original headstock


My “other” Les Paul.

My friends here who have spent any time looking at my pictures and (less than likely…) reading my words, will know that I obsess over light weight guitars.  It’s third  on my list of obsessions* when acquiring an instrument.  8 lbs is my “max”, and for every ounce over 8 lbs my interest in the guitar wanes exponentially.  I am not kidding either!

Because of my obsession with light weight, Les Pauls, though stunningly pretty, are kind of off my list of “must have one day” guitars.

That being said, I do own 2 Custom Shop VOS Les Paul Specials…a “Single Cut” TV model and this one…a 2010 Custom Shop ‘60 Reissue.

So how can I love these Les Pauls?  Well, the TV yellow one is 8.1 lbs…just on the cusp of my  self-imposed weight intolerance and looks plays feels and sounds fantastic.  So I am willing to accept it at 8.1 lbs.

This one, on the other hand is only 7.4 lbs.  Almost unheard of in any Les Paul and TWO full pounds less than my (now sold) 2010 Traditional Gold Top!


I had forgotten about this guitar after I was cleaning up the house for guests a couple of months ago.  Lacking space in my “Entertainment Room” (aka my kitchen…) I relegated this instrument to temporary case-i-fication, and threw it on the pile of other guitar cases downstairs.  

Then a couple of months went by and I didn’t even think of it…until I was rummaging around downstairs on unrelated business a few days ago and its case re-materialized in front of me!

Lord, it is a beautiful instrument.

Monochrome and Melancholy installment #3:

Jazzmaster, heavy relic.

Song: Melanie Doane’s “Good Gifts”.  I think this song is about finding the right person to love…and being thankful for those “gifts”.  Lyrically it’s seems to be non-melancholic, but I can’t help getting all choked up when I hear it anyway!

The there is a phrase in the latter part of the song that is simple, but so powerful.  It’s on th eword “me” of the phrase "I will not forget/these gifts to me" at roughly 2:44.   Aw jeez…here come the waterworks again!  Damn you Melanie!  But you are so talented and gorgeous that I forgive you!  :D

I know this is not melancholy…but it’s my favourite song of hers.  She plays the fiddle in this tune as well as singing.  Think of this a me giving you a bonus for reading this far down… :D

I love this guitar (a 2009 Gibson Custom ‘60 Les Paul Special TV model, VOS) for so many reasons:

  1. It looks STUNNING,
  2. I plays beautifully with ultra low action,
  3. It sounds Phenominal, and perhaps the most important thing for me…
  4. it’s EXTREMELY photogenic.  It is truly difficult to take a *bad* photo of it!  ;)

Definitely one of my top 4 of guitars.  If you ever get a chance to buy one DO IT!