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“I knew that you were really a kind person Hiiragizawa-kun”

“You may not have magical powers, Tomoyo..but your sharp insights and your gentle heart are perhaps worth more than magic”

-Ch 45-

Spring Break AU

Character A and Character B had planned a vacation to the beach/lake/mountains/etc. over spring break, but when they arrive there, the weather is absolutely rotten. So, the two of them end up exploring historical museums and laughing over cheesy gift shop items. 

5 reasons Gia is the girl for Elijah Mikaelson

1. Music. Possibly the most important, probably the most obvious. But. Music. Gia’s a street musician. In two of her first three scenes we see her playing both the drums and the violin- an instrument we see Elijah owns (in his trunk of possessions with his journals) and knows his way around (he tunes the one in Davina’s attic). Then later, obviously, there’s the bar scene. Wherein she and Elijah clearly and genuinely connect on music and how different it is as a vampire. We’ve seen and heard plenty of references to Elijah’s musicality. Gia could definitely be the reason he takes the time to enjoy it again.

2. Expectations. As in she has none. She has no idea who Elijah Mikaelson is or was. She’s hasn’t been a vampire long enough to really hear all the stories. We know Marcel’s not blowing up their whole past. The man of honor, the man who keeps his word, even the original in a suit. These are not how she knows or defines him. To her he’s a condescending brat set on getting his way, the guy who likes to make a dramatic entrance, the guy who does want to help no matter how he denies it, the guy who threw himself on the flames to save the wolves. If Elijah’s struggling with who he is now that the Red Door is opened, who better to help him figure out who he really is then someone who doesn’t expect him to be something he’s not?

3. Family. She has no connection to his and none of her own. Until this last episode she’d only known Marcel, and peripherally, Hayley. She has no history with Klaus- no love triangles and she’s not a doppelgänger- she has no history with his other brothers or his sister, his mother. She’s a clean slate.

4. Sass. And also respect. Of the many new characters we’ve seen between TVD and TO few manage to sass while acknowledging what the originals actually are. Most go too far and get themselves threatened. Gia more than aptly holds her own, makes clear she doesn’t appreciate some of his nastier behaviors, and still manages to show respect for how old he is, what he knows, and what he could teach her.

5. Choice. She’s a vampire. And she chose to be one. Knowing what she was getting herself into, knowing what she would become. She chose it. More importantly she’s not struggling with control over what she is. She’s happy to be a vampire, happy to fight the fight, she believes the vampires are a family. Elijah is now the only original vampire left. If the vampires aren’t his people, I’m no longer sure who is. He needs to accept the part of him he sees as a monster. And who better than the girl who chose to be the monster and isn’t monstrous because of it?

Bonus: Chemistry. Little baby heart ripper. He told her the head or the heart and she went for the heart. Haters gonna hate but I’ve seen straight up sex scenes with less heat than what’s seen when she’s got her hand literally around his heart. They have genuine chemistry.


“On my road, you were always there”

A redone version of this

You know what I think would be both fantastic and hilarious? 

If Caroline broke up with Stefan once and for all by singing some Taylor Swift karaoke at him:

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With Bonnie, Rebekah, and Katherine singing back-up:

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And with Kol, Enzo, and Elijah providing the dance entertainment:

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And with Klaus appearing across from Caroline–in the middle of the crowd, spotlighted in sunny moonlight, mic-in-hand–to invade her song heart after the first verse in perfect mash-up:

Which leads to Caroline’s long-brewing epiphany about Klaus:

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Results in the end of their joint ‘HIT THE ROAD, SALVATORE’ tune:

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And finally begins their beautiful, we-are-the-same harmony:

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With the two of them adding new songs to their love playlist every day:

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Because, deep-down, they know they’re meant to hum on and on forever:

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day three of @beyondthebridge‘s 12 days of christmas

It takes barely a second;

Aaron says I love you, please just go. 

Robert refuses, denies, can’t think about doing so. He doesn’t know when things changed, doesn’t even remember slipping from nothing to me to i’d die here with you. It’s a natural progression. A beat. Barely a skip of his pulse. Aaron’s become everything, becomes it

Robert can’t leave, won’t leave. He dives underwater, Aaron still trapped. It feels like an exercise in futility to keep trying. Robert does anyway because it’s the only thing he can do. 

It takes barely a second;

He comes up for air, pauses. 

His lungs scream, his chest aches, he can’t do this for much longer, but.

Aaron needs him to keep going. Trapped and vulnerable, Aaron’s not even trying anymore so Robert has to. The alternative scares Robert. Aaron will die, and then Robert will die too. Maybe not right away, maybe he’ll even fake it, but he’ll die. Without Aaron -

It takes barely a second; 

Robert dives back underwater, tears at the steering column and thinks please, whoever’s listening, please. He’s not the praying kind of guy, not really, but in this he can make an exception. For Aaron, he’ll always make an exception. 

It takes barely a second;

The steering column gives.