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I know what you need, Cheryl. Because I know who you are. You would rather people fear than like you, so you traffic in terror and intimidation. You’re rich, so- You’ve never been held accountable. But I’m living proof that certainty- That entitlement you wear on your head like a crown- It won’t last.


Original Team Arrow: Favorite Underappreciated Moments - and a Fic Request | Arrow 2x02

So we’ve all seen the gifs of this scene including HBIC!Felicity, Girl Wednesday, 3-2-1, Secretarial Arts, can I get you a cup of coffee? Etc, etc.

I created some other, less frequently seen ones. It’s what I think could be going through Oliver’s mind. And then I wondered, what led up to this? When did Oliver decide that this was necessary (and a good idea)? He MUST have consulted Digg, and I’m sure Digg KNEW Felicity would lose her sh!t when she found out. (The way he doesn’t bail Oliver out - and even piles on - and then SMILES speaks volumes).

Is there a fic out there describing something like this? The car ride over? I would’ve LOVED to see some sage Diggle wisdom. He’s smart enough to know how it will “look”. I wonder if he shared that with Oliver (and judging by Oliver’s cluelessness at the “only everyone at Queen Consolidated” comment from She-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named, I doubt it).

I want more of this in Season Four. This scene just crackles.

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Wrath of Whedon - Cordelia Chase’s story.

I don’t like talking about this because I still get very emotional about it. But someone asked just exactly how did Joss ruin a strong female character years ago…

Oh boy. There’s so much to tell you. This was quickly typed and I wanted to summarize as much so bear with me (BTVS & Angel spoilers ahead).


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y’all gotta know TWOW ain’t out yet because GRRM is consumed with writing the extended team dragonstone sequel about Stannis and Melisandre and their 100% canon Castle Black lovebabies, proud older sister princess Shireen, cousin Edric (it’s awkward but it’s all good), Selyse the original HBIC queen of stilettos, Davos and Marya and their cinnamon roll babies, including Devan the best squire of all times, also Justin Massey who has quit his job to be Asha’s most devoted fan, and a bonus side of post!Skaagos Rickon and Shaggydog, and by this point all the dumb Florents are dead and Steffon, Cassana, and Cressen have risen from the grave, and even Patchface is happy,,, 

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"White mage healer"? The girl didn't even use her powers in the god damn movie!


I thought that ~at least~ she would use her powers to ~help~.

FFS, Stella  Lunafreya’s role has been getting less and less relevant in the story and has become more and more powerless.

In the first picture (from an earlier trailer) you could see Lunafreya facing Leviathan in one piece; in the latest trailer (second picture) she’s wounded and has received a face make over (which made her look more realistic but uglier imo).

When I first saw the first trailer I thought well at least the good sis can defend herself against Leviathan, and now that we’ve seen the new one (with more of this scene) you can clearly tell that she is no match for Leviathan.

She looks exhausted in front of him and it totally looks like she’s going to be saved last minute by Noctis’.

So yeah, as we feared a ~damsel in distress~.

So different from Stella who could summon her own weapons (just like Noctis; both shared the same ~gift~).

And was ready to whoop Noctis’ ass.

To be honest, I’m not upset because I super loved this character (that is btw the superior version of the two).

It’s just that with her removal, one of the main points in Final Fantasy XV Versus XIII, the story, is gone.

I can’t understand how there are people that still claim FFXV respected Nomura’s vision and that it’s still the same game when the story is completely different (??).

The game went from a dark Shakespearean theme to some emo punks driving around half of the game (but look, they camp now and even make their own food!11!!!1).

#Justice4Stella the original Final Fantasy HBIC,

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I’ll add in the sentence before the final one for some context. Here we go: 

“Yea.” It was a breathy response as she realized that it was a true answer. “I’m getting better.”
His smile matched her own, and in that moment, they felt whole again.

This is from a self para for one of my characters for @greenwoodacademy!

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5 things on my to do list: I don’t really have one

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DENISE: Hi, Dad. 
CLAIR: I’m just having a talk with your father. 
CLIFF: No… this woman is trying to strangle me to death. 
DENISE: What did you do? 
CLIFF: Ah, I made a mistake… and I proposed to this-

The Cosby Show, 2.11 - Denise’s Friend

Re-watching The Cosby Show! It will always have a special place in my heart, because it was one of the first shows that helped me learn English when I moved to Canada. And Life Lessons and How to be Fierce by Clair Oliva Hanks Huxtable. And the OTP to end all OTPs.