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@scribefindegil, here’s another song to add to #CipherHuntLove!

Lyrics (and Chords for the ukulele if interested!) under the cut:

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So I finally sat down and recorded a new song! Sometimes you don’t feel like you’re good enough for someone and blame yourself for it.

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If I had the time
I would be good for you
If I had the patience
I would wait
But I’m so destroyed
By life it’s hard to believe
I could be good for you today 

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so yeah!!! ppl asked me to post the lyrics/audio of my song and yeah lol so i wrote this song and yeah its called little room!

please remember this song is extremely personal. these lyrics are raw and im sharing them with you, though keep in mind that i’m only 15 and i’m not that great of a singer. plus i recorded this on my phone lmao

im rly nervous and embarrassed to post this so im probably gonna delete in l8r lmao

yeah idk what else to say but im gonna post a copy of the lyrics here



Peridot takes a breather and finally starts to adapt to her circumstances.


Log Date 7 16 2

32 rotations
32 nights
To think about where I’ve come
What I’ve done

A major relocation
A major fight
Made this giant mess
All this stress

One truce agreement
One leap of faith
That I’ll somehow survive
Till they arrive

Surprising treatment
Surprising fate
That those clods would care
How I fare

Log Date 7 20 2

A million questions
Million tests
To see who they can do
What is true

Traitorous obsession
Traitorous end
To rise up against
That which was perfect

Countless enemies
Countless deaths
Until we push them back
Or we crack
Throughout the centuries
Throughout this breath
I’m someone I was not
Who I fought

Log Date 7 23 2

4 dependable allies
4 dependable gems
Making me feel tall
Through it all

Peculiar standby’s
Peculiar…. friends
To lighten the mood
Always soothing

To know
Wherever I go
I’ll make countless foes
But at least I’ll have something to show
And if I fall
I know I can find the gall
To not let my heart build a wall

Because organic life is beautiful
And I know now that my chest is full
Of different kind of life
Not the one that keep you moving
But the one that keeps improving
When you choose not to survive
But to thrive

39 rotations
39 nights
To think about where I’ve come
What I’ve done

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Shock Collar Blues
  • Shock Collar Blues
  • Bessie Badger

Bessie Badger (1935 - )

Well I’m going down to Tundra Town
Wanna throw myself around
But I got them shock collar blues
And I better keep my cool
Cause if I lose it I’ll look like a fool

This collar got me on the ground
And that pain - oh - that pain - oh - it hurts somethin’ profound
I ain’t never seen no prey like this - oh
Wish I never had that kiss

Got them shock collar blues

Ain’t got no time to get wild
‘Cause if I get too riled
I’m gonna be with child

And I’ll be in my bed
Waitin’ for that day with dread

Gon’ get hit with that light, that spark, that ignition
Means you better call a mortician

Me and my baby too

We got them shock collar blues

Inspired by @nicolaswildes​ wonderfully heartbreaking Zistopia AU.

Original music and vocals by me, art by my wife, @kaivendraws

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