original jewelry


So, besides getting a cute crystal pipe from hempfest, I got this gorgeous necklace, hand made by @evergreenbohemian !! She had so many different types of jewelry, all beautiful. My favourite booth at hempfest!


Moss and Copper.

Here’s a brand spanking new look brought to you mostly by my own jewelry creations. For my metalsmithing final I started making this complicated copper body chain/necklace. I got this amazing architectural dress recently, and was in teh prcess of making the copper necklace, and realized that basically they were made for each other. Basically the necklace plays with geometric shapes and organic shapes to create a pretty cool flow of pendants into a waist chain. I also wore the smallest of my fungi rings today, as ridiculous over the top copper jewelry must all be worn at once when paired with a deep green.

Rundown: dress modcloth, tights primark, boots off broadway shoes, jewelery self-made.


the art goes from newest art to oldest
sorry about my awful watermark
anyway this is Mammon, The Demon Prince of Greed
he’s one of my god awful ocs and he’s so terrible and I love him
there are way more demons coming because I love doing things based off of mythology and religion

if you guys get interested I’ll post more info and stuff

This design is mine! PLEASE do not repost my art, use it for RP, or tag it as kin/me! Thanks! <3


Back in stocktopus!


Fairy Godmother Serahlin

Thenvunin wants to wear a gown, hmm? 

Also setting this before Serahlin and Adannar get together.

Thenvunin, Tasallir, Uthvir, and Dirthamen belong to @feynites

Adannar is an accidental gossip. Always accidentally overhearing little conversations and worries that his fraternity brothers have. When he offhandedly mentions Thenvunin unsure of wearing a gown, Serahlin knows that she has a little work to do, marvelous work. She had already been planning taking Tasallir to her tailor to get him into something befitting and fashionable, but this little tidbit of information provides her a whole new realm of possibilities: getting Thenvunin to actually dress well. 

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