original graphics,

‘ Rose Deconstructed ‘ Scanned flower photograph by Bob Bauer.  I peeled each petal in order as I went around the original bloom.  Every petal is present here.  Hi resolution.  Can go really big with high dpi.  I love this one.


You can buy an archival print of this image at:  https://www.etsy.com/listing/269442631/rose-deconstructed-a-scan-of-the-petals?ref=shop_home_active_17

White women really need to stop writing fics and making graphics and art about interracial f/f ships in which the visibly brown or black woman in the ship serves as the “knight” or “lionheart” for the white woman who’s portrayed as the “queen” or “princess”. You all are being transparent and gross as hell. For once, consider how lbpq women of color are already painted as angry and brutal. Consider how lbpq women of color aren’t allowed to be soft or vulnerable or sensitive. Consider that they can’t be romantically or sexually autonomous without being fetishized by the male gaze and the white, colonial gaze, especially if they’re trans. Consider that the next time you begin outlining an AU or storyline in which the woman of color is the knight for her white savior princess. 


what kinds of jobs would got7 have or what kind of businesses would they own if got7 didn’t exist?
a graphic for my friend who shared this idea with me! made using her ideas for each member, hope you like this! <3