original ocs oh look

Oh look I finally finished a piece with my two main losers in the story I’ve been working on. The angry smol one is Cale, who is a fairy hunter that generally hates everything about his life. The one with fantastic hair is Kaillyr, who is a peculiar fairy that Cale gets stuck having to protect for plot related reasons.

shipping your own OCs

shipping one of your OCs with 4 other OCs and not knowing which pair should be canon

my mc for the arcana game!! the art is SO GOOD the bgs are so pretty and also i cry every time i see asra


Oh wow! Look at this. Original content.
Well, minus the music. Obviously didn’t make that haha.

Anyways, I listened to it and immediatly thought of Cyriel and Alain’s past. Alain is a spoiled noble child and Cyriel is his childhood friend/servant. She was adopted by Alain’s family after her mother died but since she’s an elf she wasn’t treated like a child and more like a personal servant. While Alain’s life was relatively easy compared to Cyriel’s, he had a hard time gaining his parents approval. his two older sisters always seemed to be one step ahead. This made him bitter and he lashed out at Cyriel more often than not, demanding  things from her she couldn’t possibly give him. In the end she was fed up with him and left to join a guild of thieves. But their story is far from over.

PLEASE DON’T SHIP THEM HOLY FUCKL at least not like,,, actually seriously romantically

Music: Sorry about your parents by Icon for Hire
Characters belong to me.