original online video


BG music used - Mucho Gusto(Ragnarok Online)

MEME: Character Design by using music!

  • Get a random video game background music, and design a Character by listening to it. Just 1 SONG. (NO LYRICS).
  • Don’t have a previous idea for a character.
  • Base it on the music, its instruments, what it reminds you of.
  • Listen to that song IN A LOOP. Draw fast, forgett about detail. You can later clean it  and finish it if you want!

  • REBLOG AND POST IT HERE!! (don’t erase the meme rules)
    Don’t forget to add the song you used!
The Cartoon Network Groovies Compilation! ~Free Download~

Yes, Those Cartoon Network Groovies. I compiled all of the known cartoon music videos into one mega mix, going up to 31 songs!

I highly recommend looking for the original music videos online for the last nostalgic touch. I formatted it to itunes files to give it a neat look. it also ranges around to 128 mb

You can download it here!


Sword Art Online II – Episode 15 Preview: The Queen of the Lake (湖の女王)