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That podium scene
  • <p> <b>Yuuri:</b> Enjoying the view?<p/><b>Yuuri thinking:</b> hell yeah nikiforov, I'm finally on top of you in this fucking podium. Wooo, look at me win gold while you have fucking silver. What you gonna do about it, huh? Nothing because I'm the champion here while you're just a loser looking at me from below.<p/><b>Viktor thinking:</b> oh my god he caught me staring at him. He caught me staring at him! Shit, this is so embarrassing *blush* but wait, he's flirting with me. HE'S FLIRTING WITH ME!!! Oh shut up Chris, stop laughing. This is so embarrassing uwaaah!<p/></p>
Orphan Black Episode Titles

Season 1: from On the Origin of Species by Charles Darwin
01x01 - Natural Selection
01x02 - Instinct
01x03 - Variation Under Nature
01x04 - Effects Of External Conditions
01x05 - Conditions Of Existence
01x06 - Variations Under Domestication
01x07 - Parts Developed In An Unusual Manner
01x08 - Entangled Bank
01x09 - Unconscious Selection
01x10 - Endless Forms Most Beautiful

Season 2: from works of Sir Francis Bacon
02x01 - Nature Under Constraint And Vexed
02x02 - Governed By Sound Reason And True Religion
02x03 - Mingling Its Own Nature With It
02x04 - Governed As It Were By Chance
02x05 - Ipsa Scienitia Potestas Est
02x06 - To Hound Nature In Her Wanderings
02x07 - Knowledge Of Causes, And Secret Motion Of Things
02x08 - Variable And Full Of Perturbation
02x09 - Things Which Have Never Yet Been Done
02x10 - By Means Which Have Never Yet Been Tried

Season 3: from the farewell address of Dwight Eisenhower
03x01 - The Weight Of This Combination
03x02 - Transitory Sacrifices Of Crisis
03x03 - Formalized, Complex, And Costly
03x04 - Newer Elements Of Our Defense
03x05 - Scarred By Many Past Frustrations
03x06 - Certain Agony Of the Battlefield
03x07 - Community Of Dreadful Fear And Hate
03x08 - Ruthless In Purpose, And Insidious In Method
03x09 - Insolvent Phantom Of Tomorrow
03x10 - History Yet To Be Written

Season 4: from the works of Donna Haraway
04x01 - The Collapse Of Nature
04x02 - Transgressive Border Crossing
04x03 - The Stigmata Of Progress
04x04 - From Instinct To Rational Control
04x05 - Human Raw Material
04x06 - The Scandal Of Altruism
04x07 - The Antisocialism Of Sex
04x08 - The Redesign Of Natural Objects
04x09 - The Mitigation Of Competition
04x10 - From Dancing Mice To Psychopaths

Season 5: from the poem Protest by Ella Wheeler
05x01 - The Few Who Dare
05x02 - Clutch Of Greed
05x03 - Beneath Her Heart
05x04 - Let The Children And The Childbearers Toil
05x05 - Ease For Idle Millionaires
05x06 - Manacled Slim Wrists
05x07 - Gag Or Throttle
05x08 - Guillotines Decide
05x09 - One Fettered Slave
05x10 - To Right The Wrongs Of Many

quick clones

Orphan Black Creator Promises More Flashbacks in Final Season
Last season of Orphan Black saw everything coming full circle. Through the heavy use of flashbacks, characters galore were brought back from the dead, including the clone that set Sarah off on her …

Brace yourself for flashbacks Clone Club!

A Treatise on the Nature of the Planeswalkers

I’ve talked at length now about The Nature of Planeswalking and The Nature of the Planeswalker Spark. But what about the Planeswalkers themselves? Are you confused as to what the differences are? Let me clarify. 

The Nature Planeswalking” = A study of swimming. A study on driving itself as an action.

The Nature of the Planeswalker Spark”= A study on the water itself. A study on the car.

“The Nature of Planeswalkers” = A study on the swimmers. A study on the drivers of the vehicles.

This article is about the final and third part of this study. In here, I will talk about who the planeswalkers are and what makes them special. 

As always, this Treatise is founded upon the collection of knowledge from years of studying the source material and through a look at the story telling itself. I ask myself, if I were telling this story, how would I do it? What explanation could I propose that would withstand all the exceptions and possible criticisms? This article takes my findings and presents them.

Gather` Round! It’s Story Telling Time!

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Look :’) how far :’) she’s come since her first appearance :’) So proud of her :’) She’s so much happier :’)

anonymous asked:

Can you please show us your settings for obs. I have tried everything but I keep on getting the encoding error. It sucks

Sure! Keep in mind, I’m using the original OBS, not OBS Studio. Also, these are just my personal settings that work for me and, depending on your computer, might not work the same for you. I guess these could just be a guideline?? :)

ficlet: So Here We Are (And I'll Breathe Again)

dealanexmachina asked you: It wasn’t until she was around Santana again that Brittany remembered how intoxicating it was to be around her. To be at the center of so much love and care, to have that laser-like focus honed in just on you and making sure you were safe, and happy, and loved. Santana was always like that, and Brittany has missed it, that feeling of waking up and feeling safe enough to explore. 

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