mind it being shared, just as long as it is attributed to him.

[Re-posted with granted permission.]

© Tony Farrington [x]



To my Guardian Angels,
Thank you, for making me smile again.
Now, and forever.
Let’s Love!


PICTURE PERFECT ~ One of the many things I love  love love about these two  is that no matter what the angle–closeup, medium shot, wide shot, or whatever–their photos/photo captures are always consistent:  their  body parts are always in sync and their body language is always saying the same thing.  

* Edits are mine, but the original photo (not pictured) was found of the Web some months ago and does not belong to me.)

anonymous asked:

Taking photos you post to the internet isn't illegal and serves no grounds for lawful punishment. When you post things to the internet, unless a copyright is involved, it's basically a free for all.

lol yeah a free for all too be a huge fucking dick. why are you trying to defend them anyways?? do you know why facebook deletes fake accounts using other people’s photos? and why instagram deletes accounts with stolen pictures? it’s called intellectual property rights. my photos BELONG to me. i am the (original) publisher and that does in fact give me a copyright. plus using my photos and claiming to be me is identity theft and that is ILLEGAL. so just because you CAN do something doesn’t mean you should. if you think stealing other people’s property - and yes, my photos ARE MY PROPERTY - is okay then you obviously have no respect or common decency and you’re exactly the kind of person who makes things shit for everyone else online. it’s good thing you’re on anon because you’re making a complete ass of yourself.