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My favorite scene from “With Good Intentions” by @anirrahn PLEASE go read and give many kudos and comments on it! :))

(Sorry if its hard to see some of the panels, there is NO way I’d post each one individually lol)


I made one too. From the “let’s make an oc” meme! uwu

provided info:
•species: nymph
•gender: male
•clothes: sporty stuff
•name: Sleep
•hair: loooong
•accessories: earings + cap(i changed it to head band)
•personality: thinks he’s edgy but he’s not. loves anything cute but has a bad taste for what’s cute.
•fact: likes bullying


•physically 19, real age, who the fuck knows he doesn’t even remember

[idk whats the male version of a nymph?? I don’t have internet so r i p i’ll just use nymph for species]

An underworld nymph who pretends to be a land nymph that can do ~plant manipulation~ to gain friendship with co-nymphs and other beings, since underworld nymphs aren’t really seen as the friendly type (underworld nymphs are associated with death.) Problematic boy. Says edgy things like yeah right fear me alright fuck yall but ironically, wants friends, (desperately.) He stuffs his sports jacket with daisies and little flowers of the like, plants mushrooms on his head like antennas to seem very plant like and nature-y. Also clipped off his moth like wings to not scare people. Told ya he’s desperate. But he always has this grumpy, displeased expression by default and can’t finish a sentence without cussing.

When asked which forest or mountain was he from, he claimed to be the nymph that resides in a former forest that’s been developed into a town park, now he’s homeless (what the fuck.) Truth is he’d rather trash in the upperworld than kill himself with boredom in the underworld, running errands.

Got his name ‘Sleep’ for putting numerous mortals to eternal sleep as a form of service (job?? sorta like an assassin?) afterall, he’s an underworld nymph. Put me to sleep too, damn.

More shit, he loves turtles and hates cats. His voice cracks when nervous. Thinks grotesque things are cute. He enjoys seeing children get bullied, especially when they start to bleed. This world’s no place for a weakling, motherfucker.

strawhat-giraffe  asked:

Hello there! Would it be alright to adopt a small, Parade!Karamatsu that could help remind me to that it's okay to take time for myself, and that self care is just as important as caring for your friends? < 3 And also loves giving smooches.

This tiny parade!kara will make sure you take time for yourself, he will help you to remember your important tasks and provide all the support you need! Friends are important, but youre important too! To make sure you’re happy he will be extra cuddly and smooch you whenever he feels you need love. All you need is to give him some small instruments for him to play with and your love, then he will be super happy with you!


Alistair and Ethiri Mahariel in western wedding clothes and traditional filipino wedding clothes! ( •⌄• ू )✧

Inspired by @horticulturalcephalopod who drew her Inky/Blackwall in Korean wedding clothes, I really wanted to draw my warden and Alistair in my culture’s clothing I hope you don’t mind! :’D  ♥