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nickname: miko
star sign: scorpio
height: 5 feet
time right now: 3:30 pm
favorite music artist: i’m currently in an opm (original philippine music) mood so i’m favoring up dharma down today.  
song stuck in your head: indak
last tv show you watched:
what are you wearing right now: leggings and a sweater
what do you post: currently empty right now, but mostly writing tidbits, fics, fanarts, fandom related things, or my current obsessions
do you have any other blogs / saved url’s: yes :D
why did you choose your url: i was frequently called short and most of the time in chats, ppl call me “miko miko miko~!”
do you get asks regularly: nope.
hogwarts house: slytherin.
pokémon team: team spark
favorite color: crimson. royal blue. pastel or radioactive pink.
average hours of sleep: 2-4 hours
favorite characters: sakura haruno, lirael, forsythe jones, ben wyatt, silk, howl and sophie, izumi curtis, lan fan
how many blankets do you sleep with: two to three blankets.
following: 360

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Radio Republic has started this new campaign where we quote great Artists and seek to provoke conversation, inspire action, and get minds moving.

This one from the esteemed Rey Valera is spot on and I just had to share this.

He may have written ballads but there is a punk in there that lives on. Love it.


Dicta License jams for FREEDOM! (10.3.12)

Dicta License - Killing In The Name (Rage Against the Machine Cover)

True to their name, the band is speaking out against the Cybercrime Law.

Mabuhay kayo! 

re: Mela Galang

Hi Mela,

Thank you for sending a question. Pero next time, please use the ASK button. hehe. Medyo nalito ka yata. You sent me a “fan mail” by mistake.

To answer your question, well… sorry to disappoint but no. I’m not working at Warner Music anymore… but if you want you can still send me your demo and I’ll forward it to them (through email). Pero you have to follow it up on your own afterwards. In short, ikaw na ang mangungulit sa kanila directly. hehe.

Next, you’re asking me what to include in your demo… well, sa totoo lang hindi na uso kasi ang magpasa ng demo ngayon since lahat naman online na. Pero if you insist, I suggest you send one at the office and another one via email.

Make sure to include this on your package:

1. Artist Profile / Band Profile - short bio with pictures. Include accomplishments (e.g. Muziklaban finalist, Winner of 2011 Battle of the Bands, Nescafe Soundskool, etc.) and contact details. 

tip: If you have a huge following on youtube (say, 20,000 subscribers) or at least 10k likes on facebook, include it here. Labels love to see huge numbers... pero dapat legit, ha!

2. Demo CD (preferably 4 or 5 tracks) - Make sure to place all potential singles (hit songs) on the first 3 tracks. If boring yung track 1 sa intro palang, trust me, hindi na nila tatapusin yung kanta… kahit chorus part hindi na nila paaabutin. If the next track after that is STILL boring, then most likely they won’t finish the rest of the demo cd anymore. This also applies online. Think COMMERCIAL! In a span of 4 seconds, the TVC needs to grab the attention of the viewer or else they’ll change the channel. Ganon din sa demo.

3. Place your most attractive band picture. Sorry to say pero talagang may factor talaga ang looks. It could gain you BIG POINTS. Ganon talaga. Kahit ako, yung soul ko nanghihina sa rule na ito.

4. Gig schedule if you have any. Sometimes, when the label likes your material they’ll ask someone from the office (nung panahon ko, part ng job description ko ito) to visit the gig and record your entire set on cam. If the ‘spy’ loves what they see, then most likely, meeting na with the label ang next step. (It still happens kahit papano)

So there!  Hope this helps! :)

PS. Mela, banda mo ba yung nagpasa sakin before ng demo yung tunog flyleaf? Mga 7 cuts yung CD and black lang yung layout? I think first track is 'alaala’ yung title. Para kasing familiar yung name mo. Actually, if band mo yun, trip na trip ko yung demo mo na yun! Pasa mo saken ulit and I’ll try to forward it sa Radio Republic. lizccl@gmail.com - pls indicate sa subject of the email na DEMO. thanks! :D


Hi all! MCA is currently collecting original songs for Solenn Heusaff’s 2nd album. The concept or peg for the album is pop/dance. Think Kylie, Madonna, Katy Perry. Solenn’s vocal range is limited so please no diva type songs. They need it ASAP. Interested? Email your songs here: Francis.guevarra@umusic.com | freq2dbeat@yahoo.com or send it to the MCA office: 34th Floor Raffles Corporate Center, Emerald Avenue, Ortigas. Thanks!

musicianbynight-blog  asked:

Is the elements camp free? do you need to write in a specific genre to join? Is this open to Fil-am? (my cousin wants to join)

Hi musicianbynight,

The ELEMENTS Music Camp is absolutely FREE and is open to ALL Genres.

One must be a Filipino Citizen currently residing in the Philippines to be able to join the camp. If your cousin holds a Philippine passport and currently lives here, then she’s eligible to join. Please be reminded that the application period is up to AUGUST 31, 2012 only. Good Luck! :)