original lich


Have you ever been in a situation where you made a dumb pun and ended up with 3 new OCs and a story planned? Long story short, I decided I need a Lich OC and since lately I’m all about good mentor-student relations I gave her an apprentice, and then I gave them an even more lichier lich as an antagonist because drawing undead sorceresses is super fun.

So we have Zofia, Jagoda the apprentice and Gniewomira the villain. I’m bad at naming. Also I already have like 4 OCs named Jagoda I love that name.

Funfakt dla Polaków i innych osób po polskiemu szprechających:
Pun który mnie zainspirował to “Umiesz liczyć, licz na siebie”, dodatkowo imię Zofia zasugerowane przez @stygianacrimony bo skoro już tak liczy na siebie, to taka Zosia-samosia.