original little mermaid


Commission for a little canadian fabric shop. The whole composition is based on the original tales. This work really exausted me, the worst part was balance colors and composition, but at least i’m satisfied. Some zoom on the single character may help you see better all the details :)


This is the start of a series I am working on. Each painting is Acrylic or an Acrylic/Oil Pastel combination. At this point, I’ve only done Ariel, Aurora, Rey, Jasmine and *Merida. Who do you want to see next?

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*Updated: 9/2016

Langst Fic Idea!

- Sheith is alive and strong

- cue insecure Lance. You know that original story of the little mermaid where each step she took was like a thousand pinpricks of sharp needles on her feet, and she danced and danced all night long, ignoring the pain because she was dancing with her prince, and to turn herself into sea foam instead of killing her prince in exchange for her tail back? Yeah, that was totally Lance.

- he jokes around, making everybody laugh, annoys the hell out of Pidge and Keith… he becomes the Lance that the team needed. Not a sharp shooter. Not a capable fighter. Not a strategist. Not a good pilot. Not a person destined to be a defender of the universe. No, Lance became the jester. He became the person that changes the atmosphere when it was too serious or overbearing through ridicule and self deprication hidden beneath a clown mask.

- he convinced himself that that was his role to play and he was good at it. ‘Smile, Lance. The team needs an emotional punching bag and you got the short straw so suck it up.’ He says to himself when they’re in the common room and everyone paired up: Keith and Shiro all curled up in the sofa, whispering things to each other only they can hear; Hunk and Pidge huddled up in one corner tinkering and discussing robotics and the necessary code needed to make the thing work; Allura and Coran discussing diplomatic and trade advantages of the planet they will be visiting. And where was Lance, you ask? He was there, standing in one corner of the room wondering where he’ll sit. Just like high school all over again, oh where should the foreign student sit? The couple’s table? The nerd table? The class president’s table?

- They were about to land on the planet’s surface when they saw hundreds upon hundreds of Galra ships already waiting for them.

- They couldn’t form Voltron so close to the planet’s atmosphere for there may be collateral damage. So the Lions tried to lure the Galra ships away from the planet but it didn’t work. The Galra won this fight, thought Lance as he tried to clear an escape for the other paladins.

- But Shiro didn’t give up. He fought and he fought until he was surrounded by Galran forces. Shiro was caught and Keith screamed as his heart broke into a million pieces.

-Lance was the one who brought back the Black Lion but was unsuccessful to retrieve Shiro.

- The team was a mess, and Lance was there to take the punches. They blamed him for not fighting hard enough, for not making a clear exit for them, for not bringing Shiro back, for not taking the mission seriously… he took it all in.

- But despite everything, Lance was there to comfort his friends. He helped Pidge in completing her prototype, helped Hunk figure out the mechanics of Pidge’s invention, helped Coran in the castle’s maintenance, helped Allura broaden her search parameters, and lastly helped Keith mend his broken heart.

- He felt sick taking advantage of an emotionally vulnerable Keith but he was emotionally beaten too. Keith sought Lance’s humor to take some of the pain away and Lance was happy to oblige.

- Small touches turned to hugs and cuddles. Pecks on the cheeks turned to hot make out sessions, and eventually turned to sex. Lance indulged himself to enjoy these moments with Keith despite the Little Mermaid in him.

- But it didn’t las long.

- One night, after they cleaned up, Keith refused Lance to cuddle him. They sat on opposite sides of the bed and Keith decided to stop whatever they were doing. That Keith’s conscience can’t take it anymore, that he still firmly loved Shiro, and that he thought Lance could take Shiro’s place. He confessed that he sometimes- if not all the time- imagined Lance as Shiro and that he couldn’t so it anymore.

- To be honest, Lance already expected this but he didn’t know that it would hurt this bad. He allowed himself to feel love and gave love more than he should. He should know by now that it would bite him in the ass someday…

-Lance’s heart was beyond repair, so broken that the jagged little pieces no longer fit. He failed in making a clear exit, he failed as a Paladin, and he failed to make Keith happy.

- Lance snuck out that night, grabbing rations from the kitchen and said goodbye to Blue before buckling himself down in one of the fighter jets in the hangar.

- When they woke up the next day, Lance was gone. They checked the cameras and saw Lance take off into the night.

- They were now searching for two paladins of Voltron. They later found out what Lance did to the team’s dynamic, that without him the room is just cold and lonely…

- Days turned to weeks, turned to months, and still no Lance or Shiro.

- it was on day 253 when one beat up space ship crash landed on the castle’s hangar and there emerged Lance…

- he was bleeding profusely on one leg, limping as he shouldered most of Shiro’s weight who was equally as wounded. They were both battered and bruised, all violet, blue and broken bones. It was no mystery that Keith was the first one on the hangar, the first to rush towards them… and it was definitely not a mystery that Keith rushed to Shiro’s side.

- They were escorted back to the castle, but between the crying and the worrying, Lance was able to stealthily slip out of their grasps and limped his way to another fighter jet.

