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Diss (Zico x Nina)

Anonymous asked: Rapper-zico Oc- Nina Personality- bubbly, preppy, confident, loud, affectionate Plot- someone drops a diss track for zico, includes her, talks shit or low of her and the relationship (she is foreign)

Warnings: contains some language

    Jiho shot out of his seat, dropping his computer on the coffee table. Nina looked up sharply at him from the other side of the table where she sat working on her senior dissertation for college.

    “What’s up?” she asked.

    “There’s this rapper, Rhyme King- he joined Buckwilds a few years after I stopped being active with them.” Jiho ran his hand through his hair, his face darkened with anger. “He just released a diss about me, and he talks about you too. Fucking bastard!”

    Nina set aside her computer, not ready to get angry yet until she heard the song. She reached for Jiho’s laptop and opened it, sliding on his headphones before starting over the Soundcloud song open on his browser. The beat ran alone for a few bars and then the rapper launched into a tyrade against Zico, verse after verse. It was by the second that his voice rose in anger, his aggressive voice grating in Nina’s ears.

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if skills were fat, i’d be told to diet

Korean freestyle rap champion 서출구, Show Me The Money 4

collarbones, hip bones and cheek bones,
which is your obsession?
we’re not skeletons in a museum,
there’s a reason why we’re called human.

not just skin and bones,
there’s soul to be had in my flesh.
what’s a diet,
it’s making me tired.

you who have nothing,
why don’t you do something.
don’t steal my thunder,
when your mind’s in a jumble.

your jibing comments,
you think you’ve got me with a slick elbow drop,
but my skills are a shield,
those moves will bounce right off.

come on and hit me,
your bones will shatter against my solid flesh,
and then you’ll have nothing left.

© 2015.07.02 sanspouls.tumblr.com

A/N: Wrote this after watching the first episode of Show Me The Money 4 where 서출구 freestyled. This guy is amazing. Couldn’t find his HQ cuts on the show, so here’s one of his music videos.

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[ LQ, english lyrics ]