original mickey mouse

Challenge A-accepted!~

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Rules: Tag some people you want to know better!

Relationship status: In o-one with Mischief!~ *swoons*

Last song I listened to: Symphony by Clean Bandit!~

Last book I read: *blushes* Does m-manga count? If so, Noragami!

Favourite colour: Baby b-blue!~

Top 3 shows: Original Mickey Mouse, Steven Universe, a-and Gravity Falls (sad to see it go)

Top 3 characters: Sans, Sonic, and Bendy!~

Top 3 ships: R-relationships? Um, Garnet (Rupphire), *blushes* Genyatta, a-and….c-can I say Quiet Chaos? >////@ask-mischievousbendy @belubun @12pmetu @bendy-demon-rp @ink-brush-chronicles @asklilbendyandfriends (if h-he is back) and @oswald-the-forgotten !~ W-why d-doesn’t e-everyone do it t-too!~