- when they were back in the castle ship, they noticed that Lance wasn’t there. They looked and looked and then realized that Lance flew a fighter het alone, heavily injured, and they have no clue as to why.

- Little do they know that he was captured by the Galra too… that after months of torture and illusions, Lance finally made a deal with Haggar: to let him deliver Shiro to the castle ship and in exchange, take Shiro’s place as their prisoner. Lance thought that it was a good idea for his friends needed Shiro. They needed a leader not a jester.

whew… i was feeling a little down and needed an outlet. Sorry for the Langst?

I made a part 2 and a part 3!

In my nearly five years in Theatre, the most common question I am asked is how I ended up in Theatre. This question has many answers. Most stemming from a childhood spent consuming every Disney movie I could get my hands on. Some of the most intriguing inspiration can be traced back to a very unique person by the name of Howard Ashman. Being born in the mid-1990’s, had its advantages. I had all the classics and the Disney Renaissance films readily available for me. The renaissance of the 80’s-90’s would never have occurred without Howard Ashman. His love of Disney, not unlike my own, permeated his art, both on the screen and on the stage. When he came to Disney after Little Shop he shared his knowledge of stage practices with the animators and story teams, cementing the futures of Disney and Theatre. They are now forever entwined. Without his influence on Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and Aladdin, I doubt Disney would still be making animated films. Unfortunately, Howard died on this day 26 years ago amidst the AIDS crisis that took so many in and outside the Arts community. Today is bittersweet. I’ll never be able to express in person how much his contribution to Theatre and Animation has affected me, but I am joyous for all the work he left behind for us to enjoy. His songs of love, courage, empathy, and hope will reach far beyond my generation and for that, he will never be forgotten.

“To our friend Howard, who gave a mermaid her voice and a beast his soul, we will be forever grateful.”

Can I request original broadway cast recordings at the club?

You - “So, what have you done today? Been productive? Continued on important projects?” :D
Me - ……… *looks at manip* ………. *sweats* 

So here´s a little manip based on a short story of mine! It´s about a wealthy young lady who is secretly in love with a maid of the household that she has befriended. :3

It´s a secret because 1: She has promised her parents to marry a man of their choice. And 2: The maid she fancies is not at all interested in romance and openly mocks love and the idea of soul-mates. This happens quite often too, because the young lady adores reading romantic novels and often reads the stories out loud to her friend, whom then proceeds to making fun of the scenarios in the books. Even if it makes the young lady laugh, it still stings that her own romantic feelings are constantly ridiculed by the unsuspecting maid.  

Program used: Adobe After Effects
Movies used: The Little Mermaid, Beauty And The Beast, The Princess And The Frog, Heidi´s Song


‘It seems we can never give up longing and wishing while we are thoroughly alive. There are things we feel to be beautiful and good and we hunger after them’. - George Eliot

Undertow (Original Story)

Commission fill one! @emeraldembers threw money at me to write whatever I felt like, so I decided to fINALLY try putting down a thing that’s been in my head for well over ten years.

Have some queer mermaid horror. Heaps of warnings for mind control, reality fuckery, memory gaps, and gore. Rating a solid pg-13 for some violence.

(Purposely left the protag unnamed and vague on gender but I’ve always imagined them as fem-leaning nonbinary)

You’re not really sure how you ended up living with someone like Merona.

Not…not living with like that. She’s a roommate. Just another millennial housing situation. But still, it seems like an odd dream. People like Merona shouldn’t exist in the first place, much less share a small apartment to help pay bills, much less with someone like you.

How did it happen again?

You don’t think of it too often really. Why would you? Most people don’t dwell on how they met up with their roommates. But it’s been a slow weekend, one of those where you’re sitting on the couch with leggings that you put on yesterday, flipping around on Netflix without anything catching your interest. It’s the quiet sort of moment where your mind starts wandering.

How did you get here?

You met her at Mobula, one of the latest trendy bars where everything was decorated in deep greens and blues and blacks with faux-vintage naturalist prints everywhere. It’s a nice enough place that supports local musicians and is quiet enough to not set your teeth on edge while still being queer friendly. The details of the bar come to you more easily than the details of your meeting. She was singing that night, a dainty woman taking up the entire stage, hand curled lovingly around the microphone.

Did you meet her before or after she sang? The rapid beat of your fingertips nervously tapping at the side of your laptop bring you back to the present for a bit. You don’t remember. You think you remember what she sang. Or how it felt. It was like she was reaching out to you and only you, sweet and low and dragging you down to a calm depth of your mind.

What genre of music was it?

It worries you more than it should. It shouldn’t worry you, right? Does it matter, really? You met her, you nearly fell over your own feet when she smiled at you, and then you ended up with her living in your space. That’s enough of a problem without obsessing over the why and how.

A buzz against your calf scares you out of your wits enough to make you forget the matter entirely, and after a moment of mad scrambling you check the phone.

-You’ve been staring at the browse screen for fifteen minutes you know-

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