original halloween


More doggo Fakemon! This originally started as a joke with a ghost dog Pokemon just named Boof but then my friend said it would be a pomeranian and it’s evo would be a bear dog and I was like hell yeah I need to make this.

I MIGHT also make a second line that also evolves into Boofear, two more dogs that are both ghost/fighting, but that mostly depends on how lazy busy I am.

I like them enough to make them into OCs so I will do that too. :0

Stats below the cut.

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Shiro: (softly, but with a lot of feeling) what the fuck? 

inspired by this post

alternatively titled: Keith just wants to watch conspiracy theory videos on Shiros laptop 


Belated Happy Birthday Kanan!!

I went with the Azalea Hagu idea at the end ੧(❛▿❛✿)੭ 

So the original TF2 Halloween hat for the Scout called the Halloweiner was actually waaaay more terrifying


Original Workshop:

And this had facial expressions for in game:

I dunno I think I would actually want the original version as nightmarish as it is.

Workshop creators are so fucking talented and the kinds of things Valve does to put it in game…