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My top ten OTPs

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Ten: 2p FrUk (Hetalia: Another Color)

Nine: Jalex (Alex Gaskarth and Jalex Barakat)

Eight: ReGisa (Free: Iwatobi Swim Club)

Seven: JeArmin (Attack on Titan)

Six: Ereri (Attack on Titan)

Five: HiJack (How To Train Your Dragon and Rise of the Guardians)

Four: FinnPoe (Star Wars: The Force Awakens)

Three: PruAus (Hetalia)

Two: RoyEd (Fullmetal Alchemist)

 One: UsUk (Hetalia: Axis Powers)

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Hi everyone, more specifically all Bleach and Ichiruki fans. It was a heartbreaking last chapter to read, not just because our ship sank, but because that’s it. Bleach is all said and done, and I wanted to give some last thoughts. I’ll try to make this brief.

First off I want to say this is not my picture. I found it on Pinterest. I really wished I could find a link to its original creator, but for the love of god I could not. I had a few other pictures in mind to use here, but since THIS one actually uses canon pictures of the manga and anime they are respectfully from, I thought it would be less troublesome. (If someone us a link to its original creator, I’ll gladly tag them in it)

Anyways as an Ichiruki fan Bleach was a hard chapter to read. I could go on a rant about how this was a bad endgame, or how it didn’t make sense, or how Kubo basically Honey Dicked us this whole time; But I think it’s more appropriate to say how sad this was.

Ichiruki had a lot of potential and all the stars pointed to them being an endgame. We had the beginning Death and Strawberry, we had the whole “Rescue Rukia Arc” (With one of its best openings “D-Technolife” by “Uverworld”), we had Rukia bring back his powers after he lost them with the Fullbringers, we had Rukia living in Ichigo’s closet for Christ sake! We also had some filler episodes. One of my own personal favorites was when Ichigo took her Iceskating, and when he used the last of his powers to stop a hollow with a final getsuga tenshou (They might’ve been the same episode, it’s been too long since I saw the anime).

I think one of my saddest moments between them was when Ichigo lost his powers after beating Aizen, and Rukia faded away. She told him something along the lines, “Even though you can’t see me, I’ll still see you”. And of course, after she faded away, he told her “Thank you.” With that in mind, I think that’s what we have to do now. Even though Bleach has faded away, it’s time we said “Thank you”, and “Goodbye”. It’ll still be there, just like Rukia always was for Ichigo. However, that doesn’t mean this is the end for it all, at least not for us.

If Aizen taught us anything, it’s that somethings just won’t STAY DEAD! And that should go for the Bleach fans, and Ichiruki fans as well. We watched this whole series from beginning to end. For those that started from the VERY beginning, that’s fifteen years of Bleach. That’s a whole childhood, or at least a big chunk of someone’s life. And it was good, it wasn’t a waste, it was VERY good. We learned so many things like don’t give up on yourself, travel worlds for the people you care about, your inner demons can be conquered, and there is more to life than death, there is also life in all worlds.

So let our world of Bleach continue on with life, because if you didn’t, Bleach wouldn’t have made it this far. And that goes for Ichiruki as well. It still hurts to see this happen to what was one of my original OTPs. It does. I already went through this with Naruto and the Narusaku fandom. Watching it happen in Bleach was like putting a tape on rewind, and it still hurts. I watched Narusaku sink, I watched Arkos sink (From RWBY), and now I watched Ichiruki sink. I swear if Nalu (From Fairytail) sinks too, I’ll quit anime! No seriously, I’ll Fucking quit anime and crawl deeper into my Marvel and DC fandoms!

Even though these ships did all sink, they still haven’t given up on their OTP! Like Narusaku for me, Ichiruki gave me hope that there IS someone out there just for me. Even if she’s from a different world beyond earth, destiny, angels, coincidence, or some other unknown force beyond us all, would send her to earth just for me. And even if I lose her one day, I would cut through worlds to get her back, and she would find me again. To me, that was the magic that made Ichiruki.

So people, keep that magic going. It’s kept Narusaku and Arkos going, and it’s giving Nalu a great driving force as well. To all the Ichiruki and Arkos fans, don’t give up on your OTP. Keep it strong and keep it going. We’ll always have our fandom pictures and fanfic, the canon chapters, the episodes, and each other. For the Narusaku fans, do the same. I’d also like to propose that we do something for the Ichiruki fans as well. Maybe a narusaku/ichiruki contest (Outfit swaps, double dates, crossovers etc.) For the Nalu fans, keep going, keep reading, and keep shipping.

Well, I think that covers all I have to say for now. It’s been one helluva ride, for both Bleach and Ichiruki. So even though Kubo did leave a knife in our backs like Kishimoto, I have to say “Thank You”, for giving us Ichigo, Rukia, and all the rest of them. We won’t forget them, not for a long time. I also want to give a “Thank You” to the fandom of Bleach and Ichiruki. We knew it had to end one day, but we’ll always have to story to look upon again and again. Take care everyone, I’ll be keeping tabs on you Ichiruki fans.