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may 24, 2016 // 11:30 am // 1/100 days of productivity // i’ve always wanted to try making a bullet journal and now that a new term has begun, here’s a sneak peek(ish) featuring the breakfast club!!! i was really inspired by @studypetals post and @inkclings post :) also!!!! i hope i get to finish this 100 days of productivity thingy!!!!

A Poem For Your Nightstand | Jordan Alan Brown

I want to escape the morning after
Sinking beneath a ground
Made of concrete and clay and your bones
Crushed between the weight of
Your God and misfortune.
I spend the next few days
Like a bandit with his prize,
Counting down in Mississippi’s
All of the ways I will lie
to your lips or collarbones.

I am no longer your fever dream,
vomited up in a Sunday sweat nor
The arthritis of heavy knees
Buckling under seven years
Of pressure and fear.
Arriving to you as mornings calm,
Welcoming a wild uncertainty
That taste like motor oil and spring water.
Digging through a past life,
An unearthed artifact and the
Virtue of your fingernails
Clinging to bare skin.

Tripping over the thawed
carcass that is my shadow,
Dancing in and out of time
with the Ghost I’ve become.
Abandoned somewhere high
Above your bedroom ceiling,
Becoming still in the silence
of pleasure, impaling myself
On the arch of your back.

Day 18: A photo of your favourite pen(s) to use

{30 day studyblr challenge by @hayley-studies}

is this a day late? i lost count 😩

where to find them: markers, pens


Okay, about a week ago i created my studyblr and i just realized that i haven’t done an introduction, so… 

 Hi! My name is Laura, i’m from Brazil and a junior in high school. My favorite subjects are, biology, chemistry and mathematics. I sill don’t know what i want to do in college although i already considered astronomy (im open to suggestions). 

 By joining the studyblr community i expect not only to become a more productive and organized student but to help others students do the same, so feel free to send me any messages! ( if you just want to chat really we can do that too no problem at all) 

thank you for reading this! 

 also, i post original content, here it is

it should be raining soon.

Please ignore that messed up ‘t’.

Today I enjoyed: Piledriver waltz by Alex Turner.

Supplies: pen1, pen2

october 18, 2016 // 1:08 pm // 8/100 days of productivity // i’ve been getting a lot of requests about me making a handwriting sample, and i’m so sorry it took me this long to post it. but there you go :)

also!!! i finally made an instagram account (studygram?? idk), and i’d appreciate it if y'all checked it out; it’s @juniorpeach :)


“dan, what hogwarts house are you? slytherin. but after seeing albus, who is now my number one crush and just a good character, i’m proud to be a slytherin.”

in which dan finally embraces his house colors (x)

My favorite Dan fact is that he was originally sorted into Slytherin but chose to be a Gryffindor (by retaking the Pottermore quiz over and over). So it’s nice to see him finally accepting his Slytherin self, thanks to Albus and Scorpius.

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